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What is your favorite memory of all time?

It can mean anything you want it to.

Share a memory that you cherish deeply or one that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I just think it's fun and interesting to hear people's stories 🙂 

Re: What is your favorite memory of all time?

9/11 happened during my senior year of high school.  My marching band had been selected earlier in the year to be the lead-off band of the 75th anniversary Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Each of us wrote to the family members of a first responder firefighter or police officer to let them know we were marching in the parade in their memory. 

That whole trip is one of my favorite memories.  The people of New York City were so glad to see us and would call across the street to thank us for coming.  The morning of the parade we had our only practice time around 2 am( they don't close down the streets of NYC very often) so we were all up very early and therefore very tired.  Right before the parade some of the families we had written to came to meet us.  Both of my families came.  One of the widows was about 7 months pregnant.  The other had a 4 month old.  They were so grateful and we all cried and hugged. 

It will forever be in my memory as one of the best things I've done.  I don't remember much of the parade because I was still in tears for the majority of it, but there is something about marching through Times Square with the unity and love that everyone in New York City felt that morning that really can't be described.

Re: What is your favorite memory of all time?

I think my happiest moment in life was 2 days before my son graduated as a US Marine at Parris Island. I had been so anxious for the 13 weeks he had been training and knew it was brutal and scary and demanding. His time at Parris Island also coincided with a suicide that occurred there and was all over the news. My heart broke for the kid who had been bullied into taking his own life - gosh I cried so many tears for a child I had never known. All in all I was just a dreadful mess. Two days prior to the graduation families are welcomed on to the island to tour the facility so I was there, by then full of excitement to be seeing my child again, but still fearful of what to expect and the stories he would have to tell. Anyway on that day his girlfriend and I were just wandering down one of the little roads when a group of recruits came running up the road towards us. We stepped back to let them pass and as they came closer there at the front was our boy. He saw us and grinned the biggest grin you ever did see - something they really arent supposed to do. He looked amazing and in that moment I knew my kid was still the same kid who left us 3 months earlier, that he was okay and was fit and strong and healthy. It felt like for the first time in a long time I could actually breathe again. That was a good moment! 🙂

Anonymous Insider

Re: What is your favorite memory of all time?

@grizzlymaze, your post made me teary-eyed - a truly lovely memory.  Appreciate your sharing it with us.

Anonymous Insider

Re: What is your favorite memory of all time?

What a beautiful moment - thank you for sharing!

Re: What is your favorite memory of all time?

I was in a dollar store, shopping, and the sweetest lady stops, looks to me and asks, 'If you don't mind me asking, what is the nature of your disability?'.


I have a mild but 'visible disability' as I use a wheelchair for long distances, so it's a question that I've been asked often and I never mind when people ask; I love when they do.


I respond to her question. The lady then says, 'Thank you. I'm 81, but I'm still learning.' And, I was left in awe.


10+ years have passed. I’m 34 now. It'll always be a moment I'll remember and treasure. 

Always keep your mind and heart open; Never stop learning. ❤️

Re: What is your favorite memory of all time?

Driving to the coast with my partner and our (at the time) 9-month old daughter, sun out, green field, blue sky,  listening to Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. I just felt overwhelmingly amazingly content and happy. 13-years later I still get a little teary eyed when I think back to it. Have had happy and content times since then of course but nothing that is quite that level. Thank you for making me revisit an amazing moment. 

Re: What is your favorite memory of all time?

My first time on a jet ski.  My friend (who was beginning to become a more-than-friend) had rented a cabin on the lake for his birthday weekend.  We were the first two to arrive, so before anyone else got there, we took the jet ski out on the lake.  The weather was perfect, the sky was a dark blue and the air was just warm enough that the wet breeze felt divine.  I felt like any problems in my life could be put on hold until the end of the weekend, and that was one moment that I could thoroughly enjoy for everything it was.



Re: What is your favorite memory of all time?

Mine was seeing my niece being born.. I have never wanted children, but once she took her first breath and opened her eyes and I saw the way she looked at my sister... I was SOLD. She was so cute and was so beautiful.. Hands down the most amazing experience of my life.. It is crazy to see life being born right in front of your eyes.. ❤️ 

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