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Another Olaplex hair loss story…



Very long post/rant alert - Like others have posted, Olaplex has ruined my hair! My once thick/shoulder length hair, is now thin, straw like, dry and literally void of any drop of shine. It’s so ugly most days I’m ashamed to leave the house without a hat. Olaplex has


caused all harm and nothing good.

Now rewind to several months ago when I started going to a new hair stylist for help repairing my damaged and broken hair. Initially when I started going we did not use Olaplex and I could tell a progressive improvement in the health of my hair by using just basic clarifying hair shampoos and moisturizing conditioner. Although my hair was doing great my hairstylist suggested that I try the salons newest offering “Olaplex” I was told that although “pricey” this product would help expedite my hair repair.


After the first olaplex application and before I could even get to my car after leaving my appointment, I immediately noticed a shift in the way my hair moved and felt. It almost felt chemically over-processed, but I dismissed it as silly since it’s not really a harsh chemical Per se’. It’s kinda hard to explain how my hair felt, wiry, poofy, lusterless… when I got home and looked in the mirror I could tell something was seriously off, my hair was not as shiny as before and didn’t fall the same, and others noticed too. My stylist encouraged me to give it a few more chances to show its purported benefits, but instead like a dummy…I continued to fall for snake oil salesman tricks, I probably spent over 2 thousand bucks on this stuff before I finally started to realize the detrimental effects of my gullible mistake. I didn’t push my stylist hard enough for answers, instead my hair was falling out and I began to look unrecognizable.

Today, my hair is still Paralyzingly weak from Olaplex, if you just look at the wrong way it’s bound to fall out right before your eyes. After explaining the obvious to my Intentionally oblivious stylist, they dismissed any effects caused by Olaplex and suggested I see a doctor because I probably have a health deficiency. It was also suggested that I take more vitamins and drink water daily (given that my stylist is not a medical professional, the statements about my personal health were highly offensive). It was also implied that I probably use too much heat at home (which I rarely use heat on my hair routinely),this was also highly accusatory and deflects from responsibility and potential liability. I recently found out that my salon gets some kind of kick back incentive for pushing the olaplex products, this makes me even more upset and  reluctant to try new brands in the future if they are tied to a stylist pay. I ran into my hair stylist recently, and asked if they had any additional client issues with Olaplex. Of course they said no, everyone loves it blah, blah…Recently, I’ve had no other choice but to wear hats. There’s really no point of me trying out another stylist right now, because I don’t even have enough healthy hair left to style, or repair. I’m also embarrassed about my role in not addressing the issue sooner.  
It’s surreal that I I literally paid someone to destroy my hair even worse than it was before. My self confidence has suffered greatly, I feel taken advantage of and im also afraid my hair won’t grow back. What’s so strange is that my stylist has never addressed the issue of my hair falling out even though it literally sheds in their hand while brushing it or simply manipulating it…no mention or concern what’s so ever. To rule out any health concerns, I went to the doc and all my medical labs and overall health turned out fine, also visited a dermatologist to ensure I did not have any scalp or hair follicle issues (all results came back normal). I Later, found out that the salon kept charging me À la cart for any Olaplex product used. A simple blow out using their olaplex products was never less than $130 each visit. I’m just really disappointed how some stylist will forgo spot testing, due diligence and client concerns to earn a buck. Before using Oplaplex please do your homework, it could save you lots of hair loss later. I really hate olaplex. 

I welcome any professional stylist recommendations or suggestions to fix what is already severely broken. I’m Not against going bald and starting the hair repair journey all over again, heck I’m already on the road to bald-town anyway, what’s a few more snips gonna do? The question is, will it grow back? Or is it irrevocably damaged forever? I guess time will tell, meanwhile thanks for reading my sob story, it was long but personally cathartic.


Re: Another Olaplex hair loss story…


Re: Another Olaplex hair loss story…

@BaldHeadMess Hey there, I thought I should let you know that there are entire threads dedicated to this issue here at the BIC. Maybe reading the experiences of others and/or sharing your own on that thread would help connect you with people who may be able to give you better direction on how to address this issue. 


Olaplex 3 and hair loss? 

OLAPLEX is causing me to LOSE ALL MY HAIR. HELP!!! (Before and after Pictures) 

Olaplex and Major hair loss!! 

Re: Another Olaplex hair loss story…

There is a facebook group for those who have lost hair called Olaplex Hair Loss. So many people are experiencing the same issue.

Re: Another Olaplex hair loss story…

I'm not on Facebook anymore, but I've had the same hairloss experience. I hadn't been able to figure out what has been going on with my hair until I read these messages!!! I'm so upset right now.  I had such thick hair and now it's so thin I'm completely embarrassed. There definitely needs to be some type of action against this.

Re: Another Olaplex hair loss story…

Truth be told, if they were getting paid to promote this product you were definitely screwed over, no matter if it helped a little bit or none at all, which sounds like the case.

If the basics were working, then you were completely fine. The problem with Opalex, and other bonding repair products is that its good until it can no longer improve further more and then becomes damaging. 

Such as color treated for 3+ years and hair is gummy, Opalex works to repairing but then you might need to switch to a different product afterwards. 

If frizziness or dullness is a problem, Opalex is not necessary the answer unless there is more.

Using Opalex when it wasn't needed was what messed up your hair.

I am so sorry someone did this to you. Hopefully your hair can make a strong comeback.

Re: Another Olaplex hair loss story…

Can you elaborate a bit on your experience in the industry and how you know this?


I am asking because I have virgin hair (not damaged by bleach) that I heat style 3x/month max. I use bond repair products because I figure it can’t hurt to make my hair stronger, even from minimal mechanical/heat damage. I have been using these products for years. First Olaplex, then K18, and now L’Oréal professional molecular repair. I do both in-salon professional treatments in addition to using the line at home. My only reason for switching products 3 times is that new things have come out that I find more convenient and easy to use at home.


I am just curious to hear your thoughts on my situation. I don’t have severely damaged hair so I don’t really need to use these types of products but have seen nothing but improvement from doing so. I just don’t understand why some people are having such bad experiences with these same products… I always kind of assumed they were also over-bleaching or something which is what actually caused the damage but that doesn’t seem to be the case with this woman.

Re: Another Olaplex hair loss story…

Thank you for your reply, you’re probably right. I didn’t know Olaplex could damage your hair if you didn’t need it. 

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