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How Is School/Class Going So Far?

I know there are quite a few of us still in school, whether it be middle school, high school, or college.  If I remember correctly, a few of you thought about/are taking an online class.  How is the semester going so far?


According to my ETSU schedule, the semester is halfway over!  I'm just waiting for midterm grades to be posted.  The semester has been going fairly well so far, especially since I decided to go for the 15 credit hours.  I usually hear horror stories around here about taking that many hours.  I have been quite stressed at times, and once to the point where I did have a panic attack at Lanndan's mamaw's house.  However, I did eventually overcome it.  Give my OCD an inch and it takes a mile.  Here are the classes I'm currently taking:


  • World Literature: Love, love, love this class!  I've enjoyed all of the readings so far.  However, I think I was slightly picked on by one girl in my class when the tests were returned so we could see our grades.  It involved a lot of writing, and only 5 people, including me, finished it competely.  I made a 100 on it, and the professor drew a smiley beside my grade. The girl beside me said to her friend in a kind of mean tone "I didn't get a smiley face."   I just thought, "If you did the readings you probably would have done better."  Oh well.

British Literatre II: I'm doing well in this class, too.  The professor likes to find all kinds of political meanings in works, even if they aren't political.  And I'm the least political person ever lol.


Second Year French I: I'm a step closer to finishing my foreign language requirement that I wasn't told about until I was almost finished with my first year! lol.


American History I online: I took the second one last semester.  I wish Mike Rowe was my professor.  It would probably be more interesting, then lol.


Educational Psychology online: Very interesting class.  I think it will definitely help me to become an excellent teacher, even though I know I have typos on here lol.  I blame fast typing lol.



In a couple of weeks, I have one of the most important interviews of my life.  The interview with the board of the College of Education.  Even though Education is my minor, I still have to be accepted into the program.  They won't let just anyone be a teacher.  I believe I have the grades for it, and I've been told to number drop my English and Reading ACT scores.  I am a bit nervous about the interview, but the education advisor I met with believes I will do very well.  Fingers crossed!

Re: How Is School/Class Going So Far?

Math: A's as usual. I am in advanced math this year so it's harder and they expect more. I had a test today so fingers crossed!!!

Woodshop: It's so fun! I luuuvvvvvv my teacher and I haven't cut off my hand yet!!

REACH: its basically advamced social studies for like creative people. I presented a project today and i dont think i did as well as i had planned, but in my defense i only had like 2 periods to work on it.

Reading: My teacher...treats us like we are 5. I am ok at reading, i mean its not the hardest sug\bject ever so yeah.

Spanish: spanish is kinda like an easy A. And my teacher is so nice! (my mom used to b a spansh teacher so she helps me when i need it)

Science: Lets just say I'm not exactly the scientist in my family. I'm doing better then last year which is good. My teacher is the best! Luanching eachother down the hallways next week!!!!

Writing: Used to b my best subject,its now my worst. It's not that i suck at writing now, It's just my teacher is a tough grader. You dont have an answer sheet and can say, "ok this answers right, this ones worng." It depends on if the reader (my teacher) likes it or not.


Re: How Is School/Class Going So Far?

Middle school is so much harder than 6th grade!!! But I love seeing all my friends again.... schools kinda why I havent been posting much lately...I feel drowned in HW lol. My teachers aren't exactly the best either Smiley Tongue I am making A's and B's (wish they were all A's) and am working sooooo hard. I also started vocal lessons and am in love haha PM me I love just talking to u guys!!!!!


Re: How Is School/Class Going So Far?

Trying to keep my head above water!


In my Anatomy & Physiology course, we've had 4 tests (2 exams, 1 quiz, 1 lab practical) since September 20th, and have 1 quiz next week and then another exam the following week!


I'm killing it in my Statistics course. It's boring though, and since it's in the morning makes me really sleepy. Got another test in that coming up.


I'm taking a math/functions class online and it doesn't receive enough attention but I'm still passing, I have a midterm in about 9 days.


