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Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

I was getting tired of digging through a tiny little drawer to get to my nail clippers, file, tweezers, etc… so I repurposed a cheap magnetic knife holder into grooming tool storage. It’s so much neater and easier to access now.



From this… 👎



To this! 👍


And that got me thinking… what beauty storage hacks or ideas do you use at home/work/school? I’d love to exchange ideas and see what you do to keep your beauty products or tools organized. 🤔

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

I do too! I have like a makeup pouch with samples, and one for overflow! Love the idea! Amazing work 😊 @JoSometimes 

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

@JoSometimes  love your setup and how you've made such great use of your available space, and I am super impressed by how handy you seem to be! Inspiring for sure!

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

@caitbird I enjoy putting my various skill sets to use in other aspects of my life! It’s fun to see it all crossover. I ended up doing my wife’s side to fit her needs too. It definitely makes getting ready easier in the morning. 

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

@JoSometimes wow all I have is all my makeup stuffed under my bathroom sink. Your setup looks great

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

Awww thanks @CorgiMommy! My bathroom is tiny, so I have to get creative. I built the cabinet myself to fit nicely on that wall and clear the door that’s off screen. Ones in the store were too deep and stuck out too much. 

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

This isn’t pretty but it’s a proof of concept that’s inspired by @heartsmyface (metal brush ferrules)


I drilled a tiny hole in this cuticle trimmer so I could thread a tiny screw. That gave it a magnetic spot on the handle so I could hang it on the magnetic block. If I were to do this in the future, I’d use a smaller screw that I can sink flush with the handle so it doesn’t stick out like this. 



Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

I'm only coming here to say what a genius idea this is @JoSometimes ! SO GOOD.

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

Thank you @AnimalBrain! I’m still making some minor tweaks to make it more functional for me. 

How about you? What’s your beauty storage like?

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

Honestly? Nothing special hahaha. I have been actively trying to really minimize my collection and use acrylic storage drawers (clear) for my every day make up, and then MUJI storage boxes for the overflow haha. Not very organized in the grand scheme of things, but it does the job for now @JoSometimes . I love seeing how everyone else organizes their stuff though, LOVE organization content.

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

@AnimalBrain Muji! I completely forgot about them! I was trying to find larger acrylic or at least clear containers and almost resorted to getting something on Amazon. Thanks for the reminder!

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

I’ve been shifting things around in my beauty cabinet. I made some space and finally got my makeup in there too!



The lower level containers are dollar store containers. I wanted clear acrylic so I could actually see what was in there. I also wanted to utilize the wasted space between the two shelves so I added a wire corner shelf. It was actually meant for the shower. I removed the decorations and suction cups and screwed into the cabinet.


And then I realized, the wire grating underneath was too big for some of my skincare and the smaller ones would just fall through. 



I had a scrap piece of skinny plywood lying around in the garage. I traced the bottom of the shelf, cut it out with a jigsaw and sanded it smooth. I picked plywood specifically because I knew it would hold up to the humidity in the bathroom and possible skincare spills and not warp or disintegrate.


Even though plywood can handle getting a little wet without warping, I coated it in some furniture wax to protect it even more. Technically, any wood finish is food safe once properly cured but if anyone ever does something similar and is worried about chemicals, you can use butcher block wax.



Finally, I slid it into place and started organizing everything. No more worrying about products falling through!


I’m really happy with how this turned out. I wanted to maximize the space I had, still see and access all my products, and have it also look somewhat presentable. My next goals are a better way to store my lip balms so I have easy access to them and also an expandable way to store my eyeshadow palettes. 

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

@JoSometimes  I love this thread! So many ingenious and inspiring ideas and solutions to be found here! Hopefully I'll get my stash organized better soon and then maybe I'll have something to contribute too 😅

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

@caitbird I love repurposing things into solutions that are specific to my needs and my space. If it doesn’t exist, make it exist!


I can’t wait to see what you ideas you come up with once you’re all organized!

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

@JoSometimes  "if it doesn't exist, make it exist" I love that!


Time to brainstorm some organizing ideas... 🤔

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

DIY Nail Polish Storage

Took an Amazon shopping box and cut some strips


So I could do this!


Thank you to @bakeamuffin for sharing your recommendation for polish storage. It gave me an idea to make my own. I used a ruler, straight edge, and a box cutter to break down an Amazon shipping box, then strategically cut it so I could make a grid that holds each polish bottle in place. Now I can keep them organized, see each colour easily at a glance, and still put the lid back on and tuck it away from my kids’ little grabby hands. 

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

@JoSometimes , I low-key follow this thread for one day, I may actually organize my stuff.  One. Day.  Anyhow, I had to comment, because how brilliant is this?  It's clever and sustainable! 🤯

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

Thank you @danielledanielle! I like solutions that fit my exact needs. If I can’t buy it or it costs more money than it’s worth, I’ll see if I can make my own. I also sometimes teach environmental science. I would feel like a hypocrite if I didn’t contribute in someway to finding a more sustainable solution for things I need around the house. 


And hopefully we’ll get to see all the the genius ways you sort and store your stash!  

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

Ah, that's cool @JoSometimes , be about what you teach about.


Err, don't hold your breath on me 😂🤞🏼🤷🏽‍♀️

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

@JoSometimes you nailed this project (pun intended)!! This looks great, well done! Safe and away from little hands is perfect, I have to keep mine away too because my daughter wants to get into everything I have 😅 

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

Thanks @bakeamuffin! Honestly, if you didn’t suggest the storage box from Amazon, I wouldn’t have thought about this. Thank you again for this inspiration! 🙌

Re: Beauty Storage Hacks and Ideas

@JoSometimes I wish I had something helpful to contribute but I definitely have not perfected my organizational system for my make up, skin care etc..


What I do to keep it somewhat in order is the many make up bags and boxes I've collected over the years, house various things.

 I have a bag for my lippies and a bag for sunscreens, a box for my palettes etc.. I just try to keep similar products close together. Masks, hair care , skin care,  make up etc..

Everything goes into this sort of old, not to big Cradenza I have. It's an old dresser with an inclosed desk space that I've taken over and use to house all my beauty things 😅

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