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Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

A thread dedicated to Wayne Goss brushes and cosmetics line. His goal is to produce a high quality cosmetics line that feels, looks, and performs amazing and made to his specifications. Products will roll out over time.





Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

🚨Wayne posted a video showing samples of WG makeup products in development and he applies them using his White Gold brushes.


Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

My initial selections from Wayne's White Gold Collection, ordered through Beautylish. Launches on May 30.


Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

Those are excellent selections @TraceyEB❣️ My list so far consists of: brush nos. 1, 5, 7, 10 & 13. Debating on whether to add 2, 3 or 4; leaning towards no. 2 at the moment. 

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@itsfi, that's a nicely curated list! Brush 10 is next on my list of eye brushes. It reminds me of his 06 natural hair brush, one of my favourites! Brush 2 was a must for me after seeing how Wayne used it in his video, and one of two brushes he named his most versatile. Can't go wrong if that ends up in your basket!

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@TraceyEB, my brushes came in but I won’t get a chance to use them until maybe the weekend depending on project deadlines. I ended up getting brush no. 2.

6.4.2024 Haul - Beautylish.jpeg

Excited to hear your take (and others) on these beauties.  


Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@itsfi, these beauties arrived yesterday, too! I used some today and there were immediate standouts and a few unique shapes. More about that to come! (One spoiler: 💓 brush 2.) Can't wait to hear what you think when you break yours in!



Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

Making a note to try to get in some use with #2 sooner rather than later @TraceyEB. Out of curiosity, how do you like that eyeshadow blender brush? 🤔 

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@itsfi, I really like brush 8 - it's super versatile and worked well used as a concealer brush and as an eyeshadow brush, similar to the E2 brush from his First Collection (except with a rounded tip). It worked particularly well with the YSL mini couture palettes. One issue I'm noticing from using the brushes for 3 days is that they pick up very light amounts of product if the item is a baked formula like Chanel's Coral Treasure eyeshadow quad or Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk Beautifying Face Palette in Medium/Deep. (The latter needed a scratchy synthetic to pick up product.) I did build up the Coral Treasure shades but it took a few passes and that was on the base shade. Conversely, it picked up the YSL Stora Dolls shades well and applied them stunningly. It also worked beautifully with liquid concealer and corrector. Brush 9 is on my buy list to try a larger version. I'm curious about your experience, especially with brush 10.

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

The launch video for Wayne's White Gold Synthetic Brush Collection is out! He noted that this set is in his core synthetic brush collection. He has many more synthetic brush shapes to release. He wants this to be a brush library where you can find a brush to match a specific need, at an affordable price.  The brushes will be sold on Amazon in the US, in addition to Beautylish and his UK website.


Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

Beautylish's Spring Into Summer sale is on! Wayne has special value First Edition brush + blush or bronzer sets, and First Edition Eye set + eyeshadow palette and eyeliner sets. The blush sets sell out quickly! Also has 30% off eye liners, lip liners, lipsticks, lip glosses, and his eyebrow brushes, which are excellent. Free Cherry Blossom High Shine Lip Gloss with $75 WG purchase.







Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

Wayne's answers to questions posed about the White Gold Brush Collection and more:

  • Full video for the White Gold collection launches on May 27
  • The White Gold brushes are synthetic but in terms of application, these are more workhorse brushes where he doesn't mind what pigment/medium he puts them in. He loves that he can use them a little bit more aggressively than his artisan brushes.
  • Most multi-use brushes? Face brushes 2 and 5. For the eyeshadow brushes, they're all multi-use. He loves the crease brushes. Mentioned brush 8 is perfect for the outer corner of a small eye, for brow bone highlight, contouring the nose, etc. He loves brush 7 for concealing; its (slanted) design is for hooded eyes. Brush 14 is good for precise concealing.
  • Wayne's favourite brush is brush 12, a really small flat laydown brush.
  • Which brush is best for powder and mineral foundations? Brush 5.
  • These brushes can be use with powders and creams. A general rule: the longer the bristles, the better they are with powders; the shorter the bristles, the better they are with creams and liquids.
  • In response to a question if the White Gold collection will be available in the US, Wayne mentioned Beautylish, then shared that his brushes will soon be available on Amazon.
  • Wayne wanted to make a range of synthetic brushes that was affordable, beautiful, looked lovely, and just did the job, noting not everyone wants or can afford artisan brushes.
  • How do these brushes compare to the artisan synthetic brushes? Wayne doesn't think that artisan synthetic brushes are worth the money. The synthetic fibres in the artisan brushes are shared universally and are 4-8 times more expensive and that doesn't feel right to him, especially when the quality of the fibres is the same. He feels they are identically soft and then qualified that the new synthetics are softer because they were designed to be less dense. He emphasized affordability of the new synthetics.
  • There might be a Second Edition to the First Edition artisan brushes
  • Air Brush returning later this year, and a synthetic version, maybe... 
  • The original eye and face brushes are coming back (the "original original ones") later in the year. 
  • Mascara restock being worked on as we speak including several new formulas!
  • There's lots of products that will be coming (my read: later in the year).



