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Friday Questions!

Happy Friday! it's been such a long week, but yay TGIF Smiley Happy 


anyway, i love these questions, i love reading everyones responces & i love awnsering them, So i came up with this thread. 


1.) Whats your favorite desert? 


2.) what accomplishment are you most proud of? 


3.) if you could have your dream job, and living expenses and money wernt an issue, what would you be doing? 


4.) what is the best vacation you've ever had? or the most beautiful place you've ever seen or traveled too? (pictures if you have!) 


5.) When is your birthday? Do you think you fit with your zodiac sign?



i'll start Smiley Happy


1.) Theres a little sushi resturant by my house and they have something called "Brownie Tempura ice cream" and its basically a fried brownie with ice cream, its to die for. 


2.) This sounds pretty petty, but paying for and leasing my own car, i've kind of always relied on my parents but i wanted to do something for myself and lease a car in my name and pay for it on my own, and i have, i havent missed one payment since Smiley Happy 


3.) i would be a teacher, unfortunatly teachers make next to nothing, i wish they did get paid more for what they did, i think it would be amazing to be a teacher and change someones life. 


4.) My bestfriend lives in California (Burbank to be exact) and i went up there and it was the most beautiful place i had ever been too, i went in Christmas time so it wasent so hot, but i loved it, the atmosphere is just better up there for some reason, plus the mountains & the views! i loved it. 


5.) June 1st, and yes i'm a gemini and i think i'm 100% a gemini, the whole description fits me very well. 

Re: Friday Questions!

Thank you! Smiley Happy

Re: Friday Questions!

Happy early birthday and I hope you'll have a great one Smiley Happy

Re: Friday Questions!

Thanks Smiley Very Happy

Re: Friday Questions!

1. I love macarons, but I will always love key lime pie. I'm a FL girl through and through.

2. Getting through seventh grade--I don't even know how I did it. I had terrible teachers.

3. A geneticist. I absolutely love genetics.

4. San Francisco! It wasn't necessarily pretty, but I absolutely love Union Square. I'm from a really suburban neighborhood, so I feel like I was meant for the city. I could literally live in a mall if I wanted to.

5. February 15th (despite my page) and yes, I'm totally an Aquarius!


Re: Friday Questions!

San Francisco is so lovely, but so hilly! My leg muscles hurt just thinking about it! I know how you feel about being in a city though, most people I know say how they dream of moving to a farm or house in the middle of nowhere and I just can't imagine not being able to pop over to a store in five minutes or living somewhere businesses aren't open late! I need to be in a city, haha.

Re: Friday Questions!

1. Strawberry Shortcake.

2. Becoming a boss as quickly as I did in a very competitive world.

3.Work side by side with YSL's cosmetic development team.

4.I know this may not be a thrill for everyone but I absolutely loved Myrtle Beach.

5.August 16th and I'm a Leo and yes in everyway!

Re: Friday Questions!

1. Chocolate bread pudding made with croisants

2. Getting out of the neighborhood i grew up in.

3. a fashion designer

4. have yet to go on my dream vacation

5. july 11th, and yes i'm a true cancer

Re: Friday Questions!

1.) That's SO tough. If I had to choose just two desserts that I favor above the rest I'd have to say french macaroons and bread pudding.


2.) Graduating with two degrees in 5 years while working 40 hours a week, running our school's magazine, and somehow maintaining a social life. I am still baffled as to how I didn't have a nervous breakdown.


3.) Either an artist or a writer. I've always had a special spot in my heart for both. Painting is one of the few things on this planet that can instantly put me in the best state of relaxation. Same with writing, it's so easy for me to just get lost in a notebook with a pen.


4.) I've traveled to a fair amount of different places, but I think my all time favorite trip was to Monterey! The weather was incredible, the coast of California has a reputation for being very gloomy, but I went when it was sunny. The beaches were incredible, so stunning and not at all overpopulated.


5.) June 12th, and absolutely! I'm pretty much the definition of a gemini.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Friday Questions!

1.) Well, that's a very tough question..hmmm.... tirasmisu....yumSmiley Happy

2.) I coach softball, and I feel the most proud when I see enormous improvement in those I teach Smiley Happy

3.) Marine Biologist Smiley Happy although that can still be a reality

4.) Norway. My cousin got married there (to a Norwegian) so my family made it a holiday and it is a gorgeous place!

5.) September 8, Virgo, it's a pretty good description of me, although I can be less of a perfectionist and more "let it be".

Re: Friday Questions!

I don't play fair, in that I don't answer all of them. But here goes...


1. Homemade custard from this small shop in my hometown.

2. Becoming a homeowner as a nonmarried woman.

3. Exactly what I'm doing now. Just paid a lot more. Smiley Very Happy

4. Either Cyprus or Dover, England (during the summer) were the prettiest.  Dubai is pretty beautiful in its own way, too (the intersection of old and new)

5. I'm a typical Aries.

Re: Friday Questions!

1. My favorite desert is pretty simple.  Just a perfect brownie no frosting with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  I like the warm and the cold of it.  Just amazing.


2. I agree with annonymous1 about the car.  That's what I feel is my biggest accomplishment so far.  Buying my own car, being approved for the laon myself.  Doing all the insurance and registration myself and not missing a payment! 


3. My absolute dream job would be to own a Christmas Tree farm!  My boyfriend always teases me saying an indoor girl can't run a Christmas Tree farm but I think I could do it.  With all the proper help and supplies of course.  I just think there is something so special about finding the right tree for the holiday.  Or I would be a freelance makeup artist.  Or how about both!


4. My favorite vacation are always going to the upper peninsula of Michigan.  I love it up there and it's beautiful all year round and I have so many memories up there.  I hope to live there someday.


5. July 25th.  To some degree I think I am very much a Leo.

Re: Friday Questions!

YAY QUESTIONS!  Good ones, too!!  Smiley Happy


1) Hard for me to pick Just One.   One of the most amazing desserts I've ever had is at Perry St (one of Jean-George Vongerichten's restaurants in NYC) which is a chocolate pot-de-creme topped with whipped cream and candied violets.  So amazing. 


2) I guess I should say my PhD, but getting that finally felt more like a relief than an accomplishment.  More like "THANK GOD THE HELL THAT IS GRAD SCHOOL IS FINALLY OVER"


3) I would set up a farm/animal sanctuary. I would have alpacas, goats, chicken, sheep, cows... all treated beautifully and humanely and people could come and buy humanely-produced cheese and milk and eggs and wool.  I'd take in other animals that needed a place.  Maybe I'd have a bed and breakfast on the land.


4) Costa Rica.  My husband and I dream about moving there... (And I could have my farm...)   --> My husband, horseback riding in the mountains (I'm on a horse behind him taking the picture.  YES PLEASE! swfupload_478167742617732794.jpg


A typical Garden (i miss my long hair!)



And the sunset:swfupload_3402895506942192802.jpg
5) My birthday is the day after Christmas, December 26th.  I'm a Capricorn, and I think I am a fairly typical one Smiley Happy

Re: Friday Questions!

yes i love the animal sanctuary idea! i would love to buy those products Smiley Tongue 



Re: Friday Questions!

1 - If I have to pick just one... Probably frozen custard - so smooth and creamy!


2 - Moving away and getting married at 18.  Celebrating 15 years this fall!


3 - A psychologist.  Can you imagine the student loans doctors have?


4 - I had a lot of fun at Disney World when I was a kid.  I'd like to go back with my kids someday!


5 - June 11.  Gemini fits me pretty well overall.  There's some glaring discrepancies but most fit me to a "T". 

Re: Friday Questions!

Congrats on  years!

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