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can thin hair go for hair smoothening process

hi my hair is thin and above shoulder length. can i go for Hair smoothening process. wil my hair look more thin after smoothening? please suggest.

Re: can thin hair go for hair smoothening process

Hi, mannumanasa!


I would recommend speaking to your licensed hair dresser on this matter to get a consultation in person before the actual service is performed. Describe your goals and what you're looking to achieve with the service and even what you're wanting to avoid or may be inquisitive on to have your hair dresser offer insight on whether the service may be fitting for your hair goals and concerns. 


If you're worried that the smoothing process may take out what volume there is for your naturally thin hair to leave hair looking a bit limp, then definitely express that. It's important to also determine if your hair is genuinely thin or is it fine. Fine hair may refer to the strands themselves while thin hair may refer to the hair as a whole in which there may not be as much mass if hair is gathered all together. One can have thin hair in which strands may be coarse or even textured or one may even have fine hair that is of normal thickness that may merely feel thin because of how delicate and even "slippery" the strands feel. Getting a consultation to understand your hair type can help shed some additional light on this matter and help assist you in determining how to proceed.


You may also want to consider evaluating why you're looking to have the smoothing process performed and the basis of the process (Is it a Brazilian Blowout service or something else?). If you're looking to have hair merely combat frizz, fly-aways, or just look more polished, you may also consider taking steps to make sure your hair care regimen support these goals. Many chemical processes (be it hair coloring, straightening or smoothing services, or perms) will also require proper follow up and usage of designated products that will help preserve and prolong the results you achieve so be sure to speak with your hair dresser over what ingredients to avoid or look for and what items they may recommend.

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