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I am really confused.  I keep reading all of these things about eye shape.  While the instructions seem fairly clear I still cannot determine what shape of eyes I have - or what to do to make them stand out.   Can you help me out?  Here is a picture:

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Hi Nicoleh114.  You have such pretty eyes and brows!  I have a similar eye shape, but your eyes are not quite as deep set. To really enhance your eyes, I would do a very fine line of eyeliner and then thicken towards the edge which will raise the outer corner.  You have a good amount of lid space so you really have tons of options. Is there a particular type of look you would like to achieve? To really make those blue eyes pop, try using warm bronze tones.


Lorac Little Black Palette


LORAC - Little Black Palette



Smashbox Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio in Screen Shot

Smashbox - Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio



Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Earth Reflection

Dior - 5-Colour Eyeshadow





Thank you for submitting a picture so I have a better idea of your eye shape so I can make recommendations. When I look at your eye shape it they are round with a slight downturn on the ends. Think Britney Spears as a reference. You can do a lot with your eye shape. =) I would recommend for going out if you want to play up your eyes with a soft Smokey eye.

This will make your eyes appear larger and be very flattering.


For a more natural look for during the day you can use eyeliner to enhance your eye shape. I would apply either a liquid or pencil liner on your upper lash line and turn it up on the ends like a cat wing. This makes your eyes appear like they are more lifted on the outer corners. I hope this helps. =) 


Let me know if you have any questions. 





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I love your eyebrows!
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Hi Nicoleh114,


Keely had some fantastic suggestions for your eyes with a lot of neutrals.  Once you get comfortable with a look that suits you, adding color is easy!  I suggest trying out a nice smokey eye when you want to glam it up.  Sephora has a great youtube tutorial on a purple smokey eye, but again, you can use ANY color you want instead of the purple family Smiley Happy


Good luck!


xo, Mia

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I *love* Smashbox's Full Exposure palette (http://www.sephora.com/full-exposure-palette-P383775?skuId=1575018). As a number of folks point out in its reviews, it doesn't go on as deeply colored as the Urban Decay palettes, but that's okay in my book -- I like the more natural, transparent finish (whereas I found the Naked palettes to be too opaque on my ultra-fair skin).


As an added bonus, it comes with a guide about both identifying  your eye shape and how to best put on eyeshadow for your eye shape.Your eyes look to be slightly downturned, like mine. It's pretty amazing to see how applying the shadow as they suggest helps to "lift" the outer corners!

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