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The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Unless I’m mistaken, we don’t yet have a thread dedicated to this amazing brand and Founder/CEO, Danessa Myricks. She launched her line at Sephora in February 2021. I have been so impressed with everything I’ve tried from her brand! I have been following her on Instagram for many years prior to that and was so excited for her to come to my favorite beauty retailer, Sephora. As a makeup artist, she always seems so genuine, warm and positive, and her line was founded on inclusivity and creativity.


On her website, she has instructional videos, some free and some for subscribers or purchase. She does incredible looks with color, but I’ve always been impressed with her complexion looks on all skin colors, tones, and textures. I started following her when I was working part time as a makeup artist at Sephora and I wanted to become more familiar with makeup colors on darker skin tones.


My first purchases from her line were the Colorfix pigments, which can be used anywhere, can be mixed together, and are incredibly versatile. They come in mattes and shimmers/foils in a massive range of colors. Most recently I have absolutely fallen in love with herDanessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Vol. IV: Transcendence Palette - Illuminating Eye & Face Pigments . It is a phenomenally stunning palette with shades that are guaranteed to turn heads!


Even though I’ve even on a foundation no buy, I couldn’t resist her Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Serum Foundationand Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Glow Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide .


I’ve added a pic of my current DM collection below. I’m missing a couple items from this pic, so I’ll update once I have everything together. 


So, please join me in sharing your loves and observations and pics from this great beauty line! Please post here and tag me if you catch announcements of any beauty releases or other news!


DM Sephora Brand Page:



From the DM Website:





Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

I agree that she seems positive but genuine and she always makes me smile! I missed the masterclass this morning as we had some unexpected houseguests! I love the color fix and have been eyeing the lightwork complexion palette but haven't been able to justify buying it yet, lol. Would love to see your collection one day when you have the chance! @WinglessOne 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@sister13  Aw, sorry you missed it! I had a scheduled conflict so I knew I wouldn't be able to attend. If a BIC member did attend, we'd love to hear how it went! 


I pulled some of my DM collection together last night for photos, so I'll post that in a minute. 🙂

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Oh yay! @WinglessOne 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

This palette is a beauty, I 100% reccomend it. This is #Danessa Myricks Beauty Mini Lightwork Vol. III The Experience Eye & Face Palette (There is nothing mini about this palette)

It so fun to wear 🤩 and these colours go on so smooth and creamy! 










Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@CynthieLu Really pretty. The swatches and your beauty looks are making me feel like I need this !


**Edit i think it is sold out on the Canadian Sephora site. I check DM direct and it is sold out!

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread



I'd been following that palette since it's last sell out.. and waited for the restock email and luckily I grabbed it before it sold out again. I really truly wanted The Transendece Palette I was on the wait list for that one too, but it's been removed from the Canadian Sephora Site so my hopes are atm dashed that I'll be able to get that one day. I'm afraid of the duty charges if I order it directly from DM but it's been sold out foever


I love this one thou, so I lucked out big time ‌‌‌😁‌‌‌

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@CynthieLu I didn't realize it is so hard to get. It makes me want it more! Haha. Congrats on getting one! I can see why it is so high in demand 🤩

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@Mellmars1185 I hope the future brings more to the Canadian site 🙏 😀 🤞

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Oh, so pretty - the swatches and the delicate but vibrant color on your eyes! @CynthieLu 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Another good point @sister13 You can build intensity depending on how much you use 😄 They even say that, depending on if you wear it on its own or over different coloured eyeshadow, you can create different and unique colours. I haven't experimented with different base eyeshadows thou, I'm having to much fun with them on thier own atm 🥰

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Those swatches are so beautiful and you gorgeous, @CynthieLu ! 😍

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Thank you @Saradestin this palette is playful at its heart ❤️

I just want to find reasons to use it everyday 🤩

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

A Danessa Myricks Masterclass coming up this Sunday, February 26th! From Instagram:



Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

That’s so cool @sister13 ! Sadly, my Sunday is going to be a very busy day, I won’t have time for anything.

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

That's the one! @sister13 I work that day 🥺 lol. But I'm sure it'll be so fun!


I read you can register but they suggest showing up early day of, due to limits on how many people can join.


I've never caught a master class in anything lol have you ever? 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

I have been able to make some of the Sephora virtual ones, and the last Danessa Myricks one on MLK Day where she talked about coplexion makeup for deeper skin tones, which was awesome! I had started following her and some other Black artists a long time ago when I was working at Sephora part-time because I wanted to have more insight about makeup and recommendations for darker skin. 


Also, when Sephoria was live - when was that, 2018? - there were masterclasses there that were pretty to very good! Oh, the other ones I've done are through The Powder Group - I did some live classes with them when I first wanted to work in makeup (part-time). I've definitely picked up some great tips and tricks along the way! @CynthieLu  

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Yay! A Danessa Myricks thread! I have recently discovered this brand. Well, I knew about it a long time ago but I didn’t own any of her products until a few months ago.

My first product was Danessa Myricks Beauty Colorfix - Multi-Use Eye, Cheek & Lip Waterproof Liquid Pigment Chocolate which I loved so much that I purchased Danessa Myricks Beauty Colorfix - Multi-Use Eye, Cheek & Lip Waterproof Liquid Pigment Blackout and Colorfix Nudes in Nude 10.

I also own a small Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder Universal which I haven’t been able to make work on me. But I keep trying! 😄

But my biggest and most loved of all is, without a doubt, Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Vol. IV: Transcendence Palette - Illuminating Eye & Face Pigments . Such a spectacular palette! 

These are a few looks I created with it:


Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Absolutely incredible!! Keep ‘en coming!! @Saradestin 

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Thank you so much, beautiful @sister13 ! 😘😘

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

@Saradestin Absolutely breath taking looks. Each unique and beautiful in its own way. The shift on some of the shadows is amazing!!

Re: The Danessa Myricks Beauty Thread

Thank you beautiful @Mellmars1185!! These eyeshadows have gorgeous shifts! 😍

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  • Danessa Myricks Waterproof Cushion Liners
  • I lightly finger-diffused the left end of each swatch.
  • 1 Inglot cream shadow and 2 Danessa Myricks cream highlighters.
  • hauls2022-April-13-eyelinerswatch.jpeg
  • Danessa Myricks Lightwork vol. III Mini. Couldn’t catch the duochrome shift on some of these swatches very well in my bathroom lighting.
  • faves-2022-Aug-eyeswatch.jpeg
  • The aqua chrome shades will take some playing around to figure out.
  • 73954D0E-983E-426C-BDDF-C584B59001D5.jpeg
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