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Boxed red hair dye

I need help/advice removing drugstore boxed red hair dye. 

My hair is in naturally “dirty dishwater blonde” so that awkward not brown but also not blonde with major copper tones underneath, very long to the small of my back.  

March of 2021 I started dying my hair maroon/very very dark brown with a purple tint. I continued gradually getting more & more “red red” each time I colored it.  Finally I realized my hair was not going to achieve that bright red color I wanted without using some bleach. So I started out just bleaching just my ends mind you I only used bleach twice. My red phase was short lived once I seen how much damage I was doing to my hair. I know red color fades fast but I feel like my hair is 20X worse! The second & last time I bleached it without even thinking I bleached my entire head  😭 from root to end 

I tried to give my hair time to bounce back from all of the bleach and what not but the fading and roots was WAY TO MUCH for me! So in August of 2021 I tried Colors Opps. It didn’t give me the results I had wanted but it did help a little. However right in the middle of my hair, like level with my ears I have a very predominant red patch completely around my head 🙄 I tried Color Opps again around November && it did absolutely NOTHING honestly it made my hair look more RED 


Currently my hair looks almost ombré my roots are my natural color, middle of my hair STILL has that RED patch, with my ends being super blonde from the bleach. 

I need help picking out products and what to exactly do with it because I don’t want to mess it up lol I want something close to my natural hair color with some blonde worked in there, like an ombré or balayage. 





 after first Color Opps




Most recent picture of my hair 


Thanks for the help && advice 😌

Re: Boxed red hair dye

@ajkt23   Hi, okay this sounds contradictory to everything we’re told but first coat the blonde part of your hair and ends in conditioner or oil (to protect it)leaving the red areas uncoated and try using a shampoo WITH sulfates (dish soap also works well) as does using a paste made from baking soda and water and put it in your hair while your hair is still dry gently scrubbing thé especially red parts. They’re holding onto the red cause the cuticle is not as damaged in those spots.  The sulfates will lift thé cuticle and encourage your hair to release some red.  You may need to repeat this a few times but it really helps fade stubborn reds and oranges.  

sulfates are drying but not as drying or damaging as a bleach wash so they’d be what I’d attempt first followed by a nourishing hair mask with keratin. 
If you can get your hair to a more orange tone you can neutralize it with a purple shampoo or Conditioner 

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