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BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

July 4th kicked off summer, so I thought it was time to have a summer thread!  Answer as many questions as you'd like, as often as you'd like. And feel free to create your own prompts!




7/4: Favorite flavors of ice cream?

7/5: Favorite place to go swimming: ocean, lake, pool...?

7/6: Favorite summer song?

7/7: If you could have a summer job, what would it be?

7/8: Ideal summer fashion?

7/9: What shoes scream summer to you?

7/10: Best summer blockbusters?




7/11: Plan a picnic!

7/12: Favorite way to tan?

7/13: If you could go on vacation anywhere, where would you go?

7/14: Favorite summer drink (hard or soft)?

7/15: Best beach reads?

7/16: Least favorite thing about summer?

7/17: Post a summer meme.

7/18: Summer beauty must-haves?

7/19: Cook out/barbecue: what's on your menu?

7/20: Summer hairstyle you want to try.




7/21: How to beat the heat...and minimize frizz?

7/22: What things do you like to gift for summer birthdays?

7/23: Favorite summer memory?

7/24: Favorite outdoor activity?

7/25: Do you have a summer tradition, or one you'd like to start?

7/26: What would you like to plant in a garden?

7/27: Post your own prompt.

7/28: What lippie is your go-to for summer?

7/29: Summer nail trend you want to try?

7/30: Favorite summer fruit?




7/31: Favorite sea creature?

8/1: Surf or turf?

8/2: Who would you like a summer romance with?

8/3: Favorite summer goodies: seashells, funnel cake, cute as creative as you want!

8/4: Favorite kind of souvenir?

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

7/19: Cook out/barbecue: what's on your menu?  I do cook outs about as often as picnics, which is about never. 🤣  I worked in an office that liked to do cook outs, and they went out of their way to grill vegan goodies for me:  vegan burgers, veggies, and fruit.

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

7/11: Plan a picnic! I’m not big on the outdoors especially in the heat so my picnic would be indoors 😂

7/12: Favorite way to tan? At the beach but with lots of spf.

7/13: If you could go on vacation anywhere, where would you go?  

Turks & Caicos, Maui, or Grand Cayman 

7/14: Favorite summer drink (hard or soft)? Strawberry Lemonade. With or without vodka.


7/15: Best beach reads?  I love romance/ fantasy books, so any of those would do.


7/16: Least favorite thing about summer? Days over 100 degrees 🥵


7/17: Post a summer meme.





7/18: Summer beauty must-haves? SPF 50+


7/19: Cook out/barbecue: what's on your menu? Hamburgers 

7/20: Summer hairstyle you want to try.
Right now I want a shoulder length bob but I know I’ll regret it if I do.

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

@faeriegirl I had a tough day so my strawberry Lemonade would be with vodka today.

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

Hopefully today will be better @CorgiMommy!🤞🏻

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

7/18: Summer beauty must-haves?  I'm not sure I use anything different in the summer vs. any other time of year.  I am trying to finish my Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder Universal .  I find it helps keep my skin more matte and less oily, which I do need in the summer.

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

7/17: Post a summer meme.




Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

@Titian06  lol 🤣 too funny! I love when cats end up contorting themselves in the weirdest resting positions, it always cracks me up (our dog does this too, actually)!

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

@Titian06 love this!

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

@greeneyedgirl107 @peculiarzmakeup @CorgiMommy @CynthieLu - When I saw this one, I thought my cats always start looking like that at the end of May.  That's how I know it's time to turn on the a/c! 😄

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

Good one @Titian06 

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

😂😂😂 the way the cat posed just worked so well with the meme statement so funny and cute love this  ❤️ @Titian06 

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

🤣🤣 @Titian06 

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

I feel like doing this all at once, so here we go!


7/4: My favorite ice cream flavors are Spumoni, Cookie Dough, and Mint Chocolate Chip!

7/5: I like to stay in pools. I get too scared of what’s below me and sea grass!! 😅

7/6: I don’t have a specific favorite summer song, but atm I am jamming to Sabrina Carpenter and Adele

7/7: If I could have any summer job, I’d work at a shaved ice truck/stand

7/8: For my summer fashion, I keep it simple and wear a graphic t-shirt and jean shorts almost every day

7/9: Crocs scream summer to me. I recently got my first pair, and I live in them. I love changing out the charms and making themes too!

7/10: For summer blockbusters, I loved watching Inside Out 2. It was so funny, and so cute! Haven’t had the chance yet, but I want to watch Decedents 4 that just came out. It will probably be cringey, but I want to bring back the nostalgia. (This isn’t Summer, but I’m SO excited for Moana 2 and Mufasa The Lion King!)

7/11: My ideal picnic: Whole family hanging out at the lake. We can go swimming, paddle boarding, etc and then go and eat lunch together on the shore and hangout. For food I’d keep it simple and do like hot dogs, fruit, soda, chips, etc. ( I have done this before and it was so fun)

7/12: I don’t tan. I just burn.

