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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Stubborn cheek acne

I’ve been using tretinoin for about 2 years now and my cheek acne still remains. It’s mostly closed comodones, no white heads, depending if it’s the TOM. The acne is deep with no head.  I don’t know what to do, I’ve been using topicals faded for the hyperpigmentation (I sometimes do pick or use acne stickers)

I’ve been using the same cycle of .1 % tretinoin, Tula salicylic acid serum and faded topicals. There’s 3 days in between each phase and I moisturize. (I use LRP sensitive wash and if my skin is breaking out more than usual Tula acne wash) I use garnier micellar water too to take off makeup and follow the double cleansing method. 

Nothing works, I’m scared of damaging my skin barrier as the stuff I am using is already too much. 

Re: Stubborn cheek acne

I just wanted to say I spent 45 minutes typing a reply and adding links, went to delete one and it deleted everything except my first sentence. 🥺😩😭


So…I’ll be back to type it again after I run to the store, cook dinner and all that jazz. I think we have the same skin and I have a fix for it!


I have the small monofollicular whiteheads (the bumps that aren’t pimples, blackheads or whiteheads…hard to express/pop and usually on cheeks, chin and a few near lip line that are hard to see, make your eyes water, and hurt like a mother trucker to pop). Uneven texture/color around cheeks, and hyperpigmentation from Melasma. 

I’ll be back to write a small book for you! 

Don’t worry, there’s hope! 

Re: Stubborn cheek acne

Dang, I'm so sorry @LoriCrosby ! This has happened to me as well. I have learned to be quite paranoid and copy after every paragraph or right before I hit post, lol! I right-click on the white box and Select All to copy the links as well as what I wrote. Then, I hit Preview and paste it onto a notepad.


Hope this helps for the future and  I cannot wait to hear your tips! 

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