I'm doing a work study program that so far has allowed me to study a LOT on the job.


BUT!!! After I finish this semester I can apply to Nursing school!!!!!!! YEAH!! And then wait approximately 2 years to get in thanks to the insane amount of people trying out for Nursing. But I've got more pre/co-requisites to fill my time and I might get my CNA licensure so I can be bumped up on the list and directly placed through the hospital I'm doing my work study at.


Go students!! Give 'em hell!

Re: How Is School/Class Going So Far?

Ha! And they said being a senior would be a breeze - well I'm only probably stressed out because I'm applying to colleges and I decided to pretty much max out my schedule, which may have or may not have been the best idea. Well I'm just gonna stick with it, so here it is:


AP French: I actually thought I was going to hate this, but I wasn't. They created the class first period for us, so there's me and two other girls. We pretty much speak in French all the time, and we're getting into writing full essays and such, but I've heard that the AP exam is next to impossible if you're not fluent, so hopefully that will turn out okay. I love it though, I like the challenge and getting to speak/learn a language that I really do enjoy! But on Monday I have to give a 3-5 presentation on Morocco in French, so that's daunting.


AP English Language: This class is a breeze, my teacher is chill and young and we don't do too much. He's a funny guy. And everyone in my class is really great and funny. He can talk to us at our level I guess, I don't have much to rave/complain about since it's pretty great.


Honors Physics: Ugh, it's really boring. We sit in pairs and I sit with this kid Nick, who I have a couple classes with and we're friends I guess. I'll definitely get him tot open up soon! I pretty much sit in there, write notes, doodle, talk to Dave and Bobby who sit behind me and Nick, and well Nick too. We don't really learn much, but the teacher is really nice so I can't hate her, it's just the way the class is run. I need to find a way to preoccupy myself really, oh and my friend Matt is in that class too, but he had to sit with a junior girl and the teacher moved him away from us):


Honors Japanese I: So I always wanted to take Japanese, I got closed out of it last year though, so I took it this year and switched out of gym! So like that's killing two birds with one stone - and I get to take it with my good friend Sonia and then Christian, who I adore. It's a relatively easy class too, and the teacher is chill and awkward and funny. It's very low stress.


AP Euro: God, I do so much more work for this than I did for APUSH last year, like this year I take notes. And she pop quizzes us when she feels like it and I have actual homework, but I'm not used to in a history course. But I like her, I think our class is going to an art museum over one of the long weekends just cause. I've been doing well. A 92% on my first FRQ, a 92% on our exam on the Renaissance, a 94% today on the Reformation test and our first DBQ hasn't been graded yet. I take it with a few friends of mines - Sonia and Dom and it's great. Too bad it's a lot of work and a lot of things to remember.


AP Calculus AB: So I love our teacher, he's the sweetest thing, plus the people in the class, well one half of the class I'm pretty good friends with. My best friend sits next to me and Christian behind me and Bobby in front of me so it's always a good time! I'm only upset because I'm carrying a 78% average since we had two quizzes and I've done pretty badly on both of them.


AP Chem: Oh my god, this might be my favorite class. I'm holding a high B average, I love the teacher, he's like one of my favorite teachers in the whole school - he's wonderful and omg - and I'm pretty much recreating my sophomore year of Hon. Chem with Sonia since we sat in the same seats we did two years ago. Plus Matt and Nick are in that class too and my friend Claire just got moved in today and everyone is great and funny and the labs are fun too, plus we don't get too much homework in this class anyways.


Theology: We meditate. Every. Day. It's a wonderful wind-down yknow?



Re: How Is School/Class Going So Far?

School is going great! I am a junior this year, and I am attending an online highschool.

My classes that I am taking:


American Literature- this class is not my favorite just because I really dislike reading "short" stories (only because they are not short at all!! haha) but I am doing really well in this class, I have a 98% Smiley Happy


Astronomy- I love this class! I love to learn about are surroundings in outer space, it's awesome! I am doing really well in this class too Smiley Very Happy I also have a 98% in this class.


