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The Search for a Perfect Foundation

It's been a yearlong search and I'm finally at my breaking point. I'm looking for the perfect foundation and I'm really hoping you guys can help me find my new HG. 


About me...

+ Hormonal breakouts once a month

+ Fairly light skin that is difficult to match

+ Lives in a dry, desert environment


What I'm looking for...

+ Lightweight- medium foundation

+ Breathable but buildable

+ Provides a bit of a dewy finish

+ Pairs well with thicker concealer 

+ Long-lasting (I tend to have 18+ hour days)

+ Does not cake on dry spots (but who does want that?)



Anyways- I know my list is a bit demanding, but if you have anything at least similar to that, please let me know! I've tried so many different foundations this past year, and I still haven't found my HG. So any and all input would be fantastic. ❤

Re: The Search for a Perfect Foundation

I got the samples twice with orders, when you can pick the three choices.  It blends perfectly and stays on really well.  I used bare minerals for years and then tried one of the Hourglass ones, which I do like, but I like this one a lot more.  There aren't a lot of color choices however, but the sample I got happened to work for me.

Re: The Search for a Perfect Foundation

Sorry to ruin you for less costly brands Smiley Happy, but for my skin, there is nothing that compares to Koh Gen Do.  Aqua Foundation (I'm guessing this is the one you should try first) or Moisture Foundation (trickier application but easy once you get it).  I was about to switch to their MF after they just reformulated their AF, but I just couldn't give it up. I even went to Sephora this week and tried many other brands but KGD is still my stand out favorite..  Having said all that, if you have a lot to cover, and it sounds like you don't,  it's probably way too light.  I can't speak to it's lasting power though.  


FWIW, before this, I used Chantecaille's Just skin.  


I use Cle de Peau concealer and it works well.  

Re: The Search for a Perfect Foundation

Here are a few suggestions I have (note: I'm as pale as they come and have normal-sensitive skin that runs a bit dry during the winter, not oily.  And I use three different concealers for different things every day.):


  • Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation (I find it very buildable, dewy and lasts all day for me.)
  • Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF15
  • Bobbi Brown SPF15 Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer



For comparison, I've tried (and discarded) multiple MAC formulations, MUFE, and NARS within the past year, too.  Bobbi Brown Alabaster is my HG- although I preferred the old formulation of the foundation if I'm being honest.

Re: The Search for a Perfect Foundation

What about Nars Sheer Glow? It gives medium coverage that can be built up or sheered out, and it is a little bit dewy but won't make you oily at all. Just apply a moisturizer beforehand because it can drag a bit on dry spots, but I put on moisturizer anyways before I apply foundation so it really isn't a problem for me. But it doesn't look cakey at all, and works great with any concealer!

Re: The Search for a Perfect Foundation

I actually looked into NARS Shewe Glow, but after trying out a few samples, I ended up with UD's Naked foundation. It doesn't quite give a dewy glow, but I love the coverage, buildability and finish of it. 


Im kicking myself for not trying this one sooner. I love it. Smiley Happy


Re: The Search for a Perfect Foundation

A few of my favorites that might fit your description are tarte's BB cream and 12 hour Amazonian clay foundation, Dior nude liquid foundation, Sephora microsmooth powder foundation, and for a drugstore option, Milani cream to powder foundation.  All come in light shades, I am fair, and there are lighter shades available than the ones I use.  Good luck on your search!


Re: The Search for a Perfect Foundation

I turned 40 this past year and have spent a fortune trying to find my HG foundation. After buying about 10 that didn't work out (I was to embarrassed to return them)  I finally got smart and just started to get samples from Sephora.  I am still on the hunt but the best ones from me have been Kat Von D, Bobbi Brown, and Laura Mercier.

Re: The Search for a Perfect Foundation

I've been using YSL illuminous (this is the name, I guess?). I think it answers mostly what you are looking for. Dewy finish (actually a bit of glowing healthy look) + buildable coverage. Light weight leaving your face feels soft and smooth. Comparatively hydrating. I wear it before class in the morning and it stays well before I go to bed at, say, midnight? So I think it's pretty long lasting. As for the color, you probably want to get a color match in store. BTW, i also has breakouts around my period, super annoying...

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