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Best eye cream for a 30 year old?

I am 31 and I would like to buy a really good anti-aging eye cream that long term will not damage my skin in any way and make me look even older in few years. I would like a natural and skin friendly products that are appropriate for a fairly young skin but will protect against aging and are not just a short term fix but rather the best long term strategy. 

I would appreciate all comments and I am curious to hear other’s thoughts/ observations.


thank you




Re: Best eye cream for a 30 year old?

Biossance is my fave! I have used lots and this one is amazing and I m 48 with fine lines snd dark circles. This has made a difference ! 

Re: Best eye cream for a 30 year old?

Thank you! Your skin looks great!

Re: Best eye cream for a 30 year old?

@KatePrand  The best preventative longterm anti-aging skincare product is broad spectrum sunscreen that's at least SPF 30, applied each day your skin's exposed to sunlight (whether indoors, outdoors, in a car, etc.) and reapplied every couple hours, regardless of weather or season. No matter what moisturizer you use around your eyes, top it with sunscreen. Be sure to apply sunscreen all around your eyes, right up/down to your lash lines.  


Since I have sensitive eyes, I use one of these around my eyes (even if I use a different sunscreen on the rest of my face): Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 PA+++ 1.7 oz/ 50 mL , OMI Verdio UV Moisture Essence SPF 50, or Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV SPF 50 (the clear version). The first 2 are chemical sunscreens, while Canmake Mermaid Skin is a hybrid chemical + mineral sunscreen. I apply these over my daily moisturizer (Vanicream Daily Facial Moisturizer), which I use on my entire face, including my undereyes. 


You could also use an SPF moisturizer if you want. I haven't found one my face likes, but some folks like CeraVe's and Aveeno's. 

Re: Best eye cream for a 30 year old?

Thank you so much. I will start doing that! kp

Re: Best eye cream for a 30 year old?

I'd agree that at a baseline, you really just want to have a moisturizer applied at night. I'd also recommend that you start using a low level retinol, if you're looking for long term care. Retinol takes a while to work. If you use something that has hyaluronic acid in it, it may give a bit of a boost. I used to use the Innisfree Orchid Cream, and it did make my hooded eyes seem tighter in the morning. YMMV. Also, their Green Tea products are good for antioxidants. 

Re: Best eye cream for a 30 year old?

Low level retinol, ok. Thanks a bunch!

Re: Best eye cream for a 30 year old?

Thank you!

Re: Best eye cream for a 30 year old?

@KatePrand  I've tried what has to be at least 3 or 4 dozen eye creams over the last 25 years and truthfully I've never found one that performed better for me than just using my regular moisturizer.  The best one I could recommend if you really wanted an eye cream though would be the SEPHORA COLLECTION Brightening Eye Cream – Hydrate & Depuff 0.67oz/ 20mL .  Its not so heavy that it'll cause milia and it's a good moisturizing product.  

The best anti-aging product out there though is a good SPF.  Remember to take it up over your lids and under your eyes!


Re: Best eye cream for a 30 year old?

Thank you for recommending. Above the lids too? Will test it out 🙂 

Re: Best eye cream for a 30 year old?

Yes @KatePrand , take a look at @WinglessOne s recommendations for good ones to use around the eyes.  I also found that the Sephora Favorites Sun Safety Kit  was a great way to try out several options and see what worked best for me.  Can't recommend that kit enough!

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