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Post in Best Hair Ever

broken curls

i have been struggling with my hair for too long. i have broken, dry, 3a curls (2c in the back), and no matter what i do, they will not hold or keep any form of definition. this is my main problem, anyways. i have spent lots of money on curl products, running trial-and-error tests to see what works best for me. unfortunately, the only time my hair has looked or felt remotely good was when it was wet. give any product an hour to sit in my hair and i will undoubtedly be met with a broken, stringy, undefined mess in the morning. even when i take the time to properly take care of it, diffusing it and such, as soon as it dries my curls become dry, flat, frizzy, and generally super undefined. this has been frustrating me for the longest time, leading me to often brush my hair dry, damage it, and straighten it every given chance. i would appreciate getting some advice on this.

thank you! 

Re: broken curls

After you apply products to your hair and scrunch you should not touch your hair @connie444. Once I stopped touching my hair I noticed that my curls would last longer. Also did you speak to your hair stylist about your curls not lasting because she may have advice tailored for you. BTW dry your hair with a microfiber towel.

Re: broken curls

i booked an appointment with my hairstylist so i’ll talk to her about it then. thank you so much 

Re: broken curls

My hair stylist has been a true savior @connie444.

Re: broken curls

haha L

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