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Differin gel for wrinkles

I was so excited to see Differin gel was going to be sold over the counter. (Pray to the gods we'll be able to get Retin A soon!) It's such a great option for acne suffers and more gentle than Retin A. So I was going to buy it as soon as it was available, but then I realized adapalene isn't actually tretinoin and hasn't been specifically studied for its effects on wrinkles. Adapalene is synthetic and what they did is isolate and amplify the acne fighting qualities of tretinoin instead of the wrinkle fighting properties.


So anecdotally, has anyone seen a difference in skin firmness and lines using Differin? Or has your doctor said it could be effective?

Re: Differin gel for wrinkles

I know this is an old post, but thought what the heck?! Differin totally helps wrinkles as well as acne. It tightens up your face a bit and starts looking healthier after a couple weeks. If you are after serious results there is an option... if you use cetaphil to wash, klaron to tone and then the differin you will start to get red and your face starts peeling... it sounds bad, but letโ€™s this continue to happen - still use the trio daily for 4-5 dayโ€™s after you peel, then stop and go back to your normal skincare - once you use your normal soap and take away the klaron, your skin goes back to normal, but with a lot less wrinkles!!! Itโ€™s pretty much like a decent laser peel! 

RE: Differin gel for wrinkles

I have only used Retin A for the last 20 years. In comparison to a younger sibling who was a sun lover, I may have staved off sun damage and hoping skin cancer which is showing up for this family member. I will definitely check to see if Differin is now OTC.

Re: Differin gel for wrinkles

My Dermatologist prescribed Differin for wrinkles years ago, glad it is now available without a prescription

Re: Differin gel for wrinkles

@talinder I'm still researching this, b/c I've been curious myself.  I wonder if the stronger version (Rx strength) would be more helpful for anti-aging...

Re: Differin gel for wrinkles

@greeneyedgirl107 So the current version being sold isn't prescription strength? Well that's lame.

Re: Differin gel for wrinkles

@talinder The OTC version is the lower concentration of .1%; pharma name Adapalene.  In the past you needed a script, but now you don't.  It's like how the "purple pill" for reflux used to require a script, and now it doesn't.  The .3% of Differin/Adapalene still requires a script.

Re: Differin gel for wrinkles

I guess my reply that doesn't answer your question and you probably already saw the same inconclusive response!  I don't have any anecdotal info, I used it a long time ago for acne, so I'm curious too, maybe someone will chime in. 

Re: Differin gel for wrinkles

I am curious too. I also used it ages ago for acne but now my skin has changed and my concerns are different. But I can't seem to find it around anywhere-- seems sold out in the local stores around my house. I'm curious how my skin would react to it now though.

Re: Differin gel for wrinkles

I ended up picking some on on Amazon Prime day. Ulta sells it, too, so it's a good way to use their coupons.

Based on the info supplied by Caroline Hirons I think this will be a good alternative for my daughter who is suffering from hormonal acne. She is currently using Retin A Micro, but honestly the price is ridiculously high. I buy her prescription now, but I have a new baby so need to find ways to cut back on spending.

Re: Differin gel for wrinkles

@talinder Caroline Hirons discussed recently and did a review. Not sure about outside links but if you Google Caroline hirons differin, it should be the top hit. 


Here's what she had to say:


"It works in the pore by regulating cell turnover, something askew in acne sufferers. For aging skins, the trials are still out as to just how effective it is at aiding wrinkles, but itโ€™s generally agreed that it helps smooth and retexture the skin, although youโ€™d be advised to go hardcore prescription tretinoin (Ketrel and above) for real anti-aging results on wrinkles.
Differin has shown to be effective on melasma, and the fact that you can use it while youโ€™re pregnant and feeding is obviously a real bonus.

Having said all of that, this is definitely worth having in your kit if:
You have acne, regular hormonal breakouts, whiteheads, blackheads etc
Your skin is showing signs of aging such as rough texture, unevenness, and mild-heavier lines.
You have pigmentation issues.
How effective the Differin will be on truly aging skins remains to be seen, but non-acnaic users of Differin seem to be converted. And Iโ€™m one of them.


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