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a thread to talk about your hair goals / experiments / fails / wins / products etc. consider this a RANDOM THOUGHTS: HAIR thread Smiley Happy


when i joined BT years ago, i was at the beginning phases of growing out a shaved head, after a decade of cropped pixie cuts and avant garde styles as well as defying my natural texture. my hair is past my shoulders now, and am fully immersed in this world of hair care and styling that i had been absent from for so long. 


this thread can be about anything. thoughts, questions, anecdotes that you feel like sharing but for whatever reason don't want to start an independent thread about. cheers !

Y'ALL. I just got one of the Amika Blowout Babe thermal b...

Y'ALL. I just got one of the Amika Blowout Babe thermal brushes, and I had to stop and take a photo halfway through because I can't believe how well it works! This is dry day-old hair (I have a 3A curl pattern), with day-old B&B Primer and Spray de Mode hairspray. Worth every penny!!

Re: Y'ALL. I just got one of the Amika Blowout Babe thermal b...

That is a sleek and gorge blowout @fieldsofclover!  Love it!

Thanks @myinsidevoice! I did not think I was going to be...

Thanks @myinsidevoice! I did not think I was going to be this excited about this thing, but I am blown away by how easy/fast it is.


I have a question: what do you do to make your hair not suck on non-wash days?? I recently started trying to wash my hair only every three days, but it feels so nasty and greasy on days when I don't wash it. I've tried several dry shampoos, but my hair is so fine (lots of it, but fine) that it just does nothing after the first hour or so. I've also tried rinsing my hair with water and re-applying my styling products and re-drying. That helped a little, but I've never tried to re-curl it or anything. Can you do that? Or maybe can someone just give me an idea for a daily wash and condition that won't destroy my hair? I want to take care of it, but I can't even wear it down the day after washing. I want volume and shine and strength, and I don't know how to get that without a daily wash. Pls help




So I'm trying to learn to love my hair but I'm having a super hard time! It used to be really easy to get my hair to a state I liked, but now I feel like all it does is fight me. I used to box bleach it myself, dye, and cut it often but now I just don't want to deal with it in the awkward length and faded colors. Should I just go to a professional and have a complete makeover? Should I bleach it again? Cut it all off? I'm at a total loss. Natually curly, 4C hair that's a deep brown, currently dyed pink and blue, flat-ironed mostly straight. Also best maintenance items for such hair??

@GothWife I would dye it back to my natural hair color an...

@GothWife I would dye it back to my natural hair color and not use any heated hair tools for a while. If you must heat style you should roll your hair and either let it air dry or dry under a hairdryer. Try to avoid heat to the hair as much as possible. Wash and deep condition your hair weekly and use treatments before you wash such as Madam CJ Walkers pre treatment sold at Sephora or Nexxus Emergencee Treatment at least every other week. You should see a difference in a month.

Re: @GothWife I would dye it back to my natural hair color an...

Thank you so much! I didn't dye it my natural color, but a deep navy, and have avoided heat styling and I'm already seeing a difference.

Last year I was still learning to deal with frizzy/ wavy...

Last year I was still learning to deal with frizzy/ wavy hair. It was finals week and my mousse wouldn't tame my hair. So I walked into my classes in sweats, sweatshirt and wild hair. Everyone else was so put together and nice looking that day too! I've luckily learned since then that braiding my hair at night helps along with a anti-frizz product in the morning.

Re: Last year I was still learning to deal with frizzy/ wavy...

I just started braiding my hair at night too and use a home made mixture of oil for my hair in  the am. Have you ever tried sleeping in a silk scarf, I hear that works well but yet to try it out. 


I just wanna say I get super annoyed when i’ve been wearing my hair down and it sops up my foundation and the foundation won’t come out of my hair without me actually washing it.  This should be in the beauty pet peeves thread but I figure it’s hair related so why not put it here. 


Hello ladies.  A few questions as I never do anything with my hair color but I’m feeling a bit creative lately. 

1 - has anyone used lime crime unicorn hair and, if so, any tips for applying and how long did it last for you? I have medium brown hair. I am not lightening it first so I know it won’t show as well. 

