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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

nvm i figured it out thanks


Re: Tiny Oily Bumps On face

Hi @nunu301 ! If you can see a dermatologist, either in person or via video conference, I recommend doing that. I can't diagnose your skin; no one on BIC can unless they happen to be a dermatologist (and if there are any derms on BIC, they've been awfully quiet about it; they probably know they'll get bombarded with AAALLL the questions if they reveal their profession to us 🤣). Finding the right products/ingredients may be easier once you have a doctor's diagnosis, especially since a derm or other doctor can craft a treatment regimen for your particular skin. 


A few other thoughts:

Nizoral would be an option for fungal acne, but not for true acne. So that might've been the wrong product for you to try if you don't have fungal acne. A derm can figure out what's really going on with your skin. 

If CeraVe's BHA cleanser made more bumps appear, that could've just been your skin purging, which is a good thing: it's salicylic acid attacking acne-causing bacteria and evicting crud from your pores. This is also a common occurrence with retinoids (adapalene, tretinoin, retinol, etc.) and benzoyl peroxide. Purging usually ends after a month of consistent product use. 

None of this is probably what you wanted to hear, but I don't wanna just throw a list of products at you that may not work for your particular skin issue. A dermatologist is your best starting point. You could also try consulting a medical esthetician. Just note that they generally don't have the medical training of a derm and, as a result, don't diagnose skin conditions. 


And I have to say: I am LOVING your braids! 🙂 

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