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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Acne and acne scars...


I have acne scars that I would really like to get rid of, but I also have acne in that area. I was wondering if there was a cream or face wash that could get rid of the scars, while actually not giving my anymore zits, or infecting that area. 


Re: Acne and acne scars...

What are you currently using in your regimen for skin care?


Give us some more insight in terms of what you use, along with what types of blemishes you suffer from (whiteheads, red/raised blemishes, blackheads, etc.), how often you break out and the number of active break outs you have at any given time, and even what make up you're using so we can make better recommendations!

Re: Acne and acne scars...

Right now the face wash I use is spectro gel for acne prone skin. I also use a cream that my doctor prescribed to me that dries out the area of the acne so that it stops it from growing. I started using bio oil, but then stopped because I read that you should only use it on areas where there are absolutely no zits. Make up wise, I use Sephora liquid eye liner and covergirl lash blast fusion mascara. Right now, I have no large acne, but small zits aross my forehead and nose (t zone). What I usually get are red/raised blemishes, and I have them pretty constitantly. My scars are all across my forehead. Thanks. Smiley Happy

Re: Acne and acne scars...

From just the statement that you have a cream that is prescribed to you from the doctor, that alone, makes me put a halt to any suggestions and advise you find out what cream/treatment it is specifically and also go over with your doctor what can be used on your skin that won't counteract or irritate your skin alongside that product.


With prescriptions it's a bit trickier, but see what the doc or dermatologist says first!

Re: Acne and acne scars...

Okay, I'll look into that. Thanks

Re: Acne and acne scars...

I would agree that before using any other facial products you should speak with your doctor about possible drug interactions.  However I also have acne and scarring and just recently started using 'help me' by philosophy and it's helped MAJORLY.  I haven't had ANY acne since i started using it (maybe around 2 weeks now) and my scars are starting to fade.  I put it on at night after cleansing my face.  It has retinol in it, but it's not as potent as prescribed retin A, excessive drying of the skin can actually cause more acne since dead skin cells/oil clog pores.  So after consulting with your doctor, if the medicine you are on now isn't working, maybe try 'help me' instead, and see if it works just as well for you.

Re: Acne and acne scars...

Can you use that even around areas where there is currently acne?

Re: Acne and acne scars...

The Help Me treatment from Philosophy contains a lower dosage of retinol compared to prescriptions and other retinol-based products on the market.


Any product containing a form of retinol (retinol, retinol A, retin A, retinyl palmitate, or retinoids) should be approved by use of your doctor first as you are on a prescribed treatment already.


Retinol helps to increase the speed of exfoliation while promoting healthy cellular regeneration, but if the dosage is balanced for your skin it can cause skin to be sensitized, over dried, or even causing mild irritation.


Though retinol is an ingredient generally used for anti-aging factors, it is also used in the acne world as a chemical based exfoliant, but again, I highly recommend you consult your doctor before trying or adding any new treatment as you're on prescribed-grade medication already. The combination of the prescription plus over the counter treatments can overwhelm your skin or even have ingredients that will counter act and cancel the benefits of each other out.

Re: Acne and acne scars...

I had a similar problem where I was always breaking out in the same area. For me it was bacteria on the skin which would spread from the break out onto the clean skin. I've been treating my skin with glycolic products. I don't use it every day as I have dry skin but it is slowly healing and drying out my breakouts and fading my old scars. 

Your treatment really depends on what is making you break out.

Re: Acne and acne scars...

You could also look at Dr. Dennis Gross' Alpha Hydroxy pads. They might be better to add these into your current routine that you already have and help diminsh the scars you have. Hope this helps!

Re: Acne and acne scars...

To Lovebaking123, did the doctor prescribe or recommend the Spectro Jel cleanser you're using? And by chance could you share what type of treatment cream was also prescribed that you are using? That way we can look up what are ingredients that are safe/unsafe to use with your routine.

Re: Acne and acne scars...

Thanks so much for all the help! I have made a dermatologist appointment, and now I'll just have to wait to see what she says. Again, thanks for the help! 



Re: Acne and acne scars...

Our pleasure! Once you learn what is a-okay for your skin, you can give us an update so we can help assist more!

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