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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

best products for hormonal cystic acne?

What are the best products to treat hormonal cystic acne, i just started getting this a couple months back and its horrible and very painful. It is also leaving dark spot and scars on my face. I cannot cover it up, with bb cream, foundation, concealer, liquids, creams, powders you name it. I bought Mario Badescu drying lotion +buffering lotion +drying cream. It helping a bit with acne but what about the dark spots and deeper acne. If anyone has suggestions please help bc i dont like this one bit =(.


My skin is normal/sort of dry with very large pores/blackheads.

I use cleanser, toner, and moisturizer daily 2x a day

Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

If the acne truly is hormonal acne and not caused by clogged pores I would stick to your normal regimine and change you're diet. Trying talking to your doctor about birth control or use evening primrose oil (cheap at walmart). GNC makes a green multi vitamin for women that helps my hormonal acne significantly also. You can spend hundreds of dollars on topical treatments, but they're not going to do much for acne caused internally. However,  my favorite products for my hormonal acne are Bellies brand face wash (yes for pregnancy, but it's AMAZING ) and Murad spot treatment. Hope that helps a littleSmiley Happy

Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

Hi  loveamichelle,


I get hormonal acne too and the only thing that has worked for me is Effaclar Duo cream by Laroche Posay. It gets rid of those pimples that seem like they are never going to go away.It works on blackheads and white heads which is great. It can be a little drying, but a good moisturizer will fix that. I use it twice a day. You can find the entire line online or at Ulta. It might help you with the cystic acne. 

Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

Do you use the whole Effaclar line? If not what cleanser and moisturizer do you use with the Effaclar cream?

Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

I just got a coupon in the mail for 20% off at Ulta, and think I will invest in DDF Benzoyl Peroxide Gel. There are lots of BTers who like this, and I think I'd like to try it on those deep, painful breakouts I get sometimes.

Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

I'm finally going to a dermatologist. I think my acne may be hormonal since I have had it for so many years. I went to the derm once and it was a waste but now that has been maybe 5-6 years ago so I'm going to try again. I do agree about the Ole Henrikson products. I have the mini 3 little wonders set, recommended when I went to sephora, and I think it is working for me. I just want to hear a derm's suggestion on my scars and random flare ups.

Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

Thankyou ALL so much I apprecate it.  <3

Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

I would recommend you visit a dermatologist.  I used to get cystic acne and the scarring can be permanent.  There are so many prescription options available now that I really think it would be worthwhile to get a professional opinion.

Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

A hot - and you want hot - tea bag, I use green with instant hot water, steeped for a minute, then place directly on cyst until the bag is cool (you can use tongs to hold the hot bag)..and the cyst will lessen faster.


As for dark spots, exfoliate and use a dark spot product. Also spf or spots will become darker. I've had trouble cover them up also.


I use Origins Modern Friction, and switch dark spot products around..lately OH truth serum.


A chemical peel, like that from a dermatologist office, will also help


Popular dark spot products:


Clinique darp spot corrector - does work, takes some time to see results



Kits with the above product - some are the same price as the above on it's own:


Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum - main ingredient a skin lightener


Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins® Mega-Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum



Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

This is true! I get stys on my eyes all the time, I have a bad habit of rubbing them at work (I work in an ER, worst possible habit ever), as soon as I feel one coming on I'll get a warm compress 5-6 times per day and it goes away within a day or two and never has a chance to actually come to a head. 

Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

its tough to find a topical product that will help. maybe try a BP foam(this is a prescription from a derm) because it can penetrate easier. also retin-a works(also prescription). i suffer from the same and the only things that worked was antibiotics and now im on spironolactone so i advise that you consult with a dermatologist.

Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

I use the Dr. Dennis Gross Correct and Perfect Spot treatment when I get a flare up. I find it helps shrink things down more quickly.

Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

I think using a mask and a good moisturizer will be easier to maintain and beneficial for the skin..\

from my experience, using drying cream or anything that is drying and peeling has immediate effects but not long lasting effects.. its not realistic to keep using them either because your skin gets used to it and starts producing even more oil therefore more clogged pores. 


For me, Fresh umbrian clay mask works great. I sometimes leave it on over night if I have more than a few acne that came up. 

I've tried glam glow, but for me, its too gritty .. so it makes my skin a bit too red.. 

PTR's sulfur mask is pretty good too but it takes a while for it to start working. 


a good moisturizer because you want to keep your skin healthy.. because sometimes damage or dryness can cause acne too. 

Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

Yes, the Fresh Umbrian Clay mask works amazingly for my skin! It haven't really noticed my dark spots fading, but it does help prevent breakouts for me and it also helps any breakouts that happen to go away faster. I also love the Fresh Soy Face cleanser, it makes my skin much softer and smoother. 


I have really sensitive skin so I am hesitant to try new products like dark spot correctors, but I am desperately in need of something to make my acne scars go away now that my actual breakouts are less severe. s0s

Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

I started getting hormonal acne last year. The easiest thing for me to do was to eliminate dairy products**sad since I love cheese* I have to say it helped tremendously. I also started taking the mini-pill and my hormonal acne completely disappeared. I have since stopped taking the mini pill and I do noticed I get 1-2 cystic acne bumps/month. =o(


Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

I know exactly how you feel! In the past year or so my cystic acne has been located on my jawline/chin/low cheek area, and I never used to break out there. Oddly it's really on my left side of my face, I do get some on my right. A few months ago I had about six or seven cysts on my left cheek/chin. And then they just kept popping up. I finally went to the dermatologist and she gave me an oral antibiotic and Aczone which have helped tremendously. She did tell me it was likely hormonal because of the placement, but my period are regular so she didn't want to put me on birth control just yet. I think the derm would be your best bet, especially if your periods are irregular. I've only been using my medications for about 6 weeks but I haven't gotten as many cysts (maybe 2 or 3) since I started using them. Now I just have a ton of scars in that area that I'm using lactic acid peels on to help the hyper pigmentation and they are looking a little better as well. Hormonal acne is pretty much an internal fix. You can treat the acne all you want with super harsh products, but if the acne is because of hormones, it will only treat it and not prevent it. I do notice a big difference when I drink lots of water and eat better.

Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

I suffered from TERRIBLE cystic acne and rosacea. I tried everything- medications from doctor, and different beauty treatments. The only thing that worked?.... HEAD AND SHOULDERS shampoo! I kid you not. It took about using a whole regular-sized bottle of their original formula to start working, but I am never looking back! It has made my face normal again! No bumps!! I still have a little redness, but its nothing that a little powder cant cover. I'm telling you.. you need to try it! Give it a month or so and ONLY wash using your hands, no washcloths or anything that will further irritate you. It's been a lifesaver!

Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

wait what tho???

Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

?? It's true. My face looks so different now because of Head and Shoulders! Its been amazing.

Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

Hi loveamichelle, 


One of my favorite products to use for breakouts is Murad's Acne Spot Fix. It is a spot treatment you can use on the affected areas and I have found that it is very effective. It usually clears up my skin in about 24 to 48 hours which is awesome! Smiley Happy




Re: best products for hormonal cystic acne?

Thankyou  im def gonna check it out. 

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