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Post in Besides Beauty

Pet Paradise

Show off pics of your pets, tell stories, anything you want to share about those special animals in your life 🙂 Post as much and as often as you want!

Here are are my fluff babies DJ and Gunner (also called Lulu or Lou). They are mother and daughter. DJ is my baby and Gunner is a daddy's girl. They are approximately 9 years old and very spoiled!

This is DJ. She loves to be near me.

Miss Gunner Lou loves her catnip carrot


Re: Pet Paradise


My cockapoo Mooshi. 3 year old male. ❤️

Re: Pet Paradise

Aw so cute! He loves the grass he looks so happy 😀 @AmandaRotunno 

Re: Pet Paradise

@AmandaRotunno I love his markings, so adorable 

Re: Pet Paradise

He's so cute, @AmandaRotunno ! 😍🐾💖

Re: Pet Paradise


 kilo looks so cute<3

Re: Pet Paradise

Kilo is so adorable! Very sweet 🥰 @pinkgirlypop 

Re: Pet Paradise

What a sweetheart, @pinkgirlypop ! 🥰🐾💖

Re: Pet Paradise

@pinkgirlypop ,


Kilo looks like a great dog!  Really a sweetheart!



Re: Pet Paradise


 my cat kittykins, (prettykittysmitty on youtube) once jumped out of a window, still love her tho

Re: Pet Paradise

Kittykins is such a cute name. Kittykins is so adorable 🥰 @kittycatlover1 

Re: Pet Paradise

Your cat is so pretty, @kittycatlover1 ! 💖🐾💖  One of my cats fell out of a window.  He was more scared than I was! 😄

Re: Pet Paradise

@kittycatlover1 ,


Kittykins is beautiful!  And adventurous, too!

Re: Pet Paradise


 Yes, I do have a harness for my cat and take her out on walks. Dogs aren't the only ones out there. Angwho, this is bebe (Her actual name is Twix but she responds to bebe more). She is not really talkative (only when she wants food) 

Re: Pet Paradise

I think it’s so sweet how much you know her 💕 if that makes sense. Beautiful 🤩 @Emers3 

Re: Pet Paradise

Bebe is adorable, @Emers3 ! 🥰  All my cats have been on leashes and harnesses.  It's great being able to take them out! 💞

Re: Pet Paradise

@Emers3 ,


It is very special to have a cat who will walk on a leash.  I fostered one once and it was really fun for both of us.  Yay for Bebe (Twix)!

Re: Pet Paradise

I’m a huge animal lover, and we have a dog and two cats. I have a soft spot especially for our two kitties who are part Maine coon and sisters who we rescued as kittens in Jacksonville almost 8 years ago. I am in a wheelchair and Daisy Jane actually sits on my lap during different periods of the day and will even ride on my lap throughout the house( I am very careful, very short distances) she is the tabby kitty. I call her “Companion Kitty” I swear when she is on my lap, I can feel my anxiety go down. Her sister Koko(also nicknamed double stuffed) has a completely different personality, but I love just as much! I try to play with her a bit every day, but she’s much more like a typical cat! She likes to be in her cat tower and loves to lick Strawberries as a special treat lol 






Re: Pet Paradise

Such sweetness, they are so loving 🥰 @AmyC 

Re: Pet Paradise

@AmyC ,


You have such great kitties!  Daisy Jane and Koko are obviously very special in their unique ways.  Totally cute!

Re: Pet Paradise

@tsavorite Yes, they most certainly are! We are so very so very lucky! We are having some work on the house done now so the poor girls are freaked out a bit. We are trying our best to sooth them! 

Re: Pet Paradise

I love the names @AmyC 

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