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Greasy dandruff treatment?

A hairdresser told me to buy these two high end products to treat my greasy dandruff. I’ve been doing this treatment thrice a week for the past month or so. I either put the oil before OR after washing my hair. The problem is I don’t see any improvement whatsoever. Worse, now my hair is permanently greasy which was never an issue before I started this treatment. What am I possibly doing wrong? Was I scammed by the hairdresser?


Re: Greasy dandruff treatment?

@sasouchanI've never heard of this brand. Granted, it could be a salon-exclusive brand, but even when you look at their website they don't show the ingredients.


"A shampoo for severe dandruff states provides effective solution for dandruff problems. Its regular use helps to normalize flaking and desquamation of the skin and restore the optimum conditions of the scalp. This is made possible thanks to the Tea Tree extract and cinnamon hydro glycolic extracts which give a purifying and disinfecting action.


Usually shampoos for dandruff have key ingredients like pyrithione zinc or selenimum sulfide (what you see in Head & Shoulders or Selsun Blue shampoos) as well as ketoconazole (in Nizoral). From what I know (I'm not an expert by any means) pyrithione zinc and selenium sulfide are better for greasy dandruff and ketoconazole is better for flaky dandruff. Tea tree oil can help balance the scalp but I don't think it would get rid of dandruff on it's own. I have no idea what "cinnamon hydro glycolic extracts" are. 


I would go to Sallys and ask for a clarifying treatment, to get rid of what might be buildup in your hair, which is what might be making it greasy. Sometimes they have individual packets for a one time use, in case you don't want to buy a whole shampoo. Then I would look for a shampoo that has either pyrithione zinc or selenium sulfide, and try that for a few weeks to see if it improves. I don't have personal experience with dandruff so I can't recommend one, personally. 

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