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What happened to Farmacy Green Clean?

What happened to Farmacy’s Green Clean? 

edit: I am based in Canada


Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm 

Re: What happened to Farmacy Green Clean?

I actually went into Sephora today to try to exchange another cleansing balm I hated for green clean and it wasn’t available. The employee said that it was due to Farmacy apparently finding some ingredients that weren’t as “clean”. I know that Canada has stricter requirements for ingredients in products so I would assume that they’re just going to pull green clean from the Canadian market. I’m definitely bummed but I picked up the Keys cleansing balm and dare I say she’s better than green clean?? Big fan so far. 

Re: What happened to Farmacy Green Clean?

Hi everyone! YES, i had the exact same issue - BUT i have answers for you at least (thx to my journey)

I had it on my loved item list and it was always out of stock all the sudden...when i searched it to put a tag to let me know when back in stock, I cdnt find it...which i found weird since it was still on my loves list.

I asked the sephora person and they were not sure and just insisted it was the other version. I bought it and it was not the was close but the fresh lemon scent I loved was gone, and the balm felt different. I then asked my mother who was in the US at the time to go to Sephora, and YES, it was there. I then actually reached out to Farmacy to order it and they advised they had to change the formula bc of some requirement in Canada. To be honest, i dont recall what they said as it really didnt matter. So you have to either buy the alternate, or go to the US to grab....sorry for the bad news!

Re: What happened to Farmacy Green Clean?

@Calivan   I suspect it's been replaced by Farmacy Clearly Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm 3.4 oz/ 100 mL - I wouldn't expect that they'd have two cleansing balms in their product lineup.

Re: What happened to Farmacy Green Clean?

This is so disappointing. Clearly Clean sucks. It smells weird and it doesn’t melt as well and it stings my eyes. I’m switching brands. I hate that they are giving everyone a BS line too. I emailed them to ask directly what was up (since Sephora reps never know anything) and they said they were working hard to get it back on shelves. But that is trash. Are you reformulating or not? Are you pulling out of Canada? They are “suggesting” everyone buy the less popular (and not as good) cleansers in the meantime, which makes me think they’re trying to sell what they can and leave the country. Otherwise they’d just say “due to a ban on polyethylene we are reformulating and scheduled to restock in 2024” or whatever.



Re: What happened to Farmacy Green Clean?

I did see a few comments from Canadian buyers about how because of the polyethylene (microplastic) this might now be banned altogether, I do wonder if Farmacy is planning to reformulate it (if anyone knows about that?).

Re: What happened to Farmacy Green Clean?

I know! It seems to have disappeared here in Canada! 

Re: What happened to Farmacy Green Clean?

Yes, in Canada. Apologies, I should have specified that, thank you. 

Re: What happened to Farmacy Green Clean?

@Calivan @I see it available in the US. 

Re: What happened to Farmacy Green Clean?

@Calivan @Are you in Canada ? All three sizes are showing as available for me in the Us 

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