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No-buy/low-buy support group!

I haven't see a no-buy thread in a while, so I thought I'd start one up, mainly b/c I could use the support! 😛


I'm on a no-buy from now til...however long I can last! I'm taking a trip to Italy at the end of the year AND in the meantime will be taking the GRE + applying to grad school, so I'm trying to save up as much as possible for these upcoming expenses. And on top of that I've shopped like crazy this summer so I think it's time to just take my credit cards and stick them in the freezer or something. Naturally, I'm imagining this though:





Anyone else trying very hard to restrain themselves?

Re: No-buy/low-buy support group!

Apart from being a support group, I suppose I also started this thread in case I needed a confessional. 😕


*Bows head in shame* I'm such a sucker for promo codes. I told myself it wouldn't be a serious breach to place one order so I could take advantage of the VIBPARTY promo + my b-day freebie + 3x points. Not a big deal...right? Right?? 


And then I placed another little one so I could use the WELCOME promo (for a tube of They're Real mascara) but I mean, how do you not use a promo that doesn't require a minimum $ amount??


I feel so guilty!! 😞 😞




I know...I should probably cool it with the GIFs a little, but I can't stop, lol. I can always think of some moment in tv/film that accurately depicts my every emotion.

Re: No-buy/low-buy support group!

dolceloure, how are you doing on your no/low buy period, lol? I am struggling so badly right now and need your help!!! That 30% off Tarte deal on Tarte's site is just tantalizing me to no end, especially because I missed out on those sweet sale items from Kat Von D. Please make me come to my good sense, lol!



Re: No-buy/low-buy support group!

Oh no!! I'm not doing too great either, lol. I'm ok on the beauty front, but did a little damage when my sister visited me and insisted on going to the nearby outlet mall, lol. DKNY and Michael Kors had some good sales. 😕


It's the Friends and Family sale w/ Tarte, right? Just keep reminding yourself that these sales will come again, they always do!! Though I understand the temptation -- I missed out on the KVD deals too, and was really bummed b/c that's one of my favorite brands. 


Also, remind yourself of why you're trying not to shop! Every time I'm tempted I keep telling myself, "GRE. Italy. GRE. Italy." lol and then I run to my room and go through my recent purchases to remind myself of how much I've already shopped, lol.


I must sound completely nuts. 😛


Re: No-buy/low-buy support group!

No you don't sound nuts at all...I totally get what you mean. 


But I am super bad and caved in to my temptations!! Ended up getting the supersized collector's edition of maracuja oil and the 8 piece mini lip glosses & clutch kit. Both were already in the sale section and then I got another 30% off on top of the sale price from the F&F promo code, so I keep on rationalizing in my head that it was a really good deal! But STILL. I am so mad at myself for not having any self control!!! 


What did you get at DKNY and Michael Kors btw? Hope you had a fun shopping trip with your sis! 🙂

Re: No-buy/low-buy support group!

While I always try to shop budget-friendly, I always have the worst time with no/low-buys.  I'll go a month & do fantastic, then go on binge-shopping spree at 3 or 4 different places!  Love the gif... that is definitely ME when I find something I just have to have!


xo, Mia

Re: No-buy/low-buy support group!

yes I need a support group for a no-buy period too! I've spending way too much and need to save for the cruise we're supposed to go on at the end of the year. I was doing ok until the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! 😞


That GIF is hilarious btw! Someone needs to take away my credit cards though, cuz hiding the cash won't do hahaha


dolceloure, how exciting! What are you planning on studying in grad school? 🙂 

Re: No-buy/low-buy support group!

Hooray, I'm glad I'm not the only one! I swear, every time I find out about a great sale/promo, I march up to my room and go through all of my summer purchases to remind myself of how much I spent, and to distract myself a bit and forget about said sale, lol.


I'm planning on applying to linguistics programs! I'm super excited but incredibly nervous about the whole thing. I was previously in a Ph.D. program for Spanish linguistics and was just really unhappy there, so I'm hoping very much it's a better experience this time around!

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