See below for brush care instructions:


Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

Thank you so much for sharing this @TraceyEB! You are fabulous! 🤗 I bookmarked it and will be coming back to refer to it; super excited about so many things he highlighted. I loved the "original original ones" comment. *squee

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@itsfi, glad it's helpful! I'll keep adding to it as Wayne answers more questions. That original original comment made my heart soar. I adore those brushes. He said recently they will be here later in the year, eeeeekkkk! Officially in savings mode!

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@TraceyEB, this may just be the confirmation that June should be, will be a no buy month. Oh goodness. Gonna think about ways to distract myself.

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

Wayne responded to my second question, too. He said his previous synthetic brushes were artisan-made, so incredibly expensive to make and to buy. For his White Gold Collection he wanted to make synthetic brushes that didn't cost the earth and felt like silk. A discussion about synthetic bristles in general and the ones used used in his previous release, The Synthetics, is in the spoiler below.




An excerpt rom Sonia G's review of The Synthetics (via her Sweetmakeuptemptations website):
Just like his natural brushes, Wayne Goss Synthetic brushes are handmade in Japan by the same artisans, he could have switched to machine-made cheaper synthetic brushes but he did not. These 4 brushes are now only bundled with synthetic fibers, depending on each brush these fibers are even different per brush, if his 4 brushes feel the same, technically they aren’t.


The filaments used on these brushes are not the same as the ones on synthetic brushes, commonly seen on the brush market, those are mostly bundled with PBT or PTT.


Now, Wayne Goss brushes also uses PBT (Poly Butylene Terephtalate) and PTT (Polytrimethylene Terephthalate) but includes a special fibre made in Japan. The Japanese company responsible for this special fibre produces it in their own factory in Japan with a special cutting edge technique to process resin. These fibers are meant to keep their shape better and perform better with use, which is not always the case with filaments such as PBT and PTT.


The artisans in the manufacture in charge of Wayne’s brushes have particular skills that include the complex blending of the different kinds of filaments, which I heard was not easy at all, and they adjust these type of filament blends together with the technical specs in accordance to the purpose of the brush. They also leverage traditional methods combining the skills of the craftsmen and at the same time promote the Japanese fiber that is so much more difficult to process (unlike PBT and PTT) and in terms of time, it takes several times more to achieve them.


I am talking about this because I know that it is surprising to see synthetic brushes being that expensive, but the cost is both in the handmade process and in the fibers used.


Wayne did not include synthetics to reduce costs or because he did not love natural bristles anymore, but he certainly wanted to answer some requests I saw he was receiving to also release synthetics, and he did a great move, it’s really amazing that he stayed with the same artisans and that he answered those requests too.


I hope this helped to shed a bit of light about the costs and the making of these synthetic brushes. I have seen many comments of customers not understanding the price tag but there is a reason behind it. 


Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

Interesting @TraceyEB ! I loved the two face brushes and wondered how they compare.  I didn't think the cost was too extreme, but I suppose the value aspect is relative to some.  It's also just kind of nerdy fun to know the process.

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@danielledanielle, it IS nerdy fun to know the process; a perfect phrase! I bought the synthetic foundation brush and eyeshadow brush (the four brushes were $140) and recall at the time that Tom Ford had changed to synthetic brushes and prices didn't really decrease. Sonia's article was the first I read that discussed different synthetic materials and artisan brush-making using those materials. I bought Wayne's synthetic foundation brush based on reviews that it was some kind of sorcery how beautifully it applied foundation, and they were right!

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

Today on his IG reels, Wayne is answering questions about his new White Gold brush collection and OMG, OMG, he answered my question about his earlier brushes and a mascara restock (for @itsfi). Eeekkkk! Answers in the spoiler below. Officially saving!

Answers: The Air Brush will be returning later in the year along with a synthetic version, maybe. The original eye and face brushes ARE coming back, and he stated the "original original ones." He's working on a mascara restock right now including several formulas!
Here is Wayne's original brush release as well as the original face and eye sets.


Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

How awesome @TraceyEB !

Re: Wayne Goss Thread | Brushes and Cosmetics

@makeitup305, giddy to hear his reaction to my question AND to learn that my favourite all time brushes of Wayne's are coming back!

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