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Olaplex Damage and thinning

DO NOT BUY OLAPLEX coming from a girl who was a huge Olaplex supporter.

I have always had extremely long hair (all the way down to my butt). My hair have always been thick too, very thick and I would always get compliments on it. I have always had a lot of split ends, but it never caused me breakage or anything, my hair would still grow. It didn’t matter how much I dyed it (I would dye my hair every 1,5-2 month with NO issue), my hair stayed in the same good condition. After some time I went to the salon to go blonder. Although this process is damaging, I had little to none fall out (thanks to the natural thickness of my hair) and I had healthy thick blonde hair. My salon (that btw is an expensive high end salon in a big European city) recommended me to use Olaplex. Before this, I have always used drugstore shampoo and conditioner, never had issues with it, but since beauty is a big interest of mine, and I already invest a lot of money and time in makeup and skincare then why not invest in proper hair care too? It might even help with the split ends I have always had. I bought Olaplex no. 3, 4, 4p, 5 and 9, and would even get the salon Olaplex treatment every now and then. In the beginning my hair was doing fine, but my hair kept shredding in chunks when I would shower, much more than it’s normal. Because my hair is so thick, I didn’t think much of it and quickly because one of the Olaplex hype girlies on social media who would immediately snap back at anyone discrediting Olaplex. Months went by (6 months) and so did the shredding. My hair would still grow as I could see a lot of roots showing (my hair grows fast naturally) but the length wouldn’t change. I started to understand my problem wasn’t hair growth, that was fine and I was blessed with that from my genetics, but Olaplex made my hair so weak and thin that it would case my ends to snap off and therefore not grow in length. After looking at selfies throughout the year and myself in the mirror, I realized how much hair I actually have lost. My hair is now EXTREMELY thin - Something I have never ever struggled with. I can’t even do a ponytail anymore because my hair looks like a few flat strands of hair put together. Olaplex caused my hair to break and shred so bad, I have lost probably around 85% of my hair. I’m not touching Olaplex again, and I’m now switching over to Redken’s extreme line with a mixture of Kerastase, and hopefully when Redken have saved my hair after some time I can switch fully to Kerastase as it is very good for keeping the hair healthy and nourished. 

Please do NOT fall for the Olaplex hype and early placebo effect it gives when just starting it. Instead of Olaplex salon treatments, I really recommend getting the Kerastase salon treatment (Fusion I believe it’s called!). K18 also did save the 15% hair I now have left a little.

Re: Olaplex Damage and thinning

@mako98 I'm sorry that you had a bad overall experience BUT that being said, there are a lot of people who have an equally good experience with the brand.  Haircare is like skincare; different products work for different people.  For example, I've tried one or two Kerastase products that I liked relatively well but there have been several Kerastase products that absolutely didn't do my hair any favors--sucks for me but I'm glad that it's a brand that you love.  We all just have different tastes and different preferences.  That being said, I hope that you have better luck on your hair journey :).

Re: Olaplex Damage and thinning

Girl I can feel your pain, I have a very similar story, I feel so stupid for believing olaplex was the best product ever just because all the paid influencers swear by it, I honestly would sue them if I could, now I’m  spending all my money on products to recover my hair after all the damage, Does anyone have any recommendations? I’m scared to try k18 cause it seems like the same concept…

#olaplex #k18

Re: Olaplex Damage and thinning

Thank you for sharing your experience. I would go to a salon and ask a beautician what to use on your hair, if not find a shampoo that will moisturize your hair. A couple brands that worked for me are Nexxus and necessaire.

good luck !



Re: Olaplex Damage and thinning

My hair was ruined by olaplex, I used all their product line for a few months and I’m left with very damaged hair, what products are you using to repair it? Im scared now to use anything that has too much proteine in it cause for what I heard what olaplex does is to apply too much protein,so I don’t really know what to use now 

Re: Olaplex Damage and thinning

How often did you use Olaplex? Was it the shampoo and conditioner? 
Olaplex is not meant to be over used… like every time you wash your hair. It has Keratin in it for proteins. Using it every night or even every other not… yes you are going to have dry hair, frizzy hair, and maybe even stripped hair. Keratin shampoos and conditioners are not meant to be used every single time you wash your hair. 

Re: Olaplex Damage and thinning

I was using the whole treatment, it was a pack with n 0, 3, 4, 5 and 9, I was only using this products and I was using them only twice a week, I never left them over night, maybe it was because I was using them all together and I got too much protein in my hair…? I really don’t know but if that is the cause then the company shouldn’t sell a pack and not aware the consumer… #olaplex

Re: Olaplex Damage and thinning

my hair turned into straw .. I’m so depressed .. loosing lots of hair. Anyone found a solution? Plz help!

Re: Olaplex Damage and thinning

I’m a Licensed Cosmetologist and used to love Olaplex, used it for myself and clients for years, HOWEVER, I don’t know if they changed their formula or what, but my hair, as well as a few clients is completely ruined from No1, No2, No 3, no8 AND no7 oil ( not all used at the same time or even within the same person OR month)  all products purchased in-store at Salon Centric.

Extreme hair breakage, hair loss by the handful during every wash, and now, nearly a full year later, I am still having hair breakage and loss, though not nearly as bad. All blood work and dermatology tests have shown nothing wrong with my health. I’ve lost more than half my hair and have chunks that are about 1” long in places and very frizzy now


I just want to know HOW LONG DOES THE HAIR LOSS LAST?  I have not used the product at all, and still my have is jacked!


I will never use this on myself or my clients ever again!

Re: Olaplex Damage and thinning

Hi! I stoped using olaplex at the end of May and I started using a lot of treatments to regrow my hair, basically everything, oils, masks, serums also supplements, my hair is recovering slowly but my hair shedding finally stoped, so I would say 3 months.  #olaplex is the worst thing ever happened to my hair.

Re: Olaplex Damage and thinning

Thank you. My mom has been having issues with thinning hair so we are trying a few things. I’m sorry you’re going through this. I can tell you she liked the smell of Grow Gorgeous but it didn’t help with her hair. 

Re: Olaplex Damage and thinning

thank you so much for your post! I’ve noticed the same thing and just now realized its coming from the olaplex- not the hair color! I don’t have a lot of hair and lost even more! wish I’d seen this sooner.. 

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