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haircare help?

so my hair used to be nice, pretty good...then i rtied a shampoo that ruined it. my hair feels very dry, but still gunked up and looks like it's got some bluid-up. i want a shampoo that will make my hair feel really clean, but still soft and shiny, and i don't really have dandruff, but it's something i've become really paranoid about for some hair tends to do better without silicones or sulfates in my shampoo, but it does good with a conditioner with silicones. oh, and i want it to be color safe since i'm dying it soon. also, i need something cheap i can pick up at target. okay, this seems impossible, but please help, i want to have nice hair again. Smiley Sad super kudos to whoever answers this today. thank you so much Smiley Happy

Re: haircare help?

@nanobear18, definitely not impossible! I agree with DannyC's tip for the apple cider vinegar, it makes your hair SO soft and shiny and really helps the scalp.


As long as you stick to sulfate free items (avoid a lot of heat styling too!) like lylysa recommends, you can definitely find some good items to fix your hair!


I've actually tried a clarifying suave shampoo that was $1 and it worked SO great to remove buildup and product from my hair! It strips coloring a bit but once every few weeks or before you do any coloring is fine.



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: haircare help?

If you're looking for something from the drug store that isn't rich in silicones or sulfates but also safe for color treated hair, try Loreal's Ever Pure line which is sulfate free and broken into many categories for hair types (curly, dry, color treated, etc.).


The apple cider vinegar trick that Dannyc mentioned below will also help greatly as it appears the shampoo you used affected the pH level of your hair/scalp drastically and the ACV sould help to balance it back out.

Re: haircare help?

I had a really bad buildup a few summers ago from washing my hair in soft water. I couldn't get the shampoo out & left a horrible residue for days. I tried a clarifying shampoo twice in 2 days which is really bad for you hair, with no luck. I was freaking out thinking I'd have to cut off my long thick hair. So I went on the internet and found that apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water would do the trick. (nothing else, it wasn't a mask for hydration, but for cleaning out the gunk) I soaked it in a bowl over the sink for 5-10 minutes and kept pouring it over my scalp & massaging it in. I then rinsed with cool water & instantly saw improvement. I waited 2 or 3 days & did it again & my hair was back to normal. 

Try to stay away from anything with sulfates & avoid panteen products at all costs. They are full of waxes to "mask" good hair. You may think it's better, but over time it just weighs your hair down & contributes to more build-up.

I like to use a nickel size amount of Argan oil when I get out of the shower. It's my detangler, smoother, heat protectant...

Good luck! 

Re: haircare help?

it was the garnier fructis pure clean...left it awful, and it frizzed up my naturally sleek, sraight hair something bad. Smiley Sad i don't reccomend it, unless you're trying to make your hair look bad.

Re: haircare help?

Well different things work for different people. 

Re: haircare help?

I use CLEAR Scalp & Hair Therapy Shampoo (which I bought at Target).  My scalp is dry and flaky in the winter and this really seems to help.  I've used both the Damage & Color Repair and Total Care versions and both are equally good.

I can't speak for the matching conditioner though as I've never tried it.  I prefer leave-in conditioners like Ouidad Moisture Lock.


And I second the question about what shampoo ruined your hair.

Re: haircare help?

Well thats alot you are asking for from something that can be bought at target, I can't recommend any drugstore brands cause i'm not really familiar with them, all i can say is try and look for a deep conditioner, Garnier has some, i think i saw in a commercial, A good one will help with the dryness, and some help protect color. As far as a shampoo, you really need something without sulfates, thats what a color safe shampoo is for. You just need to keep trying to find one that works, maybe someone can recommend some, if not you might have to invest into a better quality shampoo from a salon.

Re: haircare help?

And which shampoo did you use that ruined your hair?

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