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What’s in your cup?

A companion thread to What's on your plate? 


I thought it would fun to share what we’re all drinking. It could be your favourite tea or show of your crowd pleasing cocktail recipes. What’s in your cup?

Right now, I’m enjoying a nice cup of ginger peach tea with milk and honey. It’s nice and calming before bed. 



And shout out to the original thread  I kinda found out too late about this and it’s been far too long since it was updated. 


Re: What’s in your cup?


This morning's tea: cranberry blood orange with a bit of white honey. Very tasty!

Re: What’s in your cup?

Good morning, coffee! I've missed you. 

I haven't had coffee for a few days so this morning's was especially delicious. ❤️

5.16.2024 Coffee.jpg

Peet's Anniversary Blend 2024

Nails are Chanel Le Vernis Longwear 125 Muse

Re: What’s in your cup?

@itsfi  "breakfast wine" cracked me up! 😂 I love this nail color also, It's so chic!

Re: What’s in your cup?

This morning I am enjoying Harney & Sons Paris tea. My dad accidentally broke my favorite mug and my mom is attempting to glue the handle back on, so in the meantime I am using this mug from my stash 🐱


Re: What’s in your cup?

This is such a cute mug @caitbird, and Harney & Sons Paris tea sounds like a great one. I've had many H&S teas but not the Paris one - I looked up the flavors and yum!! Hope Dr. Mom is able to put your fave mug back together. 

Re: What’s in your cup?

@itsfi  thank you! I got it at a local thrift store I think. H&S Paris is quite good, it's probably one of my favorite black teas. And my mom has worked miracles before, so fingers crossed!

Re: What’s in your cup?

I'm sorry about your favorite mug, @caitbird ! 😔  This mug is too cute! 🙂

Re: What’s in your cup?

@Titian06  thank you! I am hoping it can be repaired, it is kind of a sentimental favorite 😅

Re: What’s in your cup?

Matcha is a studio favorite and my Pilates master teacher was so kind to grab me one while I was observing in the studio for a 6 and a half hour day. 



Re: What’s in your cup?

Talk of fruits and smoothies on the What is your favorite fruit? thread inspired me to make this smoothie after getting back from the gym.

3.19.2024 Smoothie.jpg

Spinach, pineapple, pineberries (white strawberries), banana, blackberries, ice & water

@Titian06 @peculiarzmakeup @ThatGirlMadi 

Re: What’s in your cup?

Thanks for the tag, @itsfi !  The color is gorgeous!  I hope it tasted as good as it sounds. 😍  I love how your nail polish coordinates with the color of your smoothie. 😄

Re: What’s in your cup?

This looks incredible! And sounds very refreshing I love the ingredients. Such an enjoyable treat 🍓🍌🫐🧊 @itsfi there is so much amazing inspiration in these threads! 

Re: What’s in your cup?

Thank you @peculiarzmakeup! I currently have more bananas in the house than I know what to do with so bananas will be finding their way into my smoothies for the week. 😅 Yes, 100% agree - one of the many wonderful things about BIC is how inspiring folks are. 💗 

Re: What’s in your cup?

It really is wonderful 😊❤️ and that is a good way to distribute them 🙂 love seeing your creations @itsfi 

Re: What’s in your cup?



Pure Recharge Strawberry 🍓 and might I say it is delicious!!! 

Re: What’s in your cup?

What is this Smoothie King of which you speak @peculiarzmakeup @CorgiMommy?  BRB...


Apparently, the closest Smoothie King is in another state. Hmmm... will have to make sure I check it out if I happen to be near one. Making a note to self.

Re: What’s in your cup?

@itsfi  it’s this smoothie place and they make amazing smoothies with great ingredients you can get boosts, I like the pure recharge drinks because there’s a hint of naturally derived caffeine, they have a not so secret menu, haha I love your creativity in brb to another state. They have great flavors and they are so good about environmentally sustainable packing I just had a Mango Strawberry recharge earlier. Do you have any local smoothie places (the ones you make homemade look fantastic) ❤️

Re: What’s in your cup?

We have Jamba Juice here, as well as some local places, though the latter may be more juicing. The Jamba Juice places are far enough away that I have to make an effort to go there, but close enough that if the mood strikes, I can find a reason to be in that area. 😂 

Re: What’s in your cup?

@itsfi that make some great smoothies

Re: What’s in your cup?

@CorgiMommy, it's on the list for places to try when I'm out of town and there's one around. 🗒

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