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Let's Get Nudestix!

So, I noticed that there doesn't seem to be an official Nudestix thread yet, therefore I figured I'd start one. 


Feel free to post swatches, new and upcoming releases and anything else related to Nudestix that you wish to share. 


New Products


Nude(art)ist Box Creator's Palette


Peach Bum Kit (Nudestix website)

Peach bum kit.pngPeach Bum kit swatches.png



  • Free mini Saint when you buy 2 products (Nudestix website)
I'll update this thread and add more to it soon.


Re: Let's Get Nudestix!

New LE Nudestix kit! On pre-sale now!Screenshot_20190319_120604.jpg


Re: Let's Get Nudestix!


Re: Let's Get Nudestix!

The Sunset Strip kit has been added to the Sephora website! It'll be interesting to see if they add anymore of the kits available on the Nudestix website to Sephora. Screenshot_2017-12-17-19-35-17-1.png






Re: Let's Get Nudestix!




Re: Let's Get Nudestix!

Ends today! Two kits for cyber monday! Search for the names of the kits on the website if you have a hard time finding them. They aren't in the kits tab. Screenshot_2017-11-27-09-22-47-1.png






This is this bonus at Ulta. So the three mini stix sell f...

This is this bonus at Ulta. So the three mini stix sell for $24 in a set, so pretty good deal.

It's with a $35 Nudestix purchase. Here are the color and...

It's with a $35 Nudestix purchase. Here are the color and sizes.

Re: Let's Get Nudestix!

Nudestix is having a 20% off sale tomorrow! Sign up for emails on their website to know more 🙂Screenshot_2017-11-17-17-32-34-1.png




Re: Let's Get Nudestix!

The code is 20FORU.

Re: Let's Get Nudestix!

New kit from Nudestix that is available exclusively on their website (they've been killing it lately)!

It's called the Sunset Strip Palette and it includes:

  • Magnetic Luminous Eye Color in Rustique


  • Magnetic Luminous Eye Color in Copper Foil


  • Magnetic Luminous Eye Color in Gilt


  • Cream Lip and Cheek in Blush


  • Intense Matte Lip and Cheek Color in Fringe


  • Intense Matte Lip and Cheek Color in Vintage

It's $65 CAD and $59 USD.

Screenshot (53).jpg


Screenshot (54).jpgScreenshot (55).jpg



Re: Let's Get Nudestix!

Here's a new kit from Nudestix named the Unicorn IRL Kit!

 It includes a Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm in Posh, a Magnetic Matte Lip Color in Saint, a Magnetic Luminous Eye Color in Angel, a Nudies All Over Face Color Glow in Illumi-naughty and an adorable Nudestix Pouch. It's $45 USD and $56 CAD. 

nudestix 1.jpgNudestix 2.jpg

Re: Let's Get Nudestix!

Oh how cute is this?! Love the bag 😄 They picked some great colors for this set. 

Re: Let's Get Nudestix!

@Mcakes It is! Posh and Illumi-naughty look so gorgeous! The Nudestix sets have been so cute lately. 

Re: Let's Get Nudestix!

I found two separate deals on Nudestix. If purchasing from Nudestix dot com use code DG10 for an additional 10% off your order. Free shipping at $49.00.

The other deal is purchase $35.00 of any Nudestix products on Ulta dot com to receive a free full sized Intense  Matte Lip Pencil in Purity.

Re: Let's Get Nudestix!

There is a full size Nudestix in Vino in the Give me Some Bold Lip set. I couldn't believe how this dried down and stayed on! I had to use coconut oil to get it off! Edit: forgot to mention this is my first nudestix item, I like it.


IMG_1538.JPGVino on far right.Vino on far right.





Re: Let's Get Nudestix!

@sister13 I'm guessing you have been told that you look like Blake lively? 

Re: Let's Get Nudestix!

@sister13 Vino looks gorgeous on you! Thanks for the swatches. If I wasn't so terrified of bold lipsticks I would be so tempted. 

Re: Let's Get Nudestix!

hey there! how do we feel about the nudestix pencil blenders? are they just gimmicky or are they useful brushes? i only have one full size eye pencil but was thinking about getting a lip/cheek pencil and just wondering if the brushes would be helpful for the eye stick. 

Re: Let's Get Nudestix!

Limited quantities promo! (cross-post with deals thread)Screenshot_2017-09-19-11-25-12-1.png





Re: Let's Get Nudestix!

New on the Nudestix website! 


This kit is 45$ and includes three Cream Lip + Cheek Pencils in Blush, Ripe and Soul, one Nudies All Over Face Glow in Hey, Honey and a Nudestix makeup pouch. 


Peach bum kit.pngPeach Bum kit swatches.png

If anyone purchases it, feel free to post swatches & reviews below!


From the website: Take your sunskissed glow into fall with this peachy selection. Add a touch of creamy color to your lips and cheeks and finish the look with a touch of shimmer on your high points. Effortless beauty has never been so easy. Because a real babe always keeps it peachy 🍑
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  • Peach bum kit.png
  • Peach Bum kit swatches.png
  • Peach bum kit.png
  • Peach Bum kit swatches.png
  • Screenshot_2017-09-19-11-25-12-1.png
  • IMG_1556.JPG
  • Vino on far right.
  • IMG_1538.JPG
  • Nudestix 2.jpg
  • nudestix 1.jpg
  • Screenshot (53).jpg
  • Screenshot (54).jpg