7/13: If I could go on any vacation, I’d go to Hawaii. I went when I was very little, and don’t remember much anymore. There is the ocean, it’s hot, lovely treats, sea turtles, Hawaiian traditions, not a long flight for me, etc! Ah I wanna go.

7/14: My favorite summer drink is an iced matcha latte. This is kind of my favorite drink all year round, but it just hits the spot. 
7/15: Currently reading a book for school called Boys in the Boat, and I’m into a series called Warriors. ( I don’t care what age I am, I love reading about prophetic cats who are warriors :D)

7/16: Summer school work. I always go on summer break with a book to read and two packets to complete. If you don’t turn them in on the first day of school, you basically start with a super bad grade 😒.

7/17: This isn’t my fave meme, but I thought it was fitting since Summer Fridays is a Sephora brand…


7/18: For summer beauty must haves, I’d say Sol De Janeiro and Laneige. Every summer they both come out with new releases, and they’re always super fun and fitting for summer!

7/19: On my cookout menu there is Hotdogs, Watermelon, barbecue chips, Pepsi, and for dessert an Otter Pop. (Wow that is kinda of random)

7/20: I want to try Double French braids or double bubble braids.

7/21: This summer I’ve found out that Bucket hats are amazing. They’re so cute, and protect your head and face really well. To minimize frizz I recommend a detangling spray. 
7/22: A lot of my friends play volleyball, so a big hit is to get them a glow in the dark volleyball. It glows up when you hit it!

7/23: I have so many favorite summer memories! But I’ll share one of the funniest ones. I was on vacation, and a Starbucks was in walking distance. I walked there and got a drink almost every morning. On the first day, I gave my order and said my name. They didn’t hear it correctly and called me Sandy, which isn’t my name at all. It was quite funny. For about a week more I went into Starbucks every morning and they didn’t even ask for my name. They just knew I was Sandy.. 🤣🤣

7/24: I love to do a lot of things outside, but the mane one is Paddle boarding, swinging, and reading

7/25: I have a summer tradition of doing a small Family Reunion every summer. I also have this tradition of getting shaved ice every Friday, which is pretty random 😂

7/26: This wouldn’t really be in a garden, but I’d plant a banana tree. They’re so cute and I could get a banana every mourning.

7/27: Do you get bored often in summer? I sure do! lol

7/28: For lippies, I am often dehydrated in summer so I use the Summer Fridays lip butter balm in the scent coffee. I also recently got and love the Mac Squirt Plumping Gloss in the shade Amped.

7/29: I never paint my nails ever 😂

7/30: My favorite summer fruit is watermelon!

7/31: My favorite sea creatures are seat turtles and manatees 

8/1: Turf, don’t like being in the ocean 😅

8/2: I don’t really wanna date currently 😉

8/3: Earrings and Shaved ice. So random 🤣

8/4: For my favorite souvenir, I can never go wrong with a hoodie


This was long! Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or opinions, lmk! Happy summer! 😎👙🍉🌴🌊

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

@ChickenGurlie  happy summer! Hawaii is a great choice for a vacation. I've never been, but I'd love to visit someday!

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️



I enjoyed reading your answers! Happy Summer ☀️😊❤️

Mint chocolate chip is so good! Crocs are so fun, so many ways to make them customizable, do you have a current theme for decorating them?

I can so relate to the swimming and not knowing what’s underneath. I love iced matcha as well. That meme is so cute, the sunglasses 🕶️ adorable. Glow in the dark volleyball sounds like a blast! What kind of shaved ice do you get, they have this place where my family lives in another state that I always have to make it too, it’s so refreshing, the line is usually out the door. Have you ever made it homemade that thought just popped in my head I may try that, after seeing this. 

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

Thanks for reading! 

For my crocs, currently I have Winnie The Pooh characters on one shoe and My Little Pony characters on the other. It’s so random, but I think it’s really cute and honestly, I still love those shows to this day 😂.

I am so terrified of lakes, rivers, anything lmao.  So I’m afraid of seeing the bottom (sea grass) but then in dark water I’m scared because I don’t know what’s at the bottom- help LOL


I get all different flavors every time I go! They have a lot of options, but my favorite combinations are Strawberry/Banana and Cottoncandy/watermelon and Cherry/Blue Hawaiian. Always with vanilla cream on top! Always.


Ive never made it homemade before, but it sounds pretty easy! Pretty sure it’s just crushed up ice  and a flavor syrup from the grocery store.


It doesn’t snow much where I live, but what I really wanna try is when it snows, taking some of the snow and putting it in a cup and pouring a syrup in it. Then I can make my own shaved ice in winter lol! 

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

Winnie the Pooh is so cute 🥰 @ChickenGurlie 

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

@ChickenGurlie I love bucket hats too

Re: BIC's 2024 Summer Kick-Off Thread! ☀️

7/15: Best Beach Reads-

I don’t read often I tend to like doing research though on topics I’m interested in! 

7/16: Least Favorite Thing About Summer

Bugs, we had these cicadas near me they were so scary and loud 


7/17: I don’t know how to upload memes on here but probably ace ventura in his tropical shirt saying “alrighty then” haha 🤣 


Update just found a meme picture 🤣




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