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The Tower 28 Beauty Thread

Clean, Vegan, Cruelty-free Beauty ❤️ 


I didn’t see a thread for this brand and they’re one of my favourites, so I wanted to create a thread where we can share product launches, Tower28 purchases and product tips+tricks!


Autumn / Winter 2023 


Tower 28 Beauty MakeWaves Lengthening + Volumizing Mascara Jet will now be available in a Brown shade named “Drift” 🤎🤎 



limited edition Tower 28 Beauty Jumbo SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray Refill 16 oz / 480 mL is back for the holidays! 



limited edition holiday launch 

featuring best-selling Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Lip Jelly Non-Sticky Gloss Chill and limited edition Chestnut, inspired by Cookie Butter. So fitting for the holiday season! 

Tower 28 Beauty Lip Drip Cookie Butter Lip Gloss Set 



New Tower 28 Beauty Swipe All-Over Hydrating Serum Concealer 





Tower 28 Beauty BeachPlease Lip + Cheek Cream Blush Dream Hour 🩷



New Tower 28 Beauty SOS Daily Skin Barrier Redness Recovery Moisturizer 1.86 oz / 55 ml is now uploaded on the site but not yet available 



Re: The Tower 28 Beauty Thread

Hope you enjoy it once it restocks, it's a very nice creamy looking and feeling product.

Re: The Tower 28 Beauty Thread

@bakeamuffin I'm hoping they get more shades in of Tower 28 Beauty JuiceBalm Vegan Tinted Lip Balm .  I bought Drink during the sale and while Iiked it, it was brighter/more pigmented than I thought.   Would love some pinks and mauves...just not sheer. 

Re: The Tower 28 Beauty Thread

I am hoping for the same @greeneyedgirl107 ! Their glosses have such a great range of colours, I look forward to the potential of bringing those shades over to the Juicy Balm formula! 

Re: The Tower 28 Beauty Thread

Wow just took a look at how Drink looks on darker lips + skin tones in their provided pictures - it looks so pretty. It definitely packs more punch than most lip balms I see images for. I actually seek out balms with a lot of pigment payoff which is so hard to find, but I can see why it's just a preference of whether you want that very visible pigment in a balm or not.
Might make me be disloyal to the CLINIQUE Almost Lipstick 👀

Re: The Tower 28 Beauty Thread

@CattyT3 what pigmented lip balms do u like?

Re: The Tower 28 Beauty Thread

I found success in the Sephora lip balm set earlier this year - up to now whenever I looked into balms I always saw the color payoff on people of my skin tone or darker was just absolutely terrible, and figured it was just not a product type I could dabble in. But happy to report I am proven wrong now:

I was really impressed with the Charlotte Tilbury Hyaluronic Happikiss Lipstick Balm Pillowtalk formula and color payoff - I've never seen my lips look that smooth with a lip product on before. It settles into an only mildly sticky texture within a minute or 2 for me. I think it has the look of a gloss-balm hybrid look. I want to try the Yves Saint Laurent Candy Glaze Lip Gloss Stick 3 Cacao No Boundary to see if I can get that same finish/ even juicier finish as I really do not like the CT packaging (like several reviewers on the product).

I also really liked the NARS Afterglow Lip Balm - Laguna Collection Laguna - I actually thought this was going to go on clear when I saw it at first, but it does have a noticeable golden brown tint on my already brownish lips, so I was really happy that I was seeing a wash of pigment that was that true "you lips but better" look that lasted a long time and felt so comfortable on my lips - and kept my skin well protected in harsh subzero winter storm weather I had to walk through daily to get to work.

I haven't used this but I gifted and saw the results of the Dior Dior Addict Lip Glow 20 Mahogany paired with the Dior Lip Glow Oil 20 Mahogany and the color payoff with the juicy and plump looking bright brown glow it gives to the lips has me wanting the balm too.

Until these balms I used got in my hands, I was actually mixing a couple of very full on pigmented glosses I got by mistake with a clear lip balm to get the gloss-balm look. I was miserably failing because of how patchy it looked - and I just don't do well with the lip gloss texture and I hate reapplying a lip product more than once a day, so it was just a struggle trying to not waste them both.
I am happy Tower 28 now has come out with this balm and the lip & cheek tints too, I feel like they could layer really nicely as well if you want to start with the tints and top up with the balm while out and about.

Re: The Tower 28 Beauty Thread

@CattyT3 thanks for the recs!  I'll be looking into all of them.

Re: The Tower 28 Beauty Thread

Hope it works out for you - I will say I did see comments about how the Nars lip balm in the lighter pink shades do not have good color payoff - but the darker shades and Laguna have better reviews.

Re: The Tower 28 Beauty Thread


 It looks like Tower 28 is set to launch a new product in their SOS line! This promo is available for the SOS Daily Barrier Recovery Cream in a trial size; they don’t have anything on their social about this and wouldn’t tell me any details when I reached out to inquire but this is exciting none the less, I wonder when the launch date will be! 🛟 🆘 

Re: The Tower 28 Beauty Thread

Interesting… thanks for sharing @bakeamuffin!

Re: The Tower 28 Beauty Thread

@JoSometimes @CattyT3 I placed an order so I could try this cream before it launches, I love the anticipation! Their other SOS products work so well for my skin so I am over the moon 🌙 about the potential from this moisturizer 😍 @TeamBIC any insights on this cream and its launch date? 🛟 🆘 


Re: The Tower 28 Beauty Thread

@bakeamuffin It is coming soon! 🙂 

Re: The Tower 28 Beauty Thread

Please do let us know here how it is once you try it.

Re: The Tower 28 Beauty Thread

So excited - I didn't even realize this was a new product when I looked at the new offers in this week as I thought it was a sample of the SOS serum!

Re: The Tower 28 Beauty Thread

I need to go ahead and place a Sephora order that I’ve been sleeping on, especially since the Tower 28 Beauty OneLiner Lip Liner + Eyeliner + Cheek Pencil launched today! 



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