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Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

A thread dedicated to Wayne Goss brushes and cosmetics line. His goal is to produce a high quality cosmetics line that feels, looks, and performs amazing and made to his specifications. Products will roll out over time.





Re: RE: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@TraceyEB no problem. Yesterday I got texted about to preorder. You can sign up for a link on the website and they will probably take your preorder. I love that about beautylish. I don’t have to wait around until 9 pst to get my order. I highly recommend it. 

Re: RE: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@KNC24, thanks for the reminder. I've used that feature before when I knew I wanted to make a purchase vs. the e-mail alert. Will be sure to use it when Wayne launches his collection.

RE: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

The Wayne Goss eye set is coming back!!!!!!

RE: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

Does anyone know when the eye set will be back in stock? @TraceyEB

Re: RE: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@KNC24, I'm sorry I don't have any information on the timing of a restock. Best to contact Beautylish directly.

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

Wayne is launching a beauty box with Cult Beauty. Details in the posts below. Launches April 29 at noon with e-mails being sent to those on the waitlist (see Wayne's video for the link). E-mails issued on a rolling basis so the Cult Beauty's website can accommodate the traffic.



RE: Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing I’m definitely getting this because I love Cultbeauty and Wayne. I didn’t even know we had a WG brand thread here 🙂

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

WG synthetic brushes now sold individually.



Re: Wayne Goss Thread

Wayne Goss 2018 Holiday Brush restock today, Feb 26 at 10 am PST/12 pm CST. Thanks for the update, @blackkitty2014!  If you'd like to see the full potential of this brush (foundation, powder, blush, highlight, even eyeshadow), see kinkysweat's YT channel .


WG 2018 Holiday Brush Restock.jpg

Re: Wayne Goss Thread

Sorry everyone, i was so busy today that i didnt have a chance to post.  I didnt place an order until 10:50am PST (work got in the way ;)) but it was shipped and supposed to show up at my place tomorrow. Yay!!! I got another email in the afternoon saying there was some left but they are all gone now.  Hope everyone get yours!!!

Hi @blackkitty2014, I've attached photos of my brush take...

Hi @blackkitty2014, I've attached photos of my brush taken at different angles (used and washed twice, blue background) and one taken when received from Beautylish (new, dark background). The hairs are very tapered throughout the brush, and it has a frayed look, which is easier to see if you move the bristles bottom to top.

Re: Hi @blackkitty2014, I've attached photos of my brush take...

Thx you so much for the pictures @TraceyEB. Yours look good I think. Mine looks liked it has about 10-12 longer hairs on one end. I’m so tempted to use the scissors to cut them to make them even but then the brush might loss the taper shape. Ugh

Re: Hi @blackkitty2014, I've attached photos of my brush take...

@blackkitty2014, I'm surprised Beautylish didn't offer a replacement with your return. I had a few hairs fall out in the course of washing and using it in the beginning, so maybe hold on the scissors if you decide to keep the brush. You should be super excited about it and if you're not completely satisfied, I'd send it back. You want the brush to perform as designed.

Re: Hi @blackkitty2014, I've attached photos of my brush take...

I’m so surprised by their reply. Basically they just say they don’t see any issue with the brush. If I’m not satisfied just send it back for refund but didn’t include the label or nothing. This is the first time I ever contacted them and I’m disappointed 

Re: Wayne Goss Thread

I received the brush yesterday.  I will send it back to Beautylish.  I shoot them an email with pictures and they said they dont see any issue with it. Ugh!!! Look at the tip of the brush.  @TraceyEB did your brush come this way??87242967-AD52-4362-BF54-563C445710BE.jpeg




Re: Wayne Goss Thread

Thanks for the update, @blackkitty2014! Glad you got one! The brush is listed as "returning soon", so hopefully there's another restock on the horizon.

Re: Wayne Goss Thread

Thx you @TraceyEB .  I hope he will bring it back permanently since it is well loved 😉  

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