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Fine lines on forehead

Help! I’m only 17 but have some fine lines appearing on my forehead. Does anyone know any products that will help without hurting my skin? It’s quite sensitive. Also could this be that my skin is dehydrated or is that a myth?  

Re: Fine lines on forehead

You must have such a beautifully expressive face! I love that!! I have a few ideas for you. Of course sunscreen, which I see you already use every day (well done! This is something I wish I could go back 30 years and tell my 17 year old self!!). The others are: 


1. Do not sleep in your makeup. (As tired as you are, don't do it)

2. Use moisturizer (LaRoche Posay Double Repair is great and comes in a matte formula for daytime. They also make a Toleriane eye cream that I love - you do NOT need to spend a lot of $$ on skincare!). During the day, use the moisturizer under your SPF (don't mix them, you can put them on separately and they will each do their job). If you're oily, you still need moisturizer. The excess oil production teenagers have is often due to their skin being dry and overworking trying to regulate itself.

3. Your skin is still too young for actives (vitamin C or retinoids) and be careful when using AHA/BHA, because they could strip your skin, drying it out, and making your skin more susceptible to fine lines, redness, and breakouts.

4. Once every 3-6 months - if you can afford it - get a facial and build a relationship with an aesthetician. She will help you balance your skin, avoid mistakes, and put you on the path to bright glowing skin. 

5. Also, with spring/summer around the corner, after swimming in a pool, splash your face with tap water to rinse the chlorine off your skin before it dries you out (before swimming in a pool, drench your hair with tap water to seal it from the damaging pool water...but hair care is for another day!)


I hope this helps!  Enjoy being 17!! 

Re: Fine lines on forehead

@lucy124 @You could try a vitamin c serum. 

Re: Fine lines on forehead

@lucy124 I second the use of sunscreen.  It is the best thing to keep your skin from aging.

Re: Fine lines on forehead

@lucy124 , if you don’t already make a 30 or HIGHER SPF a daily thing! Every day, rain, or cloudy, and winter too!! Just like brushing your teeth every morning put on that sunscreen!

A couple of my favs for my normal skin are

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen Invisible Broad Spectrum SPF 40 PA +++ 1.7 oz/ 50 mL 

Kosas DreamBeam Silicone-Free Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40 with Ceramides and Peptides 1.3 oz / 40 mL 

Shiseido Ultra Sun Protector Cream SPF 50 

also if you don’t use a moisturizer might be time to find one for your skin type. 

Re: Fine lines on forehead

Thank you for the recs but I already use SPF 50 every day 😞 any other ideas? 

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