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Freckles and true undertones!

Hi all.. 

I am trying to figure out my true undertone. 

I burn easily in the sun but then I freckle (a lot of freckles even on my lips and eyelids...they tend to look muddier in winter but don't ever go away...but the more sun I get, the more freckles appear and the more they "pop". I have them everywhere the sun has hit).

My wrists are pale and the veins look blue/purple to me. 

I'm not sure if I look rosy/peachy/nothing when wearing true white or not...but I've been told I look nice in cream.  

I gravitate towards silver jewelry but I wouldn't say I look better in either silver or gold. 

My eyes are green/gray/blue.. I'd say mostly greenish with a golden ring around my pupil. I've always just called them green but they're not emerald or anything. More green/gray, I guess. They tend to look more green when I wear green. 

My hair is brownish, with coppery/strawberry blonde spots at my temples. But I would say it's mostly brownish. With some chestnut / auburn hints. Maybe it's more chestnut? 

I gravitate towards colors such as dark greens, plums, purples, and bronzes. I've been told I look nice in green but I've also been told I look nice in orange. So I don't know. O_o

The reason I'm more confused than ever... is because I've asked for assistance from professionals over the last year. Some have said I'm warm (Ilia and Nars employees) and others have said I'm cool (girls at the Sephora counter). I've always considered myself to be cool-toned but now I'm so confused! I'm also more confused because of my they make me warm-toned? I don't want to hide them. Please help! Also - I've attached some pictures of me from summer...sans makeup, in the natural light of my window in my house.IMG_3501.jpgIMG_3345.jpgIMG_3973.jpg 

Thank you in advance!!

Re: Freckles and true undertones!

I am in the exact same boat and just came across your post while searching for help… I would love an update if you’ve found anything that works well for you or reached a definitive conclusion about your undertone! 

Sisters in freckles with a mystery undertone 😅




Re: Freckles and true undertones!

*don't think I'm that pale, dang typos 😂

Re: Freckles and true undertones!

Oh and sisters in freckles with a mystery undertone right back atcha. 😂 I'm on Instagram if you're interested in sharing makeup tips, etc.!

Re: Freckles and true undertones!

First of all, so sorry for the late reply! I have been told by a makeup artist on Instagram (yeah, yeah, I know, it's so bizarre to wind up talking about undertones on Instagram but it is also 2023...). She said I lean more cool-toned in her opinion but could likely get away with neutral or neutral cool. I'm finding that I'm gravitating towards sheer coverage as I am aging (now 41) and I still don't wan to hide my freckles (Westman Atelier in Atelier 0.5, a more neutral shade, seemed to look decent in the small sample I had this past week)... I feel Saie's Tinted Moisturizer in Color One looked better last summer than this summer (for some reason, this summer's tube seems darker in tone/color)...I find Fenty's Blurring Tint in Color 1 looked decent/good this past winter. I used to wear Bare Minerals in Fair 01 for years... and it's a powder foundation but after looking at photos over the years, I'm really tempted to go back to that (my freckles shone and I didn't look orange or too dark or too light). And just now I was debating buying Ilia's Skin Tint... I had it in Rendezvous ST1 a few summers ago... but I was debating between that shade and Balos ST3. Since I tend to be less ghostly in summer. I also thought about the Skye shade but I don't think I'm not that pale (at least for summer but who knows for during winter).

Re: Freckles and true undertones!

I’m definitely not a professional and I still struggle with shade matching. For some reason it is very hard to find a match for my skintone. I would say our skin is very similar in shade and tone. You just have more freckles than I do. I have finally decided that I have cool toned skin that leans neutral sometimes. Depending on the brand I may be a neutral shade. The neutral shades in my range tend to lean a little more brown/beigy which cover my freckles more than a cool shade that looks more pinkish when you swatch. It is crazy how two completely different colors can both match one persons skin! What foundation are you using right now?

Re: Freckles and true undertones!

During the summer, I was wearing Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint in Rendezvous... I thought it looked pretty decent for summertime but now in winter, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I know skin tones change from season to season so perhaps it's just that I need something different for wintertime. I've been thinking about trying Bite Foundation in L10 or L15...and I've been eyeing Milk Makeup Sunshine Tint in Fair. I wore one of theirs before... but this version of Fair looks lighter (they've redone the formula so perhaps it is a bit lighter? I thought I wore it in Fair before but it seemed darker than what I'm seeing on the web site now, more like the color Light). 

I emailed Sephora too and a beauty advisor says based on these photos, I look cool toned or perhaps peachy.. but isn't peach considered warm? So while I nodded at her assessment, I still feel a little confused. O_o 

And yes, it's confusing too when two different colors match your skin! What foundation are you wearing at the moment? Also, thank you so much for replying. 🙂 

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