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Cleansing routine

I need a new face routine as my purity cleanser and moisturizer are coming to an end. My skins tends to get dry around my t-zone around this time of the year but that same area also gets oily later on in the day but just t-zone. Can someone please suggest some products for me?

Try using a combination of a cream and gel based cleanser...

Try using a combination of a cream and gel based cleanser.


If you skin gets dry, normally a cream based cleanser (like Purity) will help moisturize, but you will also need to exfoliate about once or twice a week to remove excess dead skin. With oily skin, gel based cleansers help break down oil a bit faster than a cream based one as cream based cleansers take a bit longer to emulsify.


I love Anthony Logistics Gycolic Wash, it's a cream/gel combo with brightening, refreshing, and exfoliating glycolic acid. Which is just a fancy way to say fruit sugars which help to remove dead skin and impurities and the fruit sugars help to brighten and even out skin tone. It's a great way to exfoliate your skin without using a harsh, physical exfoliant that may scratch or be abrassive to your skin during such a delicate time with the weather changing.


If you do decide to use a physical exfoliant (one with particles you can feel), go for one with jojoba beads and gentle scrubbers, as opposed to sugar crystals, fruit seed powders, or salts, all of which have edges that can tear at skin. I love Boscia's Smoothing Facial Polish because it uses a sugar polymer to exfoliate, so you still get the sensation of something physically buffing your skin, but the particles are delicate and won't irritate.


Follow up with a day time moisturizer with at least an SPF 15, better if you can find a 30, that is oil free. CeraVe (availble at drug stores) is great because it's with SPF 30 but packs in humectants and ceramides to lock moisture in but won't add any greasy or heavy feel. They also make a night formula too. If you use a cream formula, stick to it at night time as it may be too heavy for day time use since you get oily in your t-zone.

Re: Try using a combination of a cream and gel based cleanser...

Everything I see is for men. Can you please send me to the link to what face wash you're recommending. And is there a specific night cream or serum you would recommend me?

Re: Try using a combination of a cream and gel based cleanser...

The wash from Anthony Logistics can be used for men or women, it's just a line that is geared toward men so they don't feel like they're using a "girly" face wash. It's totally safe for female skin, I assure you! I use it all the time and just restocked another big bottle of it!

Aside from the CeraVe moisturizer (day and night formulas), you may look into Murad's Hydro-Dynamic moisturizer, it's got almost a whipped consistency to it but it packs a moisturizing punch so it's great for night time to where you won't wake up feeling like you're with a heavy moisturizer caked on still.

As far as serum goes, what other skin care concerns do you have? Serums are great for treating things like brightness, loss of elasticity, fine lines, wrinkles, etc. Feel free to shoot me a personal message!

Hi Rajwinder:   You may wan to try a cleanser that will b...

Hi Rajwinder:


You may wan to try a cleanser that will balance you out. You should try looking into the Josie Maran cleanse and protect. It has a cleanser and a moisturizer for like 20.00. Hope this helps.

Hello Rajwinder,   Try Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnig...

Hello Rajwinder,


Try Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask and Origins Never A Dull Moment face polisher together once every week, it leaves my skin super hydrated, feeling and looking great and dewey as well.

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