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The Disney Thread!

I've been meaning to start this thread forever and thanks to @lmi82 for giving me the push! Please post any current or upcoming Disney collections here. There are so many which include beauty, fragrance and fashion. Whether it's Sephora, Danielle Nicole handbags, Jamberry nails or my favorite cheap stuff from the drugstore collections, add it here. There are so many Disney fans here on BT and our posts get scattered. Hope this enables our shopping habits all the more.  Faith, Trust and Pixiedust!



Re: The Disney Thread!

@lyravega Mwahahahaha 😈

Re: The Disney Thread!

Remember when I used to post these here..


Well here goes nothing.. here is your daily dose of Disney Art!



@ZombieMetroAnt @pixiedust2 @veronika23 @lmi82 @Tamara76 and for some reason it won't let me link to "Randell"

Re: The Disney Thread!

@willa25 Keep posting Willa! I’m trying to get back to posting myself. Love the Daily Dose of Disney! DDD or D3 or Triple D 😂 Wow, now it sounds like I’m unintentionally talking about bras. I’ll show myself out. 

Re: The Disney Thread!

I love it, @willa25!!!  Giselle is one of my faves!  


*We've also had trouble tagging Randell lately 😞

Re: The Disney Thread!

"Don't make it creepy" ~ they said

"Everyone will love it" ~ they said


Guess what - it's creepy and we don't love it.  Go back to the drawing board!

This is why it's on Sale!!This is why it's on Sale!!

Re: The Disney Thread!

@ZombieMetroAnt ah. Another one of these I see. 


Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 4.49.00 PM.png

(the other elsa) 


Re: The Disney Thread!

Oh my goodness!!  AHAHAHAAA...this is terrible @MSena Smiley LOL 

reminds me of the meme...

Image result for you had one job with lion king meme

Re: The Disney Thread!


Re: The Disney Thread!

Re: The Disney Thread!

@ZombieMetroAnt that looks like a Disney themed bingo stamper... just saying??!!??



Re: The Disney Thread!

A sample of smashbox primer and Benefit Porefessional!

Re: The Disney Thread!

                                          Uh, what happened to this thread???









It seems like more than half of the posts are gone... like MONTHS of posts are missing. It isn't only the most recent ones. Some of this thread's first posts have vanished as well.






 @KatieBT @RachelBT - Could someone look into this? Thanks in advance!

Re: The Disney Thread!



Smiley Surprised


Re: The Disney Thread!

@ZombieMetroAnt These are cool and weird at the same time. 

Re: The Disney Thread!

Very amusing, these are well done!

Re: The Disney Thread!

Hello all you Disney princesses! Sorry I’ve been away so long. I was holed up in my castle brewing new potions. Had to share two recent Xmas gifts from Hot Topic. They are still available and on sale! 



The bottle is evilsh and beautiful. The fragrance smells like apple car freshener 😂 The mirror is lovely. Not much to the other side, just a mirror. Great addition to my ever growing Snow White and Villains collection 😈❤️

Re: The Disney Thread!

Oh I like the poison apple @pixiedust2!!! Thanks for sharing!

Re: The Disney Thread!

These are very cool!! Thanks for sharing @pixiedust2😍

Re: The Disney Thread!

On sale, you say? hhmmmmm....

Image result for evil queen from snow white gif


I may have to pick this up!  Also, those nails, girl!?  They look bom dot com - I love how they match that wall @pixiedust2!

Re: The Disney Thread!

@ZombieMetroAnt SALE!!! Run girl, run! Aww thanks for noticing my nails. It’s Coronation by Cirque. I lusted after it for years and they finally re-released it at Xmas. It’s my new precious 💅🏼💜

Re: The Disney Thread!

These are fabulous additions to your collection, @pixiedust2!  That poison apple bottle is super cute!  And "apple car freshener"?  LOL! 😉    @pixiedust2

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