Algebra 2- This is my worst class! I absolutely hate math because I just don't get it, especially algebra.. it's my weakness. I'm not doing so hot in this class, I have 80%, which is no bueno for me lol, I am trying my best to get it up to an A and luckily my boyfriends sister attends Colorado School of Mines and is majoring in math.


Inquiry Based Science- This class is okay, it's a science class filled with all sciences, I have a 94% in this class.


Sociology- I like this class, it's pretty easy and not filled with too many assignments, I have a 86% in this class, which I definitely need to get up to an A but that shouldn't be too hard.


World Geography- This class is somewhat difficult for some reason lol, it seems like it should be easy but for some reason it's not, I have 88% but like I said with my other classes, I need to get it up to an A.


My goal for the year is to get straight A's, which I know I can do if I just put a lot of effort into it. I have ACT's this year and I'm pretty nervous for them, but I am definitely going to study my butt off haha.


Don't be nervous for your interview Kimmi, you will do great! I just know it! I'm excited to hear how it goes so keep us informed with everything! How are you liking your online classes? Are they more difficult than you expected or are they easier?



Re: How Is School/Class Going So Far?

Ummmmm.... Its okay. Its just Senior Year to me.  I don't hate it or like it. I'm not the type of person to go all out for it.  Yesterday was my birthday so that was a very eventful day in school, haha. Kind of stressed about college apps. I'm doing early admission so I need all my stuff in by November 15.



AP Literature and Composition:  I LOVE MY TEACHER!!!! He's the chillest teacher in the world and he doesn't push loads of assignments on us. We are reading different allegorical books and plays individually and together in class and we watched a Will Ferrell movie called Stranger Than Fiction. It was a very serious role for Ferrell but I still kind of thought he was funny. It's a movie based on existentialism.


Anatomy and Physiology:  Ehhhh.... I think its just a waste of time. My mom made me take it  because she did not want me going to school at 3rd period. So I had to sacrifice my lunch period.  I already took AP Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, and Biology and I already know all the medical biology stuff.


Pre-Calculus: I enjoy this class. My teacher is very friendly and she is very relatable. She talks to us about her life outside of school and what we like to do just as much as pre-calculus stuff which I think is awesome.


Psychology:  Very, very,very dull class. I sleep and still manage to get 100 on each test.


Economics:   We do current events based on stocks and  production of consumer goods. We also do a lot of stuff with Freakonomics and  countries' economies and stuff like that. My friend is also in this class so its fun with her in it.


Spanish 5A:  my teacher is chill. We eat a hella lot of food and we play vocabulary and grammar games to help us on tests.



Yesterday was my birthday so I brought in donuts for my AP Lit/Comp class and I had extra for my friends and a few random ones. I got swarmed by random people cuz they wanted  donuts. Who knew people really like Boston Cream donuts?! Smiley Happy I also got some stuff from a few of my friends. I also have my ACT and SAT exams in a few weeks so I'm also studying extremely hard for those.

Re: How Is School/Class Going So Far?

For those of you taking AP class, you are so lucky, although you may not think that at the moment.  I went to a small high school, and there was not an option for AP classes.  There were only honors/advanced classes, which that's what I took, but no AP credit.  If the option was available, I would have taken them. 



@beautytester  What is it that you teach?

Re: How Is School/Class Going So Far?

I teach programming in Java, the beginner's course. See, here's another of my pet peeve. You know how ppl assume if you are a computer scientist or programmer, then obviously you know how to fix every computer problem on earth. Ok that's fine, but if you are already a CS student, I'm like...I teach, I don't fix computers. Besides, you are CS students, shouldn't you at least attempt to solve the problem before calling me over and say "it doesn't work."?


