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Post in Beauty Confidential

BIC Vernacular

One thing I love is when you found your people, and there's a language.  In BIC, we have a lingo, but what is it exactly?  Some of it is personal terms, internet speak, abbreviations, social media terms, etc.  I was just remarking with @Sunnysmom the plural of blush, and it got me thinking about what we all call different things in beauty and on the boards.


BIC - Beauty Insider Community

BT - Beauty Talk, (BIC before it was BIC), now a way to identify mods here + shout out to the old boards

Threads - Post

Tagging - Marking products or posts/usernames with '#' and '@' respectively, or use of a spoiler tag





My own vernacular here:


Blush Buffet - An assortment of blushes, typically occurs in a haul, with a purchase of 3 or more


What are some of your learned and loved linguistic lists?

Re: BIC Vernacular

@heartsmyface I can't hear you 🙉



Re: BIC Vernacular

At least you guys don’t work at a high school and have to keep up with whatever the new word for “fleek” is. @RGbrown @heartsmyface


(Or maybe you do. And if you do, I’m sorry for your loss. I’m there with you… 🤣🫠🙃)

Re: BIC Vernacular

@JoSometimes ha as long as it doesn’t come home with you;). (I actually enjoy using slang wrong in front of my kids friends.  It’s a right of passage to embarrass them 

Re: BIC Vernacular

Everything I’ve learned has already be mentioned by others. There was a bit of a learning curve with the vernacular when I started participating more in BIC (The teacher in me loves that you used the word “vernacular” @danielledanielle!)


Like @sister13, I didn’t like lippie at first, but everyone kept using it and it is so much quicker to type! And sometimes I’m not sure if someone used a lipstick, balm, gloss, so something else just by looking at a photo, so lippie is a nice, safe, generic way to describe lip colour of some sort.

Re: BIC Vernacular

@JoSometimes, thanks!  And same about the learning curve!  I figured having a sort of impromptu glossary could help.


Interesting, I never thought about the term lippie as an encompassing category, but it makes sense.

Re: BIC Vernacular

In perfume, there are "notes" or the items that make the perfume smell nice as opposed to "ingredients" that make up the content.  In addition, notes are broken into


Top - What you smell first

Middle - What you smell next

Base - What comes last/lingers



Re: BIC Vernacular

Oooh @Titian06 😮 I didn't know there were terms for what the smell is like initially and after a while. Definitely will use these terms, thank you! 🤗👏 I'll go update my gucci perfume review now! 

Re: BIC Vernacular

Glad I could help, @Nahnom ! 🙂

Re: BIC Vernacular

Oh yeah, fragrance education here is 🤌🏼🤌🏼 @Titian06 



Re: BIC Vernacular

I was also just thinking of some other words we use, like lippie, spoolie, doe foot, wand. I used to hate lippie, but just seems easier than typing out lipstick every time!


Also, we have so many descriptors for finishes that many non makeup enthusiasts might shake their heads at, like:












Re: BIC Vernacular

Ha, also true @sister13 , don't forget demi-matte as well

Re: BIC Vernacular

Oh yes, and I also thought of luminous! @danielledanielle 

Re: BIC Vernacular

One of my favorites @sister13 ! 😂 I know I use it too much probably! 😭

Re: BIC Vernacular

@sister13  And buttery creamy, silky, patchy… 😄 and then the difference between a humectant, an emollient and an occlusive.


humectant- draws moisture to skin

emollient - moisturizer that adds oil to the skin to soften 

occlusive- product that seals moisture to skin

Re: BIC Vernacular

YESS @heartsmyface , buttery eyeshadows, 🤣

Re: BIC Vernacular

Fun! We often abbreviate brand/artist names - normally post the name somewhere in the post or thread, but I’m thinking of:


PMG - Pat McGrath

ND - Natasha Denona

CT - Charlotte Tilbury

TF - TOM FORD (or maybe Too Faced)

HG - Can be Hourglass if not Holy Grail, which was already mentioned

ABH - Anastasia Beverly Hills

BB - Bobbi Brown or maybe Bumble and Bumble

DM - Danessa Myricks


DDG - Dr. Dennis Gross

SDJ -Sol de Janeiro

SC -Sephora Collection

YTTP -Youth to the People

YSL - Yves St. Laurent


There are more, but these jumped out at me! @danielledanielle 

Re: BIC Vernacular

@sister13 Haha the TF one. I remember early in the eyeshadow challenge I would write TF for Too Faced and someone was all ooh which Tom Ford is that and I was like ohhh I didn't even think about Tom Ford. 

Re: BIC Vernacular

@sister13  It's kinda funny that "PMG" has stuck here, because the brand's acronym is really PML for Pat McGrath Labs. But I've never written it as PML because I always shorten the brand name to Pat McGrath in my head, and then I inappropriately split Pat's last name into an acronym. 😂 For some reason, I've never been able to make myself write "PML" instead of "PMG." 


Speaking of Pat: some folks still call her Mother, a nickname she got from various models she worked on backstage. So if anyone sees someone refer to "Mother" in a Pat McGrath related thread, that's who they're talking about. 

Re: BIC Vernacular

@WinglessOne That explains why I have a hard time finding it when I want to Google the website haha. I always just search PMG and I usually have to go back and add words. 

Re: BIC Vernacular

That’s so funny, I would never use PML, lol! And yes, Mother!! @WinglessOne 


I just came across some of her items from those early launches, the lipstick and glitter combos, and eye metallics. Iconic! 

Re: BIC Vernacular

@sister13  She occasionally re-releases things from the early days as “vault” releases, though recently they’ve been tweaked/updated versions of those products. I wish she’d bring back the Phantom 002 kit because I missed it. 

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