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Creasing concealer



I have some problem with finding a good concealer.

Before I put on my makeup I apply skin care, let it dry and then I apply the Elf grip primer. My foundation applies great and it doesnโ€™t creases BUT when I apply concealer, it creases, it gets cakey and gets patchy. Iโ€™ve tried so many brands and techniques. 
In this picture Iโ€™m wearing tower 28 serum concealer. 
Do you have any recommendation?


Re: Creasing concealer

@LissyRaccel.  Sometimes too much product can do that, maybe use slightly less than you normally would.  Bear in mind, all concealer creases, and honestly it doesn't look patchy in your photo, but we are all our own worst critic.


Otherwise, patchy concealer can be from usually too dry or too oily skin.  Depending on your skin type, make sure your eye cream is targeting that, like I generally have dryness in that area, so a thick eye cream works for me, but you might need a hydrating serum if your undereye leans oily.


Also, if you haven't, try applying concealer with a wet sponge (vs a brush) or finger to help.


Also, not every concealer needs to be set with powder, you can, but sometimes I find the ones that dry down well, after being set with a powder, will sometimes settle because my under eye is dry.


Re: Creasing concealer

Iโ€™ve been using COSRX Snail mucin essence and moisturizer. Both have changed my skin! Then Iโ€™ve been using Beauty of Joseon eye cream. Maybe I need something better for the eyes?


I always apply my concealer with a wet sponge. But not wet wet. 

do you have any recommendation for concealers? 
Something if I set with powder, it gets worse

Re: Creasing concealer

@LissyRaccel  (to get a direct response from someone use '@' and then their username)


I can tag a few concealers, but the Tower 28 seems to be a good choice and if you already have a shade match stick with it.  The eye care/skin care sounds great, so if I assuming correctly by product choice, are your under eyes dry?  Then you may way to rely on your moisturizer more than the serum.


I would use a lot less product, avoid setting powder and see if this makes a difference.


LYS Beauty Triple Fix Brightening Concealer TG5(ignore the shade)

Kosas Mini Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer with Caffeine and Hyaluronic Acid 

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer 

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Bright Fix Eye Brightener Concealer(this one I use on its on, it's very liquidy, so it can get cakey with another complexion product, on its own, it has a softening/blurring effect)

Dior Backstage Concealer 9N (ignore the shade)

SEPHORA COLLECTION Bright Future Gel Serum Under Eye Concealer( @JoSometimes can attest to this one more than I)

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Medium to Full Coverage Radiant Concealer with Hyaluronic Acid 4.5 

Natasha Denona Hy-Glam Brightening & Hydrating Medium to Full Coverage Crease Proof Serum Concealer ... (ignore the shade, this one also does better when I don't set it with powder)

SEPHORA COLLECTION Best Skin Ever Full Coverage Multi-Use Hydrating Concealer 33.5Y (ignore the shade, also make sure the undereye is very hydrated)

Jouer Cosmetics Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer 

PAT McGRATH LABS Sublime Perfection Concealer M18 (ignore the shade)


Re: Creasing concealer

Thanks for the tag @danielledanielle!


@LissyRaccel SEPHORA COLLECTION Bright Future Gel Serum Under Eye Concealer is my go to concealer right now. I donโ€™t generally have any issues with it unless my skin is seriously dehydrated. I donโ€™t use much. A few dots where I want, blend with a damp beauty sponge, and the most minimal dusting of setting of powder. I have dry, sensitive skin and this works for me. 

(Iโ€™m low key jealous that you found a suitable shade from Tower 28โ€™s concealer. I tried to get colour matched recently couldnโ€™t find a good match.)

Re: Creasing concealer


Try using this Tarte concealer. You are gonna love it. Or use any from sephora in shade peach or orange. You wonโ€™t regret! :))))

Re: Creasing concealer

Iโ€™ve tried the tarte concealer but not for too long so maybe I have to go back to it and try it again

Thank you!

Re: Creasing concealer

@LissyRaccel @What do you set the concealer with?

Re: Creasing concealer

I set with loose powder but not always bc it makes it even worse 

Re: Creasing concealer

@LissyRaccel @It could be your primer that is giving you issues.  Have you tried using a different primer for under your eyes?

Re: Creasing concealer

I used the same primer for my whole face. Maybe I need to use a different one for my under eye?

Re: Creasing concealer

@LissyRaccel @You can try and see if it works out. 

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