*cough* Anyways, yeah, I have like 999 pet peeves. Oh yeah, the other one being students putting themselves down. Do NOT preceed your question with "this is probably a really stupid question" or "I know I'm stupid". You are a student! You are here to learn! If the teacher thinks that, that's his/her problem. Besides, it's much better to ask a stupid question then be smart than to stay stupid.

Re: How Is School/Class Going So Far?

@People do easily assume that people who deal with computers know everything about computers.  I'm guilty of that when it comes to the Geek Squad at Best Buy.  I called the local ones when my printer was acting up, and they told me they didn't deal with printers....  But the Best Buy Twitter account told me that they are supposed to. 


I wish students would ask more questions, too.  I think I've asked more questions in college than I did in high school lol.  I used to be shy about asking questions, mainly because my academic enemy was in many of my classes ( we both ended up being 2 of the 5 Valedictorians at Graduation lol).  Now, since there is a lot more on the line in college, I ask questions as soon as I think of them, even if they may sound silly to some students (which is usually the ones who really don't care about the class). 




My mid term grades were posted on Monday.  I have all A's so far!  I think I've earned myself a shopping treat when I go camping in Pigeon Forge this weekend.  Hello, Tanger Outlets!! lol.

Re: How Is School/Class Going So Far?

@Kimmi. Congradulations on As! *sigh* It gets so much harder to get As as you go up. I remember back in High school, all I need to do is memorize some stuff and I get A (ok, except for AP physics II and Calculus II), but in college, thinking>memorization.


Ok, I'm going into venting territory here (ha! as if I haven't already). I'm fine with normal people making that assumption because we do work with computers more, so we encounter more problems and are more familiar with them. However, as CS students they should know better. I was the same with not asking question as a student. The problem is that they don't ask question, they don't listen when I explain the same concept to them multiple times, then later they whine about me taking off points ("really??? I work so hard on this and you are taking off whole 2 points???") and email me 5 hours before an assignment is due all confused.

Re: How Is School/Class Going So Far?

I'm not in school, but I figured that I would share a bit of the j-o-b.


This past week was a NIGHTMARE! I don't want to go into too much detail, but there's a member of management who returned from being out of town and he has NO idea what goes on in this office but likes to push everyone around and throw his title around. Most of the time everyone just tries to steer clear out of his way but it's inevitable, everyone has to deal with him eventually. He stresses out every situation and likes to act and talk big but that's it. It's super irritating and he has no tact, class, manners, or filter.


Case in point, on casual Friday, I wore a U.S. liuetenant major flight suit that I found at a resale shop years ago (amazing that it was the perfect size), and he walks in and immediately asks, "Oh, you gonna go bomb a plane?"


WHO SAYS THAT?!?!?!?  I try not to give him a "Are you stupid?" look, and rather just state no, I'm not and that I'm wearing a U.S. liuetenant major flight suit and what would give him such an idea and he states because it's a flight suit and there's a plane patch on it that I must be planning to bomb a plane.


It really got under my skin because I have family that current serve and have served in the armed forces and to have some ignorant pig come up and just make accusations and assumptions was just rude. It made me think that if he believe I'm off to bomb a plane because I'm in a flight suit, does he go up to all other military personelle and ask "Hey, did you take over a foreign country today? Hey, have you shot down a fighter jet? Have you raideda city? Have you shot a bunch of people down?"


He's highly unprofessional and the folks that he's hiring on for his team in the office are just as bad. And that's a whole other story.


Luckily he's left for this week, so things are back to quieting down. But I was so frustrated yesterday I just took to swimming a bunch of laps at the pool to cool off.

Re: How Is School/Class Going So Far?

@kimmi- Yay, congratulations on all A's! Yep, that definitely calls for a trip to the outlets, you can stock up on cute summer clothes for next year.

Re: How Is School/Class Going So Far?

Oh pre-cal, I remember that. There was a boy I had crush on. We are both math nerd but he's a grade above me, I worked very hard (and substituted my PE classes with math), so pre-cal was the first class we were able to take together, and we took the same math classes until he graduated. The day I planned to confess to him, he walked in hand-in-hand with another girl...who he just started going out with that morning. He was my first crush and I was....kind of devastated.


