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Hair Problem!!!

I have very think and long hair. I do my best to keep it healthy but I always run into the same issue. It gets very very oily. No matter what I do or what I use my hair is an oil slick by the end if the day. Someone please help! 

Re: Hair Problem!!!

Hi Samiam2374,


I know how you feel! I have really long hair (thick and straight) and it gets oily quick. I like to use a clarifying shampoo 1-2 times a week and I noticed that my hair does not get as greasy as quickly. I noticed that also my other products, leave in conditioners, hair sprays etc. work better after using this product. It is also not recommended for color treated hair (especially bleached hair).

❤️ Melissa

Re: Hair Problem!!!

@Samiam2374 How often do you wash your hair?

Re: Hair Problem!!!

Every other day 

Re: Hair Problem!!!

@Samiam2374 There are several scenarios when it comes to oily hair, these are the main ones I’m most familiar with.

1. Product buildup. With daily use of styling products, oil begins to get trapped in by the products causing seemingly clean hair to look greasy. This can be remedied by using clarifying shampoos or treatments once a week to strip away product buildup.


2. Over washing and/or over clarifying. When the scalp is constantly being stripped of it’s natural oils it goes into panic mode and begins to overproduce sebum in an endless effort to find it’s balance. To make peace with your scalp you will have to reduce how often you wash your hair for a period of a few weeks. And definitely no clarifying products. I know this can be hard as we can’t going hiding into a hole while our hair is in therapy. Become best friends with hats, sleek ponytails and buns, and dry shampoo until the balance is restored.


3. Genetics. 😪 I would suggest using dry shampoo halfway through the day before it begins to get oily. You will get better results than if you wait until it’s already oily. And if you plan not to wash your hair the next day, spray a good amount before going to bed so the dry shampoo can absorb oils overnight. Never use shine serums and don’t over-condition.


This is about all I can think of at the moment. I really hope you find your remedy, as someone who struggled with oily hair for years I know how bothersome it can be.

Re: Hair Problem!!!

Thank you so much for your help. I'm definitely going to look into clarifying shampoos!

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