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Olaplex 0 - allergic reaction?

So I’ve been using Olaplex no.3 for years without issue. When they came out with no.0 I was eager to try it.... unfortunately the results were awful. Immediately after putting in on my hair my scalp was burning and itching, but I unfortunately ignored it and let it sit for the recommended 10 min. When I looked in the mirror my face was broken out in a red, raised rash in each spot that the saturated hair had touched my face. It’s been almost two weeks since I used it and my scalp is still itchy and the skin on my forehead is super dry and feels really weird like almost scaly?? It’s extremely rough to the touch and looks leathery which is very out of the norm for my usual super soft skin. It’s (forehead skin) also still itchy! Has anyone else experienced this?! How do I get my skin back to normal - no amount of moisturizer seems to work :(((

Re: Olaplex 0 - allergic reaction?



same thing happened to me!! i’m currently in a itchy burning state on several parts of my body where the products fell while i was rinsing my hair out  

Re: Olaplex 0 - allergic reaction?

No. 0 and No. 3 both cause skin reactions for me. I used No. 0 two times and each time it gave me itchy, red, raised and burning rashes everywhere it touched. My scalp was burning similar to what it feels like when you have bleach on it. No. 3 reacts the same way for me but not as intense. I started using it December, used No. 0 twice, No. 3 maybe 6 times and then their other products. Now I have a flaky and itchy scalp that won’t go away and I’m experiencing hair loss. I’ve had some bloodwork done with normal results and I’m seeing a derm next week but it’s quite a coincidence I had no issues with hair loss and my scalp until using Olaplex. I have over $200 worth of Olaplex products now that I’m terrified to use.

Re: Olaplex 0 - allergic reaction?

Oh no!!!

Re: Olaplex 0 - allergic reaction?

WAIT the same exact thing is happening to me! And some of it got on my neck and it’s been BURNING and itching SOO SOO bad!! I can’t sleep from it... 

Re: Olaplex 0 - allergic reaction?

Did any go on your skin? I’ve used both without issue but that looks painful!

Re: Olaplex 0 - allergic reaction?

I am going through the same issue now! I used it before nothing but this week while i was sectioning my hair it touched my scalp and it has been burning,red,and itchy for the past 3 days. Its semi better now but its absolutely the worst! And now am scared for my hair to fall out 

Re: Olaplex 0 - allergic reaction?

Oh no, now I'm nervous because I just purchased this product. I read the reviews and everyone thought it was great. 

Re: Olaplex 0 - allergic reaction?

So. I thought it was me because I have a history of scalp sensitivity. Now I understand. I will stop using this product right away. Super dissatisfied. My hair did no look transformed as the promise either. My scalp is itchy and scaly. I have used it only ONCE. $200 in the trash.

Re: Olaplex 0 - allergic reaction?



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