It's starting to get busy. I'm in grad school, so I take classes, do research and teach.


{/start complaints and rants}


Unlike undergrad classes, the professors don't always have their materials together at beginning of grad class perhaps because there's less of us. It's stressful because it pretty much means we have nothing to do for the first half of the semester, then piles upon piles of homework the second half. So I'm kind of worried and trying to do things early to stay on top. I'm suppose to present a technical paper in an area I don't know anything about in 2 weeks...and the professor haven't assigned me the paper yet.


I'm trying not to get overwhelmed with teaching, because last time I taught (also my first time), I had 15 students in my class so it was manageable. This time I teach 2 classes for 40 students total. They get 2 hw a week, so that's grading 80 hw every week. I'm behind on grading last week, so I have to grade 140 hws this week (in addition to doing my own homework and research). It also does NOT help when they email me the day before the assignment is due, panicking and confused, asking for a one-on-one help session. I'm like, dude I have classes and research meetings too, I'm your TA and I want you to do well but I'm not available 24/7.


I was the president/co-founder of an association but stepped down this year and switched to Treasurer. The president this year isn't as much of a detail-oriented worrywart as me, so it took some getting use to (it's hard letting your baby/hardwork go). We are also having funding problems since we get conflicting information and the student government is kind of dragging it's feet about giving us any funds. Considering the fact we are a newborn organization of 2 yrs old, and 100 members expecting things from us, it's hard not to get stressed. Responsibility and expectations can be really heavy especially when you are not in control.


{/end complaints & rants}


I have a tendency to go into withdraw/avoidance mode when stressed (trying to fix this), so I've been pretty much checking BeautyTalk every time something stresses me out. It's a good thing the BeautyTalk drama's taken care of so that's one less thing for me to stress out about. Other than that, the weather's been good, I've managed to (somewhat) keep up a good diet and exercise regimen, and thanks to Sephora promos, I have plenty of skincare/fragrance treats to pamper myself when stressed. I'm gonna finish grading those 140 homeworks today, then I need to read 3in stack of research/class notes and catch up on the homework next week, so that I can enjoy the appointment with NARS MUA in Sephora next weekend instead of stressing out about 5 different things while getting make up done.

Re: How Is School/Class Going So Far?

Ehh, it ok. Not as good as summer, I had a really awesome summer. I haven't seen my best guyfriend in a month because he goes to a private school and we're both super busy. So that stinks. I guess I'll go subject by subject.


English- Not too bad, actually pretty good. Our teacher is insane haha. She's a good teacher but she has threatened to scoop our eyeballs out with a melonballer O.O wowies! IK she's joking, but wow.


Chemistry- I have a doofus lab partner. I really think he's gonna blow me up. But I'm good at the math.


Chorale- this is advanced choir. I'm an alto, and have been aa soprano my whole life, so it's kinda weird, but I like it.


Voice- This is like singing lessons, but in a group format, so my peers critic me. Its really fun. Our teacher has all these weird exercises to free up our voices, like bouncing on a yoga ball, and lying on the floor and stuff. It is so fun to watch others and I love singing, and no homework, so thats amazing.


Pre-Calc.- We are in the prerequisite unite right now, but it's going to get harder. I'm good at math, so I'm doing pretty well, but is definatly my hardest class because it's two years accelerated.


History -This is going good. My teacher is soooo enthusiastic. He literally shouts while talking. We're doing the french revolution, and that's probably my favorite historical event, so Its ok, but i've always been bored in history. Not my favorite subject.


French- My teacher is SCARY. She lived in France and barely speaks english to us. She is really condescending too. It is not an easy class to have at the end of the day :/


And I only have lunch three das a week, but in semester two I will only have it two days a week, so that stinks.


So yeah, I'm not loving it by any means, but its not horrible.

Hope everyone has been doing well!


~We are all beautiful~

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