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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

prescription acne medication

I've been dealing with hormonal acne for a year now and have been using some different medications, and I wanted to know what has worked for others who've had acne of the hormonal sort.


Last year I started with some topical treatments + Doxycycline and it seemed to work well. I took it for a few months and it cleared things up. A few months later though, it came back but I went tot a different derm b/c I had moved, and he only prescribed topical treatments b/c he didn't want me dependent on antibiotics. Didn't help though. When I moved back home I saw my original derm and he wanted to put me on Doxycycline again, but because I no longer had health insurance, I couldn't afford it (he said it was like $500+ w/out insurance!) Anyway, instead, he prescribed Sulfamethoxazole/tmp, which I've been taking for just over a month. It's easy on the wallet, b/c my grocery store fills this prescription for free...but, It's hard to tell if it's helping that much -- my acne hasn't gotten worse, but I don't think it's gotten that much better either. :-/


Has anyone ever taken sulfamethoxazole? What has/hasn't worked for you in terms of prescription medication? I'm sooooo sick of feeling obligated to cake on foundation (Kat Von D. That's how much coverage I need!) every time I leave the house.



Re: prescription acne medication

Whatever you do, avoid accutane! It wreaks havoc on your body!

Re: prescription acne medication

My doctor prescribed me Epiduo and Doxycycline, and it worked really well despite the horrible dryness. I just couldn't let myself fork over so much money for it even with the rebate coupon. I mean, it wasn't like $500, but still. Right now I'm just over it. I avoid certain foods. I consciously use what works and doesn't work on my skin. There are some things you just really don't need in skincare regimens that I feel like the beauty industry is trying to make happen, like BB creams or fancy masks that give you nutrients, but it doesn't make your skin look any better. By the way, I apologize I have no experience with sulfamethoxazole. I hope some of what I wrote helped!

Re: prescription acne medication

are you still having issues with this?

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