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Brightly Coloured Eyeshadow Over 50

So here's a question for those of you who are over 50 (no offense to the younger members of this group): do you still wear brightly coloured eyeshadow? I've gone a bit overboard with buying makeup now that I'm no longer working from home, but haven't quite plucked up the courage yet to add colours like blue or green to my eye makeup, even though they're flattering tones in general for my skin. I'd love general opinions from the 50+ crowd on this - would that look too young on me, too dramatic? Would it be too unflattering for my slowly aging skin and starting-to-hood eyelids by drawing attention to every flaw? I bought the Morphe Morphe x Ashley Strong Artistry Palette and really want to try it out, but yes, I'm feeling like a big chicken, given how judgemental people can be (I mean, I'll never wear a mini-skirt again, you know?).


Thoughts, suggestions, opinions, maybe even a tiny bit of love for someone who isn't really enjoying this journey into getting old?

Re: Brightly Coloured Eyeshadow Over 50

I love the color and texture combinations in the 5 Couleur Couture Palette! I usually stay with neutrals but do use three or four of the shades every day to sculpt my 71 year old eyes! 

Re: Brightly Coloured Eyeshadow Over 50

@fitzI love that you're still contouring your eyes at age 71! I'm definitely finding it more of a challenge as my eyelids start to droop, but I'm persevering. LOL Thanks for mentioning that palette - I'll check it out!

Re: Brightly Coloured Eyeshadow Over 50

I think makeup is supposed to be fun so go for it. I’m 58 and I wear colours and dramatic looks anytime I feel like it. As long as it’s done well I think it’s fine. 

Re: Brightly Coloured Eyeshadow Over 50

@tropicalflowerI'm going to be 58 very soon, so this is very encouraging! I kind of thought maybe I was too old for dramatic looks, but you're giving me the courage to expand my horizons. I mean, we get to decide for ourselves, right?! Thanks!

Re: Brightly Coloured Eyeshadow Over 50

I love bright colors. Here's a recent eye look. I'm 56 and don't plan to quit.

 Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 7.28.05 PM.pngScreen Shot 2022-02-01 at 7.27.51 PM.png

Re: Brightly Coloured Eyeshadow Over 50

@treecupOh wow - GORGEOUS eye makeup! I'm envious. LOL I don't know why I didn't try looks like this before I moved out of a very cosmopolitan city. I'll have to play in front of the mirror and see what I can conjure up. Thanks so much for the photos!!

Re: Brightly Coloured Eyeshadow Over 50

Love it! @treecup 🤩 If you want to bring the rainbow 🌈  follow your happy heart and do it 💓 

Re: Brightly Coloured Eyeshadow Over 50

Wow, great look, @treecup ! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

Re: Brightly Coloured Eyeshadow Over 50

 Very pretty @treecup

Re: Brightly Coloured Eyeshadow Over 50

Hi, @Westcoasty !  I'm 57, and this is what I'm wearing today:




It's your face--you wear what you want.  If other people don't like it, that's THEIR problem, not yours.


If you're concerned, start with a "pop" of bright color.  For example, the yellow in my pic or in your palette, you could put in the inner corner of your eye.  You could use orange in the crease of your eye.  As you get more comfortable using bright colors, you can try them on your lid and outer corner.  That's how I got started using colors outside the "neutral" shade range--and look what I wear now! 🤣


In addition, I participate in the Wear the Rainbow Challenge Vol 3 and the Makeup Challenge of the Week.  These challenges help me try things outside my comfort zone.  I am also inspired by the looks others create.  Join us even if you just want to browse.  There's also a What are You Wearing thread where all ages and all makeup looks and colors are posted.  It's not a challenge, just what is you makeup look today.  Another great thread for inspiration.  You have a right to look and feel beautiful! 😘

Re: Brightly Coloured Eyeshadow Over 50

@Titian06Thank you for that very kind response! And for the excellent suggestions, as well. Women in my office don't wear much makeup (or in my small city, for that matter, as it's largely a farming community), but I do enjoy that pop of colour, as you say. And I know I feel better when I "have my face on."


I did see the Rainbow Challenge and Makeup Challenge. I'll have to spend some time this weekend playing with those colours at home (especially since I have new brushes to try out!) and putting up a photo or two. Thank you so much for the encouragement - it's truly appreciated. 😊

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