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Long Hair Problems


IMG_2546 (1).JPGHey guys! So I have long, black hair that goes down a little past my boobs. I'd say my hair is medium-thick and it's naturally straight. The picture I posted is from last spring, post-shower, after I blow-dryed my hair for once and I think I put a Living Proof frizz-control styling product in it too!


I have been looking for a new shampoo and conditioner set since I'm almost out of my current products, but there are so many options it's been hard to choose!


What I want my hair to be like is: shiny, soft, volumizing, and manageable. What I would like from hair products is: sulfate free, paraben free, cruelty free, and high quality ingredients.


I've been doing some research and have decided these are the brands I'll go to for hair care (it's still a lot of brands hence why it's been hard to decide): AMIKA, ORIBE, Kerastase, Living Proof, Bumble & Bumble, RAHUA, SACHAJUAN, and Pureology.


Anyway, I would love any and all recommendations on which brands and products you have gotten the best results from using! Women with long hair, what do you use that helps your hair from getting tangled? What hair care do you guys suggest gives you the most volume and shine? What products keep your hair healthy? Oh, and also, what are your go-to products once you are out of the shower? I'm lazy and usually just let my hair dry naturally, but once it's dry, my hair suddenly gets frizzy and I hate it- I live in Colorado where the climate is pretty dry, so I know it's not humidity and my hair is straight so I don't know what to do about the frizz!


Sorry for all the rambling, but please help! I am grateful and would appreciate any advice or tips :).


Re: Long Hair Problems

Hey @MoonlightMakeup! Your hair looks beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

My hair is fine, straight, and waist-length (as you'll see in the photo). It is heavily highlighted, so I prefer to let it air dry. Here's a list of favourite products I've accumulated over the years:

hair 2017.jpg

For detangling, heat protection, and frizz-prevention: Bumble & Bumble's Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer.

For softer ends and smoothing: Agave Healing Oil Treatment

Repairing and hydrating: Redken's Strength Builder Plus mask

Strengthening: I put Redken's Anti-Snap on the ends, which I think has really prevented breakage and helped me grow my hair as long as it is.

Soft, smooth hair on a lazy day (great when air drying): Bumble & Bumble's Don't Blow It


My hair likely has different needs than yours (being that it's blonde), so I don't think my shampoo recommendations would be useful, but I have really enjoyed Verb's conditioners (particularly the hydrating one). Over all, I think the leave-in products listed above have really made the biggest difference in the look and feeling of my hair.

Re: Long Hair Problems

Thanks for replying @Asche! Your hair is absolutely gorgeous and at a beautiful length :). It looks really healthy too, so I will be sure to check out the hair products you mentioned. Thank you!! I think I'm going to try the Bumble and Bumble "Don't Blow It" and I've also looked at the Verb shampoos and conditioners and I like the prices and reviews I've seen on them! I think I will buy them or the Sachajuan Shampoo and Conditioner once my Living Proof Full Shampoo & Conditioner run out!

Re: Long Hair Problems

Thanks @MoonlightMakeup! I hope the products you end up choosing work wonders for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Re: Long Hair Problems

Please try Iles Formula Haircare . Benchmark in hair repair.

 Read the reviews ....this will convince you, if not try the Discovery Pack 28.50 with 4 lots of the benchmark formulas .

Shampoo sulfate free + paraben free + silicone free 

Conditioner INSATANT repair for ALL hair types ......AMAZING RESULTS !

FInishing Serum,  hairs best protector against heated tools, UV damage, anti color fade and protects against huimidity. Formula haute performance setIles Formula haute performance set






I personally use Living Proof Perfect Hair Day shampoo an...

I personally use Living Proof Perfect Hair Day shampoo and conditioner. I also use the No Frizz leave in Conditioner. I don't use the leave in conditioner every day. Usually just a few times a week. After I shower, I put my hair up in a towel while I do my makeup. I have thick long hair so it takes forever to dry. so this helps haha. After I take it down I use Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing oil. Typically I need like 3-4 pumps for all my hair. Leaves it super shiny and healthy. If I decide to blow dry my hair, I use a Chi Hairdryer to protect my hair from the harmful heat of other hairdryers. I spray in LP Restore Instant Protection to also protect from the heat.

Re: I personally use Living Proof Perfect Hair Day shampoo an...

I love Living Proof!! I'm using the Living Proof Full Shampoo & Conditioner right now actually :). Perfect Hair Day is great too and I love the smell! I used to use one of Living Proof's No Frizz treatments so I think I will take your recommendation on the No Frizz Oil, thanks! I also keep my hair in a towel while doing my makeup because it takes FOREVER to dry so I think we're in the same boat :). I will look at heat protection sprays too! Thanks @Meg557!

Re: Long Hair Problems

I currently use Stemm shampoo and Alterna's Moisture Replenishing Conditioner, along with clarifying shampoo ~once or twice per week followed by Amika hair mask (I like Gloss Moderne, too). I don't know if these are necessarily all the -free's you're asking for, just letting you know what I use ๐Ÿ™‚ Once I'm done styling I finish off with argan oil to add some shine to my hair. I've been using the Alterna conditioner for probably 2 years now and nothing else I've used has come close.


Depending on your hair type/genetics, it may not be the humidity causing the frizz. I live in a similar climate (possibly drier and colder still) in Canada and I have the same issue when I air dry. In places of high humidity, my hair air dries perfectly and is not frizzy.


Another game changer for me is the Dyson hair dryer. Since using it my hair has never been healthier, silkier and smoother. The only way I take care of tangles is to get a trim every 3-4 months. My hair doesn't tangle for at least a couple of months after a quick trim. When it starts to tangle, it's my cue to get a trim.

Re: Long Hair Problems

Thanks k617! Is your hair long too? That sounds like a nice routine to keep your hair shiny and healthy! I will look in to Argan Oil and thank you so much for the advice on Alterna hair products and the Dyson hairdryer!! I'm going to check out both right now. Thank you for replying ๐Ÿ™‚

Re: Long Hair Problems

Yes @MoonlightMakeup, my hair is at chest length, maybe just an inch or two shorter than yours.

Re: Long Hair Problems

Sounds gorgeous! Thanks for your long hair tips ๐Ÿ™‚

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