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Makeup Doldrums!

Do you ever just get tired of your regular look? I was feeling particularly tired of my usual coppers/browns look, so I went for a bold purple eyeliner and lilac shadow! I paired it with a new pair of grey cowboy booties that I never wore before today, jeans and a sage green jacket and it just made for a fun Saturday casual look, strolling through the Farmer's Market and taking a walk on a pretty fall day.

What do you do to mix up your look? Smiley Happy

Re: Makeup Doldrums!

Lately, I've been going for neutral eyeshadows.  My Naked Palette has been getting quite the workout!  I've also been on the hunt for nice pink shades.  I picked up a couple of singles of the Ulta brand eyeshadows, and they work pretty well with Primer. 

Re: Makeup Doldrums!

I've really been hitting the red lipstick look everyday nowadays. I usually wear pink or pink-nude lipstick so the red lip really changes my look completely. I have several great lighter/brighter reds, and I always seem to be finding new shades of red! My wish list for red lipstick is just growing and growing lol.

Re: Makeup Doldrums!

I'm really starting to like the idea of this red lipstick thing, though I've never really been one for true reds. If only it didn't look like too much with my school uniform I would do it more often.

Re: Makeup Doldrums!

*cough* Sephora sales section *cough*


I don't think purple look good on me so I never wear it, but then I got a set of UD eyeshadow pencil for $11 on sale and it has a purple pencil. I realized that I do not look good with red/pink based purple, but I look FANtastic with blue based purple pencil, even more than dark blue or dark green. So that's going into my stable make up drawer now, where very very few items go.


That and the free make over/lesson thing for promos. I go for colored eye because I think neutrals are boring except for black (which is striking), so my brown eyeliners from sets are untouched. When I asked for a no make up look from the NARS MUA, she used brown liner between the lash line and I love it. The dark brown makes my lash look fuller and is not as sever/obviously-eyeliner as black. Through the MUA lessons, I've finally learned what works for me, and some times you just want confirmations (to help give up the dream of why can't I look exactly like the girl in the ad/video/picture). We've figured out that I can rock pretty much any strong lip color I want, but obvious liner/shadow on the bottom darkens/drags my eyes down and is not a good look. Tight smokey eyes are ok but the pretty kind on most tutorials just look the same and make me look like a generic asian due to my eyelid fold and shape.


But, considering the fact my regular look is bare face since sleep > looking good, actually putting on any make up from my (quite large size) stash is a mix up/change. =X

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