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fake products being sold at Sephora

A warning to others out there!


I purchased two naked2 palettes last week at the Pacific Centre location in Vancouver, BC that I was surprised to discover were fakes. As soon as I opened the package at home I noticed something was off. The mirror was wonky, the half baked was a completely different tone than the one I have in my naked 1. After comparing it with a friend's, it was 100% confirmed. The lettering on the front of mine is black vs the grey of the authentic one, and the pots are thinner. The palette feels much lighter and cheaper overall and a bunch of the colours and textures are slightly off. The brush also sucks! The package itself looked fine on the shelf and still came with the lip gloss.


I've always heard of fakes being sold online through 3rd party websites such as amazon and ebay but have never heard of a case of them being sold at an actual Sephora store. I just googled it and the general consensus seems to be that you're safe if you purchase directly from Sephora. This didn't turn out to be true in my case and as much as I love Sephora, I'm going to be weary from now on when I purchase products there and I'd advise others to inspect their products as well before buying.


I'll be making the trip to the store this weekend to show them and hopefully they will be able to make it right.  :/




Just got the 2nd palette I bought for my mom. Hers is definitely real and mine is definitely wrong.. I can't believe I didn't notice this at the store! But I just grabbed the two top palettes and went straight to the check-out.


The weight difference is from the mirror. The fake one is just a thin plastic reflector that is wonky but the other is a real mirror.


All the swatches are a little off but most noticeably Half Baked and Busted(which I was super excited about as it was my fav when I tried my friends. When I tried the fake one I was soo disappointed)


A rep from the Sephora location just called me and asked me to bring the palettes in and they will take care of it. It's not local to me so I can't just drive there but hopefully I can bring it in soon. Will keep everyone updated. Cheers.



Re: fake products being sold at Sephora

I knew you would - I hope my post didn't come across as judgmental towards Sephora.  You guys are by far my favorite company to deal with because your customer service is top-notch.  The lack of ethics in the example I proposed would be coming from the sneaky person trying to scam Sephora by replacing a genuine product with a fake.  I wanted to point out that the blame in this situation should lie squarely with the person who put the fake in the store.  Because the company is doing everything possible to resolve this individual matter AND prevent it from happening again, I think that shows that Sephora is absolutely NOT to blame!  


In conclusion, I love Sephora LOL

Re: fake products being sold at Sephora

i thought when people return/exchange stuff at sephora, they don't put it back on the shelves and re sell them; don't they either throw it out or use as samples?? to put something back in stock after someone brought it back for exchange/return is kinda shady

Re: fake products being sold at Sephora

thanks to the lovely mods, this situation is being resolved now.. and I don't have to make the long trek back to the store! 


conclusion.. sephora, I still love you. Smiley Happy cheers

Re: fake products being sold at Sephora

yay! I am glad Smiley Happy

Re: fake products being sold at Sephora

@elisetrinh - I'm so sorry you had this experience but thanks for sharing and adding the photos.  I'm still appalled that some company would actually manufacture a fake UD Naked 2!  I agree with emmaclaire that more than likely someone switched their fake in the store.  I never look in the boxes to see if the correct item is in the box; maybe now I should. 


I'm glad Sephora has come through for you.  I have never had anything but excellent service from Sephora and I have dealt with damaged product in shipping.  I guess "all's well that ends well!"

Re: fake products being sold at Sephora

yup; bought a fake clarisonic at the pasadena store...they didn't do sh*t about it not even an apology's a long and shocking story

Re: fake products being sold at Sephora

Oh, my goodness..... How sad. Smiley Indifferent

Re: fake products being sold at Sephora

what was more sad/disturbing is how the manager AMBER at the pasadena store handled everything...from lying to me telling me to come back in 2 days and she will have my receipt for me (they friggin forgot to give me my receipt when i bought the fake clarisonic and other products spent $200 that day), and when i told the store that it was fake, they took the brush from me and told me to leave it w them??? anyways, so 2 days later i email her, no response then i call the store, a staff tells me the manager is on her break, and to leave my number n she will have her call me back...then i get a call from store an hour later, and staff tells me manager isn't in today?? um ok...but i need my own product back or something so before i head out i call one more time n another staff answers and i casually ask if the mgr is in today and she tells me yes!!!! to be contd...~

Re: fake products being sold at Sephora

You have more patience than I do, after the second call my third would have been to the police to report counterfeit merchandise and let them figure it out.  It's an unbelievably huge problem that takes place at all different places in supply chains and not just flea market and street type vendors.  We've had several huge busts in and around Boston in the last few years, millions of dollars in fake products.  A lot of the time they bring in federal law enforcement.

Re: fake products being sold at Sephora

ya i was thinking about that but idk....i would have been fine if the bossy manager didn't play games w me and lie to me!!!! and telling the staff to say she not there when she was etc...proves that she/they knew/know the clarisonic brush was a fake and they didn't want to do anything to fix that issue; i even showed her the email clarisonic corporate sent to me proving that its fake she read it in my phone in front of me! and she didn't seem surprised or cared..i got screwed in every possible way! starting from wasting $200, to being treated like sh*t by sephora management staff etc...i don't think ima buy from sephora anymore; do u know if i can give my beauty rouge card and points etc to someone else?

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