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what happened to armani luminous silk?

Hey everyone! 

So after trying a tons of foundations I returned back to the luminous silk just to find out that something has been changed within the shade range. As you can see in my photos: same number (but different batch obvs) but the color is completely different. The lighter one is mine - bought it just on Monday, the darker one is my mom's which she gave me for comparison after I knew something was wrong with my shade. I will be returning the lighter one for sure but I was wondering if anyone else experienced the same issue? I cannot find ANYTHING about new shades or changes within the color range on the internet. please help me I am kinda upset 😕



what happened to armani luminous silk?

That sounds like a nightmare. Maybe one was expired?

Re: what happened to armani luminous silk?

I hope not, my mom said she bought hers in the middle of the last year and it has a 12 month shelf life. but even so, I already owned the same shade couple of years ago and do remember the olive undertone that's why my eyes caught the shade difference so fast so I asked my mom to give me hers for a comparison. Returned mine today anyways 😕 

Re: what happened to armani luminous silk?

@AlexSetsFire That sure is strange, perhaps it was mislabeled when batching? 

Re: what happened to armani luminous silk?

yeah, that's sounds possible! let's hope it's just that batch and the next bottle will be better. but this time I will not buying online - too risky! 

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