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The Dyson Beauty Thread

I wanted to start a new thread as a place to share news and updates as well as tips & tricks about Dyson Beauty. After being so incredibly skeptical about any of the Dyson items based on the extremely high price point, I am a total convert after purchasing my Dyson Airwrap last year during the pre-holiday sale at Sephora. 


As someone who has mostly airdried my hair in the last few years, especially since COVID, I realized that part of the reason for that was because I’m always in a rush and I almost never have time to blowdry, then heat style my hair because of how long it took. I also absolute hated the smell of my hair after using curling wands/irons/straighteners, even on low heat, my hair would get that burning kind of smell. I had a friend give rave reviews about the Dyson Airwrap, so I decided to purchase when it was on the 20% off sale. I’ve found that I can have fully styled hair in about 40 minutes from wet to dry, and the style lasts for me about a week (depending on which styling products I use). 


This has made the Airwrap a great value for me and I find I’m happier with my hair, it actually feels softer and shinier when I use the Airwrap than when I airdry it. The one I have is the Dyson Limited Edition Airwrap Multi Styler in Ceramic Pop . I love that it has a dryer attachment and lots of other options and how healthy and soft my hair stays when using it. I haven't even used it to it's full potential (mostly I've just used the dryer attachment and the larger curling barrel), but I love it so much! See the spoiler below for some of my pics after styling with the Dyson Airwrap. 


Please share your thoughts on any of the Dyson products, questions, or news and announcements to share with the Community. And, please post your looks or tips and tricks for getting the best deal, and for getting the most out of the Dyson products. I’ll update this post soon with some curated information and tips & tricks that may be helpful to the community!


As always, if there’s another thread for Dyson already, just let me know and I’ll redirect there! 

dyson sephora page.jpg


My Dyson!



Here's a few looks of my hair after styling with the airwrap:

IMG_9069.JPEG  IMG_0593.JPEG IMG_0193.JPEG

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

@itsfi Beleive it or not, I have still not opened my Oribe Mini Dry Texturizing Spray 2.2 oz/ 75 mL . I am almost done my Bumble and bumble Thickening Dryspun Volume Texture Spray - I really like it. I have not tried the Oribe Tres Set Structure Spray 10 oz/ 233.7 mL . If you try it, I would love to hear what you think. My Hairspray of choice is Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray . I like that it doesn't leave my hair feeling crunchy, while providing hold. It does have a strong scent to it. I don't know how long I want to grow my hair. I feel like it starts looking a bit off once the ends get thin and need a trim. I feel like my hair isn't going to get much long than it is. I kind of miss having a shorter cut. I will see what happens hehe. What about you???

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

I do like that Living Proof hair spray @Mellmars1185. If/when you have a chance to try the Oribe Dry Texturizer, I'd love to hear how it compares to the Bumble & Bumble. I've moved both my Oribe products next to my Dyson Airwrap - when I reach for the airwrap, they'll be right there - in my line of sight and within easy reach. 👍 


I don't think I'll grow it out too much longer, maybe another inch or two? If it gets too long, it starts to make my hair look weighed down and isn't flattering on me. I once grew my hair down to my waist, so that I could chop it off and donate it. 

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

@itsfi I think your look turned out fantastic!  I need to play with the other attachments more.  Might be a goal for this week to try and use the brushes.  I have to say... a big bonus for me is not needing to bring a separate dryer with me for travel.  

You've also got me thinking i need more layers cut into my hair... I'm loving how yours look!  

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

@missjeanie @sister13, I'm for pretty much anything that cuts down on the number of things I need to pack for travel. 🛄


One of the life lessons I have learned over the years is that long layers are a must for me 😉, especially when my hair is past my shoulders; otherwise, my hair weighs down ... everything, and that is not a good look on me. I'll try different lengths for my layers from time to time, but I've always gotten layers. The layers give my hair more movement at the length and ends. Highly recommend. 👍 


Oh, the brush attachments scare me, I must confess. Horribe incident with one of those brush / dryers back in the day when I was a young little Fi. Hair tangled all in it, tool dangling from the side of my head. 😱 I'm sure the Dyson is more user friendly, but memories of me grimacing as my mom tried to untangle it all (and not so gently either) makes me eye those attachments with trepidation. Even after all these years. 😧 That said, if either of you do or have used it, I'm all for tips and tricks. I'll keep notes and follow them once i've summoned up the courage to give it a go. 

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

Omg, I definitely have this horror, fear and traumatic experience with the round brush!  I think I had some bangs in middle/high school, but not the highest (unless s I’m misremembering!)

I have used the Dyson round brush and didn’t have a problem with tangles/getting stuck, though I was VERY CAREFUL. I did watch a Dyson tutorial (after doing it on my own without great results and some fizziness on the ends) that they recommend you go with low air when using the round brush, which makes sense. @itsfi @missjeanie 

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

@sister13 @itsfi The low airflow setting really does make sense now that you say it.  I 100% would have gone in on full blast.  

