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Anonymous Insider

Moisturizer (Anti-aging, sensitive skin)

Can someone suggest an anti-aging oil free moisturizer.  I really like the effect of Clarins Firming Day Cream but find it is too rich and also has too much fragrance.  What about Dr Brandt Pores No More mattifying lotion or Boscia Oil Free Daily Hydration.  Not sure if the Boscia one is anti-aging.  My skin still breaks out and I'm in my mid 40's.  It is also allergy prone and sensitive.  HELP!!

Re: Moisturizer (Anti-aging, sensitive skin)

No moisturizer will be anti-aging that's just simply not how moisturizers work. The only ingredients that will be anti aging is a retinol or retinoid or a bakuchiol serum. Both of which should be applied over a good moisturizer twice a week to start and then more as time goes on. I also have sensitive skin acne prone skin (had) and the only moisturizer that hasn't irritated my skin is the Avene Xeracalm cream. I recommend just starting on a retin(ol) because its weeker than a perscription retinoid and only apply at night and wear lost of sunscreen with zinc because mineral sunscreens are better than chemical sunscreens for people with sensitive skin. I like the nutrgina go pure baby stick for sunscreen its good and inexpensive 

Re: Moisturizer (Anti-aging, sensitive skin)

@Lantanas  It's not true that the only anti-aging ingredients are vitamin A (and its derivatives: retinaldehyde/retinal, retinol, etc.) and bakuchiol. "Anti-aging" = anything that helps prevent or reduce signs of aging. That can be vitamin A, of course. But it's also vitamin C, peptides, co-Q10, resveratrol, ferulic acid, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and many others. Heck, the best preventative anti-aging topical skincare product on the market is broad spectrum sunscreen that's at least SPF 30. (Many "signs of aging" are caused by UV damage, including some wrinkles.) Mineral sunscreens can be less potentially irritating than chemical or hybrid sunscreens for folks with very sensitive skin. Just note that all types of sunscreens work largely the same way; one's not better than others when it comes to how they work. But yeah, anyone who's sensitive to most chemical UV filters should try a mineral sunscreen. 👍 


@Anonymous  Consider Paula's Choice CLEAR Oil-Free Moisturizer 2 oz/ 60 mL . I use it at night because it plays nice with my nightly retinaldehyde cream (Avene RetrinAL 0.1 Intensive Cream), which contains evening primrose oil. My skin's quite reactive/inflammation-prone, and this Paula's Choice moisturizer helps keep it calm thanks to licorice root, panthenol, and adenosine. It also contains antioxidants, hydrators/humectants, and ceramides, among other good stuff. 


@LAnnTy77  Does that Olay moisturizer contain actual retinol? Olay doesn't list the ingredients on their site (hmm, they must be in the process of updating the product), so I can't tell what's in it. If it does contain retinol and not just retinyl palmitate, you probably shouldn't use it while also using tretinoin unless your doctor's instructed you to do that. You can irritate your skin by using tretinoin plus a separate retinol product on the same skin areas. Ask your doc to be certain, of course, but I know my dermatologist would scold me for doing that to my particular skin. 

Re: Moisturizer (Anti-aging, sensitive skin)

@WinglessOne Yeah Retinol and retinoids and retinoid esters are a topical vitamin A  Yes sunscreen is great for anti aging=preventative wrinkles so is necessary but there have been some limited studies that retinoids retinol, and bakuchiol(less studies with this one but the few studies are promising) will do limited anti anti aging=soften and reduce appearance of wrinkles. Ceremide's, niacinamide(which is great for helping with skin accepting retinol),  hyaluronic acid, ect will do its part in preventative aging but has no data to back up the same (what people actually want from anti aging) effects of retinoids and bakuchiol in the long run.  

Re: Moisturizer (Anti-aging, sensitive skin)

@Lantanas  Wrinkles aren’t the only sign of aging, let alone the only one many folks get concerned about. Others include sagging skin/loss of skin firmness, dry skin (or dryer than usual skin) that’s often itchy, thin skin, increased fragility (skin bruises more easily, for instance), uneven/rough skin texture, dull complexion, uneven skin tone, age spots… Not everything can be treated with a topical skincare product, of course; some things need oral meds or in-office/clinic procedures. And some folks aren’t bothered by signs of aging, including wrinkles. 


Bakuchiol needs a lot more study. Eh, so does HPR (granactive retinoid), but HPR is at least a vitamin A ester. Bakuchiol's a completely different animal and does its thing differently than vitamin A. I'm not saying it doesn't work, just as I won't say HPR doesn't work. (I've used HPR before with good results, though those products also contained retinol so I can't say how many results were attributed to which form of vitamin A.) Just sayin' there's not enough clinical data yet to show bakuchiol's as effectively "retinol-like" as some folks/companies claim. 


There's been lots of research on retinol and tretinoin. But they're not the only anti-aging topical skincare ingredients out there. Antioxidants in general combat free radicals in skin, thus help reduce some signs of aging. Hyaluronic acid and peptides can definitely help reduce excessive dryness (another sign of aging). Ceramides are some of aging skin's best friends. And if vitamin C actually gets deep enough into skin to boost collagen production (jury's still out on that for ascorbic acid, but oil soluble derivatives are more promising), it's another anti-aging ingredient. Since vitamin C's an antioxidant and can improve sunscreen efficacy, let's just go ahead and  call it anti-aging. 

Re: Moisturizer (Anti-aging, sensitive skin)

I didn’t know that. I’ve been using Olay Regenerist Retinol with Peptide Moisturizer w/ SPF 30. I thought it worked well with my regime of Ordinary Buffett, Alpha Arbutin, and Trentinoin cream. Should I use something else?

Re: Moisturizer (Anti-aging, sensitive skin)

Those are all amazing things but that is a lot of retinol for our skin. Since you are using tretinoin(the most strong retinoid) the Retinol moisturizer is most likely doing nothing for your skin and its expensive so its kind of a waste of money at that point because you're paying for the retinol. That amazing that your skin is accepting the tretinoin though. If your skin works well with it I recommend talking to your derm about bumping up the tretinoin concentration. For example if you're using .05 tretinoin you could maybe go up to .075 or even .1. The only thing I find missing is a basic moisturizer. Nothing fancy just an inexpensive just there to moisturize moisturizer. Maybe a cleanser but water for a lot of people works as a cleanser and that's totally fine. 

As horrible as this may sound...I believe you need to lea...

As horrible as this may sound...I believe you need to learn to love oil.  That "oil is bad" MYTH kept my skin in a constant state of disaster.  Since I've welcomed oils in to my life I've stopped breaking out completely.  I would recommend Boscia cleansing milk or something more moisturizing.  The lack of SLS and surfactants in their products will keep your skin looking younger either way. 

Anonymous Insider

I use the Boscia line..Cleanser, toner, oil free hydratio...

I use the Boscia line..Cleanser, toner, oil free hydration (day), and the recharinging night lotion. I love the whole line. I have oily skin and I am also prone to breakouts and am late 30's. I also use the Peter Thomas Roth anti -aging cleansing gel 2-3x/week. I have honestly noticed a great change in my skin

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