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The Disney Thread!

I've been meaning to start this thread forever and thanks to @lmi82 for giving me the push! Please post any current or upcoming Disney collections here. There are so many which include beauty, fragrance and fashion. Whether it's Sephora, Danielle Nicole handbags, Jamberry nails or my favorite cheap stuff from the drugstore collections, add it here. There are so many Disney fans here on BT and our posts get scattered. Hope this enables our shopping habits all the more.  ✨Faith, Trust and Pixiedust!



Re: The Disney Thread!

Thought I'd share this super creative version of my favorite Disney Villain - Yzma (from one of my favorite Disney movies!) posted on PopSugar




Of course, one of our favorite places to find such inspiration is Reddit, and user thelucyfurr is speaking our love language with this latest post. That's because thelucyfurr has totally transformed into the iconic Disney villain Yzma from The Emperor's New Clothes. Just take a second to let this fierceness wash over you.
While Yzma may have never liked Kronk's spinach puffs, we love this so much. We want to wear it for Halloween and also everyday because like Yzma, our inner divas know we're #worthit.
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Re: The Disney Thread!

More of the Besame x Snow White

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 6.58.17 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 6.58.25 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-07-16 at 6.58.41 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-07-16 at 6.58.50 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-07-16 at 6.59.04 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-07-16 at 6.59.12 PM.png



Re: The Disney Thread!

Swatches of the Besame Snow White Storybook Palette

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 4.08.34 PM.png

Re: The Disney Thread!

Reposting from earlier... Hopefully I remember everything!


Besame x Snow White -


Storybook Eyeshadow Palette ($68)

Mirror ($40)

2 Outfit inspired eyeshadow palettes ($45 each)

4 Full Sized Lipsticks ($22 each)

Translucent Setting Powder ($25?)

Peach Cream Blush ($25)

Mini Dwarf Inspired lipstick kit (6 gemstone shades, 1 diamond top coat -$35?)

Pie Cream Balms (set of 3 - $18)

Larger embroidered bag w/ pockets ($35 I think?)

2 zip "book" bags, for brushes, pencils, etc ($15 each)


Collection launches end of September, specific date yet. An app is upcoming where it will likely pop up for purchase first. Sign up for emails to know when the app is ready and when the collection is available. 


Online, Besame boutiques, the app, and some retailers. Sephora will be getting some of the collection, other retailers TBA. 


They have a preview with more info and swatches on their Instagram story from D23.

Re: The Disney Thread!

Hm.. I posted some info on the Snow White collection but it seems to be missing now?? Did anyone see it earlier? 

Re: The Disney Thread!

Besame live on Instagram going over the Snow White Collection. Will be released toward the end of September, no specific date. The collection looks like it includes:


-3 Eyeshadow palettes ($68 for Storybook, $45 for the other two)

-Mirror ($40)

-4 Snow White Lipsticks ($22 each)

-Mini Dwarfs lipstick kit (6 gemstone inspired shades, 1 diamond top coat - $35)

-Finishing powder ($35)

-Cream Blush (neutral peach shade - $25)

-Pie cream balms (set of 3 - $18)

-3 bags - one makeup bag with compartments ($35), 2 "all purpose" bags ($15)



It will be for sale on their website, their boutiques, the app (they will have an app where it will pop up first - according to Gabriela, not released yet), and "partners," so some of the collection will be at Sephora, and other retailers they haven't announced yet. 


I am buying the whole thing. Every piece of the collection. They teased the Peggy collection as well. The live video will still be up on their Instagram story for a bit. 




Re: The Disney Thread!

@pixiedust2 do you "reply" to the initial post to post something new on a thread? I have been off BT for a bit and now that I'm ready to join back in, I have no idea what I am doing. Smiley Sad

Re: The Disney Thread!

Re: The Disney Thread!

It's gonna be OK guys!


Re: The Disney Thread!

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Re: The Disney Thread!

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Re: The Disney Thread!

Testing to see if this will show up in the feed!

RE: Re: The Disney Thread!

Thank you for the thread migration but omg this kills my phone lol

Re: The Disney Thread!

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Re: The Disney Thread!

Urrrgggghhhh! BUMP!

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Re: The Disney Thread!

Bump and sorry for being absent in this thread. I'll be back at soon, promise!

Re: The Disney Thread!

More A+ advertising! Smiley Very Happy18698033_1334633979961658_8507007512994682304_n.jpg

Re: The Disney Thread!

Yay the spam is going away!!!

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Re: The Disney Thread!

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Re: The Disney Thread!

Re: The Disney Thread!


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