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

Oh, you and me both @missjeanie! In fact, if @sister13 hadn't said anything, it would not be surprising if I would have gone all in at full blast. Okay, I think I may need to have one of you nearby or on standby when I give a hair attachment a try. I have a feeling it will not end well for me. I mean, yes, there will be much laughter and cackling afterwards, but I just feel like we'd have a lot of film for a blooper reel. Maybe Dyson's people will want to film me for a "what not to do" 🤣

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

@itsfi I'm picturing the video now and I love it.  You'd make millions on America's Funniest Home Videos!  Might need to cut an Airwrap out of your hair... but we'd all be rich in laughter!

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

Hahahaha @missjeanie. One of the reps at the Dyson booth at Sephoria NYC was trying to get me to actually use the product - very cool that we could do this. She showed me how to use it with a section of my hair and was encouraging me to give it a try. I did reluctantly. I mean, there were people around. They'd help if something started going awry. Right? Riiiiiiiggghhttt???? 😂 Yeah, I can picture it too - prepping myself and giving myself a pep talk - "you got this, you. got. this. Low setting. Low. setting." And then ... chaos. And laughter all around. Well, maaaaaybe, if I haven't tested out the brush feature by then and if I'm able to attend Sephoria this year and if Dyson has a booth where we can test products again, perhaps then I will give it a go; if I haven't already. 

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

@itsfi Am I allowed to ask the dyson rep to give you a full 80s blow out???  🙄

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

karen walker laughing.gif


@missjeanie... yes! I think there's a possibility that I would be willing to do that. 😂🤣😂 I'll do the hair and see about finding my hot pink legwarmers. We'll need to find you some neon bike shorts. To go with your crimped hair. 

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

@itsfi How did I forget that leg warmers existed??? I used to have the cutest white pair!  I'm starting to think we'll need a Sephoria 2025 theme night. 

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

Oh yeah @sister13, if / when I try that brush attachment out, you bet I will be suuuuuper careful and slow with it! 😬 @missjeanie 

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

Omg you guys have me scouring Facebook for some of the awkward pics my sis has posted over the years. I never had the real crazy high bangs, but it may have been because of the time my bangs got cut WAY  too short, along with the rest of my hair and I was so traumatized I’ve had long hair (almost) ever since! @itsfi @missjeanie 

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

@sister13 I swear they were never high enough, no matter how much aqua net and teasing happened! 

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

@sister13 @missjeanie  I tried so hard to get my bangs some height, but it never ever got too high. 😔 


Your long hair is so beautiful! Both of yours! 😍

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

Awwww, thanks!  🙂 @itsfi 

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

@itsfi I see we have similar childhood traumas.  If you tell me that you had your bangs permed into an 80s pouff that you still needed to curl with a side order of burnt forehead... We'll practically be twins.  

Note... this isn't me... only because I'm not sure how I feel about those types of photos being on the internet... but I wore a strikingly similar style to this one I found online.  Bonus marks if you can imagine the perm I insisted on in addition to this.Note... this isn't me... only because I'm not sure how I feel about those types of photos being on the internet... but I wore a strikingly similar style to this one I found online. Bonus marks if you can imagine the perm I insisted on in addition to this.

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

We’d be fraternal twins @missjeanie! omg, the things on the internet. 💯 going with photos from the internet. You know me and privacy. lol. 

Soooo, interestingly, there’s nothing on the World Wide Web that is exactly what I had. I know, who knew what my poodle perm looked like was so original. 😳


okay, take these 2 pics, merge them, make the hair less voluminous and frizzy and more pouffy but still flat (and “wavy”or as wavy as tight curls can be) at the length and you have my hair do. 

It was tight, curly poodle “waves” in the back and sides with hint of straight-ish bangs in front and a splash of mullet vibes. Clearly, extra. 🙄 When I think back to those days, all that comes to mind is “well, I did have a nice tan year round.” Hahahaha! 


Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

@itsfi Bahhahahahaha!!! I love it!!  Only because hindsight has me cackling over here!  The 80s were a magnificent time. I wonder if I could re-create these looks.  I do still have my crimping iron that might be able to re-create the complete mess of a perm I had going.  If only I had neon spandex bike shorts to really make the look.  

I think we've both come a long way ... a looooooong way.  lol

Re: The Dyson Beauty Thread

Oh my goodness, @missjeanie, my hair guy told me that one of the styles he saw at this hair show he recently attended was crimping the hair and then curling it. Maybe you could try that?! btw, I absolutely love that you still have your crimping tool. Loooooove!! 😍 The utilities company had to read the meter at my parents' place so I went over to let them in. I contemplated whether to see if I could find an old school photo of me with my lovely poofy poodle mullet perm. 😅 


"If only I had neon spandex bike shorts to really make the look.

Wait, aren't you on a low buy?! I mean, you could buy some. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣


Oh yes, we've come a long way, indeed, missjeanie, but given those pics, it's not that hard to come a long way. Bahhahahahaha!!

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  • Note... this isn't me... only because I'm not sure how I feel about those types of photos being on the internet... but I wore a strikingly similar style to this one I found online.  Bonus marks if you can imagine the perm I insisted on in addition to this.
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