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Talc free

What are your favorite clean/talc free products? Blush/bronzer/eyeshadow?

Re: Talc free

Re: Talc free

wow thank you for all the suggestions!! I’m going to go thru and look at all of them tonight 🤍

Re: Talc free

@Gabbyt02  You are very welcome, and I hope you find something you love!

Re: Talc free

What a list @Ispend2much6 thank you!


I know talc is in way to much of my eyeshadow and brow powders 😭

Re: Talc free

@CynthieLuYou're very welcome!  It's weird, because some products with talc don't bother me, like Viseart's powder shadows.  Maybe using a base beneath them helps.


Re: Talc free

It's something I would prefer was not in my beauty products @Ispend2much6 but that being said, I love my current brow powder to much atm to change 😅 for the next little while anyways 

Re: Talc free

@CynthieLu @Gabbyt02 @Ispend2much6 

If your concerns about talc are related to asbestos contamination, you may want to read up on what the FDA's been doing to ensure that's not an issue. (fda [dot] gov/cosmetics/cosmetic-ingredients/talc) Also, Michelle at Lab Muffin did a very good video on this topic in June. 


Or, is there another issue with talc? I mean, it's probably possible to become skin-sensitive to it, just like any other ingredient. But the chances of talc-containing products giving you cancer are very slim, at least in the US. 



Side note: funny that the FDA's actually been actively testing talc-containing products for carcinogens, yet they still drag their feet on reviewing and approving new UV filters to protect us from the most prevalent carcinogen on Earth. 🙄 

Re: Talc free

@WinglessOne  I knew about the talc lawsuits for Johnson and Johnson, but somehow I always put cosmetics in a different compartment in my brain, even though I shouldn't.  Thanks for that info!


I just notice irritation and some facial congestion using some products.  It was prevalent enough that I could see a pattern with products that contain a lot of talc.  But, since I never wear blush without foundation, that problem seems to be taken care of.


I would love to have a UV filter on my car windows (they probably are available, I just never checked.)  I noticed my "driving arm" is developing um, how do I put it- "large freckles that only develop when you're past your teen years?" haha  But, only on that arm, not my other arm.

Re: Talc free

@Ispend2much6  Ironically, there wasn’t large scale asbestos contamination in J&J baby powder. But thanks to consumer demand/freakouts, J&J voluntarily reformulated the product: I think it uses corn starch instead of talc. (I don’t know how much safety testing’s been done on corn starch.) 


UV films for car windows do exist. 🙂 Also, driver side skin damage (including cancer) is a thing: in the US, many people get UV damage on the left side of their face and their left arm. Same goes for folks whose office work space is right beside a window that’s not treated with a UV film. Those are good reasons to wear sunscreen indoors and in vehicles. 

By “UV filters,” I meant sunscreen ingredients that block UV rays. The US still relies on zinc oxide and avobenzone for UVA protection, and avobenzone needs companion filters to make it photostable, including some filters folks are skin-sensitive to and some that were hastily labeled “reef killing.” But there are better advanced filters being developed, tested, and used throughout the world, like uvinul A plus which offers better UVA protection than avobenzone. We don’t have those filters in the US because the FDA has made it almost impossible for companies to get them approved here. The FDA’s SPF requirements aren’t even as strict as some other countries’, yet better UV filters exist there and not here—and the agency’s spending time and effort on things like talc instead. 

Re: Talc free

@WinglessOne  Wow, thanks for all of the great info!  I agree; Europe has been ahead of the game in the safety of skin/makeup ingredients (and food!)

Re: Talc free

Def want to hear these answers @Gabbyt02 

I don't have any 🤗 so I'm all ears

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