2 - I cannot have unnatural hair color at work. Where would you suggest doing a little color so you can have fun with it but it also doesn’t show when hair is down?  I was thinking bottom half of one side 

thank you ❤️

somewhere in the middle section or underneath in the nap...

somewhere in the middle section or underneath in the nap area won't show down. and usually funky colors last a shirt amount of time, like 2-3 weeks. they fade with every shampoo. some spots may stay longer just.depending on your hair, texture, damage, environment, etc. and ive never dealt with that unicorn one u mentioned. (hair stylist of 11 years)

Verb Ghost Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil is amazing. Makin...

Verb Ghost Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil is amazing. Making my hair super shinny and tangle free. Yay!! 😊😍

Re: Verb Ghost Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil is amazing. Makin...

Your hair looks great! We love that you love Verb Smiley Happy


This is such a GREAT idea!  What a great way to bring the beauty community together!  When it comes to hair, it can be very frustrating.  We look at all of your posts and comments.  Curls don't stay, hair is thin/fine, hair is broken, what hair color or cut should you do.  So many really great questions and the community is always there to support and share what is working and not working for them.  


You probably see us share our thoughts a lot, and this is because we are so passionate about hair here at Iles Formula.  We were created out of need.  Our founder Wendy Iles, is a celebrity hair stylist.  She has worked with many big names, Chrissy Teigan, Rita Ora, Heidi Klum, to name a few.  She found that working on set, she needed to be able to transform even the most traumatized hair into beautiful healthy hair on set in literally an instant.  So the journey began.  She has created a brand that literally provides INSTANT repair for all hair types.  


Our line includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Finishing Serum and a Hair Mask that will change your life.  We're just saying.  


Check out some of our reviews, or let us know if you have any specific hair questions that we can answer for you.  We love to communicate with all of you beauty mavens!


FullSizeRender 4.jpg


I wanted to share my Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush experience. Of course I will also be leaving a review but I have seen a couple of people ask about it so before the upcoming November sale I wanted to just share here as well :-).


So I have been flat ironing my hair for over 10 years. I think I have been doing it for so long now that it is kind of my identity - but as I've gotten older I kind of wanta more natural straight look as opposed to the stick straight look I get with a flat iron and I was also hoping to find a solution that would take less time.


I used the Amika Brush on dry hair and I set the temperature at 400 degrees.


Pros: The major pro for me is that using the Amika brush over my flat iron definitely results in less heat being delivered to my hair. Using heat on your hair can be really damaging so obviously the less heat the better. I also find that it is less work overall to use - like I can just casually brush through sections as opposed to all the clamping and such that is required with a flat iron. I also think its safer - I an touch my hand to top of the bristles for at least 5 seconds before it feels too hot for my skin (you probably should not actually be touching it haha) and as someone who has burned themselves with a flat iron as a teenager the safety factor is nice.


Cons: It did not actually save me any time - maybe if you had wavy hair it would but as someone with very curly hair I still had to go piece by piece so it took the same amount of time. Additionally - I felt like my hair was a little frizzier than it would have been with a flat iron- like maybe with less heat locking my hair in it just puffs up more. Its ok going into the colder months but I imagine during more humid times I would need to find some kind of product to deal with that.


Final thoughts: I like the brush for an every day look and since I find it easier to use I'll continue using the brush for work days and such but I think if I had a special event I would probably still want the more polished look my flat iron provides.


I did a thing and am about to start using silver shampoo to bring my hair to a charcoal shadeSmiley Happy. It should be where I want it in a few weeks! 6226A5EF-68A3-48B7-B9AD-5ACD28BE8BBB.jpeg




A while ago some of us were commiserating about dry/frizzy/brittle hair - I found something that works for me! Davines Love Smoothing shampoo and conditioner has turned my brushy, fragile hair silky and soft. I do need to wash it every other day rather than every third, but I'll take it!


My hair has finally grown out to the point I can put it in a ponytail (albeit a frizzy straggly one) i am now able to pretend I am normal people from straight onSmiley Happy.  Soooo close to my charcoal goals.  My purple balayage has washed out and I look like I have bride of Frankenstein hair if I pomp it up.  Kinda loving that!My purple balayage has washed out and I look like I have bride of Frankenstein hair if I pomp it up. Kinda loving that!



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