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The Trader Joe’s Thread

I know we have threads dedicated to specific beauty brands but I didn’t really see one dedicated or updated for all things Trader Joe’s. It could be beauty, skincare, haircare, household or grocery items. Post your finds here so others could be on a lookout of what to find or is newly released at their local store. It could also be something you think people should try. Their beauty section is so underrated and most people don’t even know they have a beauty aisle.  Their candles and seasonal items are amazing and they always have unique snacks. 



Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

Exactly @SportyGirly125! You get it. πŸ˜†

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

No.... lol he wasn’t even sure what it was! I think more than anything he was amused at how excited I was/am @itsfi  it’s my Christmas goal this year to get there before New Years!

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

If he knew what TJ's was, he wouldn't be laughing; he'd be asking to join you. Work field trip to Trader Joe's, @missjeanie! πŸ™‚

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@itsfi I feel like this place of work.... I could somehow make it work.  Brewery group trip to the States!

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

Here are a few finds I’m loving at the moment AD8148DD-72DE-455C-808E-1AA7726AF826.jpeg
















Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

Hi @SportyGirly125 ,


I love Jingle Jangle! So good! 


Best Wishes,



Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@JaneanBT I bring it to work to share. 

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

Hi @SportyGirly125,


I love the advent calendar! I got the dog advent calender and the chocolate one as gifts! 



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