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Dyson creating Frizz

I recently got the dyson Airwrap styler and was super excited for my purchase. However, I’m having a horrible experience. No matter what styling products I use, it makes my hair insanely frizzy! I naturally have fine thin hair which isn’t really frizzy. I’ve tried different attachments on different settings thinking I had the air flow on too strong but nothing seems to work. Anyone else have that issue? I really don’t want to return it. I’m trying to desperately make it work for my hair! 


Re: Dyson creating Frizz

I am having the same problem with frizz and my hair is generally not all that frizzy. I have also tried using medium as well as high power. I feel like I had exactly one usage of the Dyson Airwrap where I was really "wowed" and cannot seem to duplicate it. I'm nearing the end of my 60 day trial period and am also desperate to make it work because I do feel like it's doing less damage overall. 


I'm bummed because I already bought both sets of the longer curling wands and I have no idea if I'll be able to return this since I bought them straight from Dyson. The round brush needs to be a lot bigger for long hair so I struggle with that as well. 


Anyone else able to speak to how not to have frizz with this device. I feel like the entire top of my hair has a fine frizz created by it blowing the hair all over the place. I've noticed it in YouTube videos but not to the degree that I get it. 

Re: Dyson creating Frizz


The key to using the air wrap is to

use it on 95% dry hair, is that what you are doing? 

Re: Dyson creating Frizz

I've been experimenting with different levels. My hair doesn't seem to wrap if it's too dry. I believe the user manual said you can use the brushes on very damp hair and the rods on damp hair. Maybe I'll try again on dryer hair. I seem to end up using the round brush to smooth out the frizz when I'm done. 

Re: Dyson creating Frizz


I know what the manual says, but trust me on this..spray a setting spray on your hair at 90% dry or an anti frizz thermal protector with some hold in it, and try it! 

Re: Dyson creating Frizz

I will try that. Thank you!

Re: Dyson creating Frizz

Hi @Biya16 , @windleg ,@BaseballJen @thetruthsephora @HouseOfLemons  and hello everyone!


I don't have a problem with straightening my hair. It sounds nuts, but I am so tired that I have not yet tried to curl my hair. I have read that the curls DO NOT LAST and CAUSE MAJOR FRIZZ (both major NO NOs). This is yet another deterrent. After over $700 (I had to buy every attachment, even the short hair ones even though I have long hair - since maybe one day I will have short hair ?! - anyway, I really would love to know what holding product does anyone use that has worked to curl their hair without frizz with the Airwrap curling attachments?!


I feel like I will have the same problem everyone else does. I have fine hair. I have some oils I really love (below) and they add a great shine for the straightening, which lasts and the oils manage the frizz really well for straightening. (No holding product necessary, at least for my hair.)


But PLEASE, before I attempt and end up trying the curling attachments with lackluster results, what product will hold a curl while being heat-treated/styled? And also won't drop me off in FRIZZ CITY?


Someone help poor me and @Biya16 , @windleg @BaseballJen @thetruthsephora @HouseOfLemons , n' me - PLEASE. We all would appreciate your advice.


Thank you to everyone and ANYONE - SOS - for your remedy!



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